Hey guys. I know I have another story that is in the works, I think I have a problem with wanting to start stories. =P But I feel confident about this story so I have a feeling I will be updating this one more. So sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile. I kind of had a toe incident last week and I had to get my toe nail removed, which by the way if you have never experienced it SUCKS and it is VERY painful. Anyway, here is chapter one of this story. Enjoy =]

Summary: Due to recent sitings, Bella is forced to move her pack of Lycans to Forks, Washington for better cover. Apon moving there, she meets the lovely Rosalie Hale. This is their story. =] Also, all the Cullens/Hales are completely human. They only thing supernatural are the Lycans.

Hidden Soul

Chapter One


"Now, now my dear. Take deep breaths and relax."

"Relax? HOW IN THE HELL DO I RELAX? I don't want to move away from my friends! I'm perfectly fine right where I am!"

"Now hunny, do you really think I would send you off and away without bringing your pack around for the ride?"

I'm sure you all are very confused right about now so let me introduce you to my life. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I go by Bella. I am a very special girl, and no I'm not saying that because I'm full of myself. I am a natural born Lycan, which by the way is not even close to a werewolf, or shape shifters is what we call them. A Lycan is the true form of a "werewolf" if you want to call us that. Instead of turning into one of those fluffy pathetic wolf forms, we instead transform into a gigantic beast with fangs and we can also stand on our hind legs, unlike the shape shifters. Also unlike the shifters, we can actually control when we want to transform, whether we are provoked or not. We can form into our lycan versions whenever we feel threatened or if we just want to intimidate someone or something. Now, we aren't as bad as we look I promise. Yes, some of the Lycans eat human flesh and blood, but I think the thought of that absolutely repulses me. I prefer to eat and drink from animals, along with my pack. There is one thing you need to know about Lycans: we ALWAYS travel in a pack, or group for a simpler term. Packs can range anywhere from small numbers or large. My pack however, is a smaller one. It only consists of four other people besides myself. I am the Alpha of the pack, where as Devin is my second in charge, you know..just in case if something were to happen to me. The other people in my little pack are Destiny Carmody, Carina McAllister, and Blain Carmody. Now Blain is the youngest, only being fifteen years old, Carina is the second youngest being sixteen years old, Destiny is seventeen but she is soon to be turning eighteen, and that leaves Devin and I the oldest both being eighteen. Since Blain is only fifteen, his full Lycan strength and transformation hasn't developed quite yet. Lycans don't start to mature until the age of sixteen, which is when one starts to transform into the creature. It will be a few months until we have to worry about him though seeing as he turns sixteen in November, and it is only August. When it happens, I will have to take Blain under my guidance and show him how to hunt for animals instead of human flesh. Also, yes Blain and Destiny are siblings. They don't really look alike, but they are most definitely siblings. As for the eye color of Lycans, well we don't really have a specific color that we all have. The color pretty much shows the strength of the Lycan itself. My eyes are an intense violet color, meaning Alpha male, or female in my case, and the strongest of the pack. Devin has silver, which means second strongest, Destiny and Blain have a crystal blue color which is third, and Carina has golden which pretty much means weakest. Now, just because you are the weakest in the pack doesn't necessarily mean what it sounds, it just means you are the least experienced which makes sense because Carina is second youngest. The reason why Blain has the same color as his older sister, is because well..they are siblings. His eye color could change as he gets older and more mature in his Lycan form though. So now that you know the background information, I can now go on with where you came in.

"But Dad! Its not fair! It's my Senior year! And it's Blain's Freshman year! We all have grown up with everybody here, and they all know us!"

"I know pumpkin, but there has been sightings everywhere in all the newspapers of some "9 foot snarling creature" walking around the woods at night. People are going to get suspicious, or even worse..you could get caught and killed or get one of the other kids hurt."

"That was so not my fault that they heard me! Carina was teasing me and...and...she deserved what she got!" I said while trying to prove my point. "Please Dad! Don't make us move. I swear it won't happen again!"

