It's been a while since I put anything up but school had to come first. Because of that, I wanted to do more with this chapter but in the end decided to just finish it as is. Enjoy!

Elizabeth walked over to stand in front of the two young wolves, her eyes calculating. They stood at the ready but said nothing. The new development had them both happy and nervous.

"Let's get you home," she told Daniel, only sparing him a glance. He nodded and they followed her out to the Chevy. When they were all inside, the two teens tensed, expecting the worse. Daniel gave Elizabeth directions as she drove, parking a little ways down the street from his house when they arrived.

"Just so you know I don't usually allow such secrecy to be carried out behind parental supervision but this is a different matter. I have no desire to bombard you with a statement on what is right and what isn't either. You are old enough to make that decision. Now, hurry home, we'll be watching from here," Elizabeth firmly stated. Both Carolyn and Daniel were expecting an outraged grilling but it didn't come. Instead, Elizabeth had told them very seriously to do the right thing. The way in which she said it seemed to weigh on them more than if she had yelled.

"Thank you again," Daniel mumbled, unable to say more. Elizabeth only nodded.

"See you later Carolyn," he said, kissing her cheek quickly. He popped open the door and stepped out.

"Bye John Doe. I'm sure you can come up with another story…" she began, but she looked away. He looked down at the bandage wrapped around his middle and sighed.

"Don't worry," he replied. He shut the door as quietly as he could and then snuck into his backyard. He was heading for his window. Elizabeth waited a moment longer and then drove off. When they returned and entered the manor, Elizabeth turned to Carolyn.

"Should I assume he will be with you every full moon?" she questioned her daughter.

"Of course, I should be there for him," Carolyn replied without hesitation.

"I can't help but wonder what kind of situation this is. From now on Banks will go with you two," she said sternly.

"But-" Carolyn began.

"No, Bank's will go with you or I'm sending Barnabas," she threatened. Carolyn knew when she was beaten. She would accept Victoria going out with them on full moons but not Barnabas. She would have to find ways to make Banks and Daniel warm up to each other anyway so what better way to do that than to have them spend time with her together in both forms more often?

"Ok," she relented, nodding her head.

"Ok then, get a good sleep," her mother said, walking off.

"I will," she replied. She entered her room and sat on her bed heavily. She dug in her pocket and pulled out the necklace. She placed it on the desk and then fell into bed. She slept just as deeply as the previous full moon and was awakened as always by her annoying but effective alarm clock, David. He took it upon himself to keep Carolyn from sleeping through the day.

"And there's the alarm," she grumbled, turning to swat at her cousin. He laughed and tugged on her now limp hand hanging off the bed.

"Come on Carolyn. Elizabeth wants you to help her with something and then go into town with her. Then, when Barnabas and Vicky get up you need to help Barnabas with a certain concept he doesn't understand. We all tried but only you can get him to learn quicker because you don't seem to get distracted by laughing at the things he says," David told her. Carolyn looked at him tiredly and then nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I can see that. Ok then, I'm getting up," she muttered. He left her to get ready and then she met with her mother in the study. They worked for two hours, had something to eat and then went into town. By the time they got back, David begged Carolyn to take him down to the rocks. So they walked down together. She sat and watched him mill about by the shore. She was just starting to relax into a light sleep against the sun warmed rock when a voice woke her up.

"Well, don't you look comfortable?" a familiar soothing voice drifted to her over the roaring of the waves. She opened her eyes to see Daniel smiling down at her. She hastily pushed herself up straighter.

"Why are you down here?" she questioned him. He shrugged and plopped next to her, draping and arm over her shoulders. He was careful not to bump her injured arm. She noted the way he leaned mostly on her instead of leaning back on the rock. Daniel turned his gaze out towards the water and she followed. Peter was running around with David.

"You brought your brother," she commented. He nodded.

"Yeah, seemed like a good day although I'm beat. I figured David would want someone to play with while we relax like the lazy dogs we are," he teased. She smiled and shook her head at the lame joke.

"I told my parents when I got home last night," he said, his voice suddenly leveling out seriously.

"You did?" she said, her eyebrows coming together in concern. He sighed and dug his sandal into the loose sand and dirt.

"Yeah, they didn't believe me at first, but I pointed out a few things and well, Peter wasn't wrong when he said he saw grandma so I guess they were more open to possibilities. I explained to them that I knew another wolf who could run with me but I told them I couldn't say who unless I got permission. You should have seen how outraged they were at that," he said with a chuckle.

"You would have thought I was going out to the movies with some stranger by the way they phrased their words. Anyway, I'm free to leave the house on full moons and run with you. They only request that they meet with you at some point. I guess I was just tired of all the lies," he said truthfully. She nodded and held his hand.

"It feels better telling the truth," she agreed.

"And about Banks, I don't mind if he wants to be there too. I think I'll be alright the next time around thanks to you. It's like I could feel your thoughts in my head. It's something I don't think I can forget," he said in awe.

"It's pretty close contact," she agreed.

