Pack is Forever

Summary: Remus has heard something he wasn't meant to and runs off. Fenrir, taking advantage of the situation, reclaims Remus for his pack. Will it be the hell Remus thinks it will be, or will it be something entirely different?

Hey, another story. I found next to none fluffy, nice Remus and Fenrir stories, and I really wanted to read one, so I'm writing my own. No, I haven't forgotten my other two stories, but this one has been on my mind for a long time and it has been bugging me to write it, so I'll be writing it in turns with the other two Harry Potter stories. I got the idea from the short Fenrir one-shot called 'Pride and Prejudice' in which it says 'he will reclaim Remus and he and his pack will be whole', and I thought, why not? So here it is. Hope there are others out there who want a nice friendly Fenrir and Remus story. Slight warning- First chapter might seem a little dark, but hang in there.

This takes place in Harry/Esmerelda's fifth year.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter; however, I do own a few characters in this story. You'll see who soon enough.

Warnings: Slightly dark, don't judge the rest of the story off this chapter.

He was running.

He didn't know where but he was running. He had to get away. Away from there. He couldn't be there. How could they? He didn't want to believe it, so he ran. The branches parted as he passed through them, the twigs and leaves brushing and scratching his face as he went. His thoughts were spinning around his head in a turbo-speed circle. The only thing he could focus enough to do was run. He wasn't sure how long, it could have been hours or minutes or even days, but his legs finally had no more push in them, and he slowed down, wheezing, at a clearing in the middle-of-nowhere. It was dark; it had been light when he'd last checked. His legs felt like they were made of jelly with steel bars in them to try and hold them stable, now refusing to move and weighing him down. His lungs felt like they'd shrunk in size till they were no bigger than a rat, no, not a rat, a mouse. He couldn't stand the mention of rats. Not for two years.

Now that he'd stopped, and pushed the jumble of three-word-sentence thoughts to the back of his mind, he was feeling paranoid. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up and he felt a cold shiver go down his spine. Was someone watching him? It sure felt like it. No one had seen him leave, he was almost sure of it. Someone else, then? A new threat? He couldn't be sure. A twig snapped in the distance and he spun to face the direction of the sound, his heart rate increasing ever-so-slightly. Maybe it was his imagination, maybe there wasn't anything at all.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little pup, lost and all alone." Or maybe not. Breath caught in his throat and heart drumming in his ears, he turned slowly to the speaker, every nerve trembling. The man stood well over six feet, and, with his slightly petite form, the other man seemed to tower over him like a giant. Silver hair flowed over broad shoulders and down a bare chest. Amber eyes identical to his own were locked on his much-smaller frame. The man's feet were bare and only a pair of ripped denims protected his modesty. There was no doubt as to who it was, he had haunted his nightmares for the past thirty-two years, ever since he was a small boy, the day his life was changed. However, unlike his nightmares, the man, Fenrir, wasn't grinning with cruelty coming off him in waves, and wasn't showing off the razor-sharp, white teeth, but seemed rather thoughtful and, if he didn't know better, he might of thought Greyback looked concerned.

The man took a step towards him, and, in turn, he quickly took a step back, groping for a wand with fingers that felt like they'd had an engorgio cast on them. Greyback reached a hand towards him, but he quickly turned around and dashed towards the edge of the clearing, almost sliding over several times in his haste. He'd almost reached the line of trees when,

"Stop." The quiet and calm, but firm, command reached his ears, stopping him in his tracks. That was another thing that was different to his nightmares. In his darkest dreams, when he was caught in this position, he imagined Greyback having a taunting and cruel voice, not one that sounded like it could cradle him. Bringing his mind back to the problem at hand, he tried to move his feet but found he couldn't. Damn the instinct to obey an alpha!

"Turn around and come back here." Before Greyback had even finished speaking, Remus found his feet leading him back to Greyback against his will. Scuffing his shoes in an attempt to break the control and turn around again, he slowly dragged his feet until he stood right in front of Greyback, his head bowed and looking at the ground, unable to look the man who had caused so many night terrors in the eye.

"Look at me." Curse you, irony! Head tilting up slowly and arms wrapped around his torso in an instinctive manner, he sooner-than-he-liked found himself staring Greyback right in the eye. It made him fearful and he dodged his eyes to the side of Greyback's with a whimper, only for Greyback to grab his chin in a firm grip and force him to make eye-contact again.

"Take off your shirt, expose your scar." Remus knew exactly what scar he was talking about, it was the only one he'd given him. It wasn't the only one he'd caused, but it was the only one he gave directly. Hands moving without his permission, they slowly started undoing the buttons of his shirt from his neck down. He wished that he had worn a pull-over shirt, the process of taking it off would have meant that he'd have to break eye-contact, and maybe this rotten control as well.

Remus managed to regain enough control to keep the last three buttons done up, causing the shirt to hang off his elbows, but had already exposed exactly what Greyback wanted. A semi-circle pattern of white, jagged scars on his left shoulder was easily noticeable and seemed to attract Greyback's attention immediately. The man, could he even call him that?, grabbed his other shoulder with one hand and his left arm with the other, holding him still as he leaned down the sniff the horrific mark. Remus felt tears prick his eyes, his hands fist themselves, his heart start thumping louder and more frantic than ever before as Greyback seemed to draw out the torture even longer than needed. Finally, it seemed as if Greyback was satisfied, as Remus felt the smile against his skin, before he bit down hard on the shoulder.

The scream that tore itself from Remus' mouth was horrific and sent local birds into flight. Red droplets flowed down his skin as the old wounds re-opened, and he soon fell into darkness.

Okay, done. Hope it's alright. Please give thoughts. Do remember the story is not meant to be dark, so this is probably going to be the darkest chapter there is.