"How about this: think about it from Blain's perspective. He's going to be maturing in about three more months. It's hard enough for the rest of you to find cover here as is, so how hard do you think it's going to be when Blain finally transforms? And you will have to have a lot of game around so he can learn how to hunt. As an Alpha in the pack, you really need to think of your actions Bella."

I sighed and slowly calmed down enough to think rational. I guess he was right about a few things. It still wasn't fair though. "I suppose you're right Father. I need to start thinking what's right for my pack so they are safe and protected from harm. I'm sorry for my anger, I need to learn how to control it better."

My father smiled and pulled me in for a hug. "It's alright sugar plum. Just as long as you always do the right thing and don't let your anger control you."

"So, how are we going to do the living arrangements? I mean, I'm pretty sure that their parents won't just up and move with them." I said while taking a seat on the couch next to my father.

"I suppose you are right Bella. That's why your mother and I went house shopping a few weeks ago while you were out with the gang and we found this excellent house that was for sale in Forks, it was actually right outside of the town. You will love it Bella! There is woods surrounding the whole back part of the house, next to a stream and an open field where you can train Blain when he turns. And the whole property is secluded with no neighbors in sight for miles!"

"Wait, exactly where is this place called Forks at?"

"Well..um...it's in...Washington." My father said and then wincing at my reaction.

"IT'S WHERE? DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW FAR AWAY WASHINGTON IS FROM HERE?" I yelled at my father. Just to clue you guys in, we are located on the EAST side of Canada. Why he thought it would be best to get us as far away as possible is lost on me.

"Now Bells...calm down...you're starting to get angry again."

"DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN FATHER! YOU TOLD ME THAT WE WOULDN'T BE MOVING FAR FROM HOME! HOW IN THE-" I was starting to finish when my father stood up from his seat to give me a stern look.

"Isabella Marie Swan! I demand you to stop yelling at me and actually talk to your father with some respect! If you don't lower your voice, I WILL send you off by yourself to a secluded island! That way you could reflect apon your actions!"

I winced and lowered my head some. I may be the Alpha of this pack, but my father still scares the hell out of me. "I'm sorry Father. But like I was saying, how in the hell are we supposed to stay protected if anything happens? You know that Lycans are stronger in bigger packs."

"I know that Isabella, but I trust you. I know you would be strong enough without my help if needed. You are an Alpha, a leader of the pack. They are all looking up to you, expecting you to lead the way. Now, if you don't think you can handle that much power, then I suggest handing it over to another who could take on the task."

I sent a menacing glare over at my father and growled lightly, which earned me a glare right back. I quickly stopped and looked at my father. "I am perfectly capable of handling my duties as Alpha. All I am saying is what if though?"

"Well if it is a complete emergency then I will be there in a matter of minutes to help. But I really doubt that you will need it while living there."

I sighed loudly and I could feel my once boiling blood cool off. After a few minutes I finally spoke. "So, when are we due to leave? And do I need to inform the others of this news?"

"Your plane is due to depart Sunday at 10 in the morning. Yes, you need to tell the others about the news as well. Make sure you tell them that I expect every one of you to be packed and ready by 8 in the morning and no later. Also, please make sure you tell them to not pack every last belonging as I have everything under control and has left you all a reasonable amount of cash in the house so you can have a shopping trip to get the proper Forks, Washington attire." My father said while standing up to look at me.

I stood up as well and gave him a nod and turned to go outside. I took off in a sprint and used my Alpha powers to send everyone in the pack a mental message saying that there is an emergency meeting and to meet in our usual spot in the woods. I of course was the first to arrive and it didn't take long for them all to get there. Blain of course wasn't there because he hasn't matured just yet.

"Hey Bella. What's this meeting about? Is someone hurt?" Devin asked while looking at me concerned.

"Yeah, I am missing my show right now so it better be important."

I rolled my eyes at Carina. "I just came from visiting my father. While I was there he informed me on some news that will be effecting everyone here, including Blain, which I'm assuming you will tell him after the meeting correct Destiny?"

"Yes Bella. I'll inform him of whatever news this is." Destiny said from her spot on a rotten log.