"Hey Daniel, why was that pack after you anyways? Did you do something?" she inquired. He looked troubled when he answered.

"They had just gotten a new leader who seemed power hungry to me. He demanded more followers but he wanted them young. I was the only teen in the area so he tried to get me to join. He tried to make it sound like a normal group at first but something told me I shouldn't so I declined. He got mad and followed me home. Him and his pack burned down my house and caught me as we ran out. I met back up with my parents claiming I had gotten lost and had a run in with a scared wolf to explain the bite. By the next full moon I changed. I remember having this intense urge to get out of the house. Then I remember running outside. The pain came and then…it's a blur from there," he explained.

"Banks turned me as a result of a revenge plot from this witch who wanted Barnabas all to herself," Carolyn shared casually. Daniel gave her an incredulous look.

"A witch?" he asked her with a raised brow.

"Yeah a witch," she repeated with a nod.

"Why not, right?" he mumbled to the sky. Carolyn nudged him with a smile.

"I bet there are a lot of things in this world we don't know about," she said thoughtfully. He nodded absentmindedly.

"Well, he was ordered to bite me when I was still a baby. I transformed for the first time at twelve. I kept it hidden until the witch came back to finish us off. She had been cursing our family since back before Barnabas was a vampire. Roughly two hundred years. She was the one who made Barnabas a vampire, cursed every person he loved to death, killed David's mother, made me a werewolf, burned down Collinwood, and over all tried to ruin my family in any way she could; all to get back at Barnabas for not loving her. I tried to fight her, we all did, but in the end, after we all had a crack at her, David's mother got her," she explained. He listened to her quietly and then whistled at the end.

"That is one angry witch. You seemed to have it worse than a rogue pack of wolves," he pointed out.

"I see it as a hardship we fought to find happiness," she replied.

"Very positive of you Carolyn," David commented, coming over to them. Peter followed at a brisk pace. Carolyn gave David a half-hearted frown which he only laughed at.

"Hey Pete are you ready to get going?" Daniel asked his younger brother. Peter whined.

"Aw, do we have to go already?" he questioned. Daniel nodded.

"I'm afraid so," he answered.

"Ok then…See you David. Good bye Carolyn," Peter waved, Carolyn returned it.

"Bye Pete," David said, returning his wave. Carolyn stood and helped Daniel up.

"Hope you get better," she told him.

"Yeah, says the girl who beat you up," Peter remarked. Daniel rolled his eyes and both David and Peter smirked.

"He got me too," Carolyn spoke up, showing them her arm.

"Darn," Peter replied, kicking the sand lightly.

"Your brother has such faith in you," Carolyn teased.

"Yeah, I know. I'm just glad he's ok with it," he replied.

"Ok with it? I think it's cool," Peter stated. Daniel ruffled his hair and Peter frowned, fixing it back in place.

"You guys run ahead," Daniel told them. David led Peter back up to Collinwood. Once they were gone, Daniel cleared his throat.

"Carolyn…I've been meaning to ask you this but, well, would you mind going out with me?" he asked her softly with a hint of nervousness.

"Do you think I would say no?" she shot back with a raised eyebrow.

"No," he replied honestly.

"Then there's your answer," she said with a smile. He chuckled and pulled her into a hug.

"I think I really, really, care for you Carolyn. I wouldn't mind if I suddenly fell head over heels for you," he mumbled as he held her close.

"I never thought I'd admit it but I feel the same way," she replied. He loosened his hold on her so he could look at her.

"I'll wait for you at the edge of town tomorrow," he told her, tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"I'll look for you," she responded. He kissed her cheek and then held her hand. They back tracked up to Collinwood where Daniel and Peter's parents were talking to Elizabeth. Carolyn was taken aback at the scene of the three laughing about something; probably about werewolf teens and what to expect. Carolyn approached them with a smile and held out her hand, introducing herself. They expressed their happiness that the girl Daniel always talked about was the one who had been taking care of him all this time. They exchanged good-byes and then got ready to go. When their car disappeared down the road, Carolyn and her mother went back inside, David tagging along happily behind them.

The next weekend brought another dinner invite. Banks showed up on time, towing Adler along with him. Daniel and Banks got along better this time around. Peter met the rest of the Collins family including David's mother who he was able to see. Mr. & Mrs. Levine also met the rest of the family. After dinner, the adults sat around in conversation while David showed Peter his room. Adler, grudgingly, went outside with Banks who held a friendly competition slash lesson with Daniel. Adler was the score keeper while Carolyn eagerly joined the fun once in a while. The two families often held get-togethers at each other's houses. The wolves ran together on full moons. The students almost instantly picked up on the change and Daniel's 'friends' didn't want anything to do with him anymore. He didn't care. He was happy just to have Carolyn anyway. After school, Daniel and Carolyn liked to sit down by the water and watch the ocean swirl out in the distance. Carolyn would lean into his side with a smile, grateful to have met Daniel Levine." Victoria can watch David when we go...