"Hey Ahsoka want to see me put my whole fist in my mouth!"

-announcement: "Do not forget that you all get your paychecks today, that is all."-

"Damn I forgot we get our paychecks today!"

"We better go before the line gets long Snipps." Anakin and Ahsoka ran out they're rooms and made it to the line

"Aww F**k! F**k F**k F**K! Why did i f****n forget! What the F**k? This line will take a f****n year! Good F****n Lord!

"Master Skywalker, Jesus Christ, calm down there's only four jedi's in front: Master Fisto, Master Koon, Barriss, and Master Windu I bet this line would go by quickly besides its not like Master Kenobi is here to annoy us about Kim Kardashian again!"

"Haha yeahh I guess your right Snipps!"

"Heyy Ahsoka, Heyy Anakin!"

"Aww F**k! Hello Obi-Wan, thanks alot 'Soka"

"Damn I didn't think that would happen!"

"What would happen?"

"Nothing, Master!"

"Anyways, did you guys hear that Kim Karda-"

Everybody in Line: "WE DON'T CARE!"

"You all are just jealous little f**ks because she loves me and not you!"

"Master Kenobi could you just shut the f**k up!"

"Snipps don't even listen to him." While they all we're ignoring Obi-Wan they all saw Master Fisto's envelope. As he walked passed Anakin, Anakin stopped him.

"Woah Master Fisto hold up, aren't you going to open the envelope and see what your pay was?"

"Anakin I want to be surprised, I am going to open the envelope when I get to my room."

"C'mon Master just this once I've seen everyone's reaction but yours and Master Windu just open the damn thing."

"Alright Anakin." When Kit opened the envelope and saw the check he was in shock!

"What the F**k is this bulls**t checl?! I'm the most f****n calm jedi ever and you think I am going to accept this? F**k that!" he left and flicked everyone off. Everyone just stared with they're mouths wide open.

"Okayy that was a little weird."

"Your telling me Ahsoka I've never seen Master Fisto so angry. He wasn't even this angry when I accidentally broke his nose playing Wii Sports when I punched his face playing tennis but luckily we lost 40 pounds."

"Look Master Koon just got his check lets see his reaction!"

"AWWWW F**K YEAHH BITCHES!" Master Plo ripps his shirts and swings it around then humps a nearby plant and leaves laughing!

"Sooo... was he happy?"

EVERYONE: "Lord knows."

"Aww yeahh Barriss is next, this outta be good." Barriss calmly opens the envelope, smiles, and walks to the exit door.

"Typical Barriss!" They all Boo her and clones came out throwing tomatoes at her.

"Well we all know what the clones spent they're money on." Everyone Boos at Ahsoka's stupid joke and they all give her punchies.

"Oh thank God I'm next after Master Windu!"

"See Anakin, I told you this wasn't soo bad now lets watch Master Windu's response!"

"HELL YEAHH NIGGA!" Everyone Looks at him in complete shock.

"I mean... Very Good carry on! Then he runs like hell.

"Holy S**t I'm up!" Anakin walked up to the droid and got his check. He opens the envelope and see's he gets $300,450.

"Oh My F****n God!" Anakin faints! Ahsoka steps over him and gets her check.

"F**k Yeahh! This enough to buy me a month's worth of PORN MAGS." Anakin wakes up.

"What Snipps?"

"I mean Korn, ya know my fav band woo."

"Oh ok then in that case..." Anakin faints again and Ahsoka walks back slowly then runs out the Jedi Temple. Obi-Wan steps over Anakin and gets his check. He puts it in his pocket. He picks up Anakin's check and made a funny discovery.

"Hahaha OMG they made a mix up you get $199 while Master Yoda gets the $300,450" Anakin gets up.

"What? No way let me see!" Once Obi-Wan hands Anakin the check he runs out the Jedi Temple fast as lightning!

"What the f**k? Oh well I have enough money to buy that Playboy with Kim Kardashian.