I nodded and then positioned myself where I could see everyone. "Due to the recent sitings that have been made all around town, Charlie is wanting us to move someplace else. Now, before you throw a hissy fit, I am agreeing with his thinking because as Alpha I have to do and think about what is right for my pack, for everyone's safety. Since he brought it up to my attention, I have agreed with the move so no one will suspect anything or so no one will get hurt. Also it will be better to move to a place that has more tree cover, for Blain's sake. When he finally matures, he will need all the hunting and training he can get, and to do that we need to be securely covered by wooded areas. As you all know, we can't get that here in our town, so it's only best to move. Now, as for living arrangements, Charlie has decided that it was best if we all lived together in one house, so a few weeks ago him and Renee went over there to look at houses. He says that he has found a big enough house that would house us all. Any questions so far?"

"Um, where exactly are we moving to?" Destiny asked.

"And when are we leaving?" Devin asked.

"If you are patient enough, I was getting to that part. Anyway, Charlie told me that the plane leaves on Sunday at 10 in the morning. He expects us all to be up and completely packed and ready by 8, no later. We will be moving to a place in Washington called Forks."

I heard a snicker coming from Carina, which earned her a glare from me. "What exactly is so funny Carina?"

"I'm sorry but...I can't believe we are going to be living in a town that is named after a utensil. Couldn't your father have thought of a better place than that?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes at her. Leave it to Carina to make a sarcastic comment towards me. I love her to death though, and she knows she can get away with it, unlike the others. "Oh put a sock in it Rina. Like I was saying, you don't need to bring every single item you own, just only the essentials. Charlie will be leaving us with money at the house so we can go out and buy our own clothes that blend in with the area. So no Destiny, you can't buy any skirts. I heard the weather is always cold there and that it is always raining."

"Well shit. This is going to suck even more now. Dammit Carina! Why did you have to set Bella off like you always do?" Destiny asked while glaring at Carina.

She countered back with a glare herself while saying, "Me? Why do you always assume that it's me? It could have been you, you know!"

"Yeah okay. Says the one who ALWAYS tries to get under Bella's skin! I mean really Rina! Wouldn't you be tired of that by now? You ALWAYS cause us to move! I would actually like to stick around in one area for once!"

"Fuck you Destiny!"

"Fuck me? How about fuck you Carina! You always get us into this mess!"

They continued arguing like this for over thirty minutes and by this time Devin tried to step in, but was only received by a punch to his ribs. Yeah, they are fighting each other now. I suppose it's time for me to make them stop.

"Alright guys, that's enough." I looked and saw that they haven't even bothered to realize that I said something. Okay, this is really frustrating me. I felt a right hook land on my stomach, now I'm really pissed off. "I SAID THAT IS ENOUGH! IF YOU TWO DO NOT STOP I WILL BE FORCED TO TAKE ACTION!" I decided to put my Alpha voice into affect. When an Alpha reinforces a law, they can use their "Alpha voice" which puts a certain command into the voice and to anyone it is directed to it makes them obey instantly. If you do not obey then there will be severe consequences which could lead to exile from the pack, and a lone Lycan is a weak one, which makes it almost impossible to survive. A pack is not only good for strength, but it also is a key to survival with us. A pack must stay together at all times, no matter how big or small it is. Yes, they can be split up, but they physically can not be separated at all cost.

They immediately stopped their fighting and both had frightened facial expressions on. "I'm sorry Bella. I didn't mean to get carried away like that." Destiny said with her head down.

"I'm sorry as well. I won't get into fights anymore." Carina said with her head down as well.

This is a typical thing that I'm used to when it comes to Destiny and Carina. They both bicker like an old married couple. It's actually rather annoying if I do say so myself. I know that they don't actually hate each other, but for some reason they are always bickering which turns into fighting. Thankfully none of them has transformed while fighting. If that happened, that could be bad. "It's alright girls. Just please, try not to make it happen anymore okay? I'm getting really tired of using that command with the both of you."

It was quiet the rest of the way back to where our houses are. I made sure to inform Destiny to tell Blain about the news, which she said she would. Thankfully, we have a whole week to prepare for our trip to Forks. Dear god they don't know what's about to hit them, and I feel sorry for the town...almost.

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