James Bond Jr and Tracy Milbanks After Plunder Down Under

Tracy's POV

Me and James were heading to class but something was bugging me and only James could answer it.

"James who was the first enemy you fought?" I asked.

"Jaws." Replied James.

"I thought as much." I replied.

"If I know Jaws he will return." Replied James.

"He's like one of your most powerful enemies." I said.

James nodded.

"What I'm trying to say is…..thanks for saving Uncle William." I said.

"My pleasure you helped save him yourself." Admitted James.

I blushed because James was right.

"I know you hate me being with other girls Tracy but it's unavoidable." Sighed James.

"I understand I don't like it but I understand." I Replied.

We were very quiet in class and when it was time for bed I sneaked to James's room.

"Hi Tracy." said James. "Any reason you came to my room?"

"I just want you to know you're one of my best friends after Phoebe even if I am short-tempered about you." I replied.

"That I can accept." James smiled.

"I'm glad you can James just one day I hope we can take our friendship to the next step." I smiled and hugged James, he nodded then we kissed each other on the check before Daddy went to make sure all the students when in their rooms I sneaked back to my room but the smile on mine and James's faces were still there.

The End