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Chapter 1: Realization

Cheers could be heard from all the fans from inside the stadium as a game was underway. "We are coming down to the final minutes of tonight's game between the Mighty Ducks, and the Cougars," The announcer called out the game play. "The score is 2 to 3 as the ducks are treading by one goal to tie it up!"

Down on the ice the game was intense as the Cougars had the puck and were skating towards the ducks goal. The one with the puck skated towards the net and made a shot, but Wildwing deflected it with his leg. Mallory then swooped in and took the puck in with her stick, as the rest of the team then started to skate forward

"Mallory has the puck and passes it to Tanya, and she just dodges a ram from Carlo," The announcer called out. "And Tanya passes to Nosedive who blazes down the ice, man the kid is like lightning!"

The teen in question skated down the ice as fast as he could; the opposing players were clear from his path as the net neared. Skidding to a stop a few yards from the goal the kid pulled back and slapped the puck with everything he had, the puck went flying, but the goalie couldn't do anything as it passed by him and into the net. The green alarm blared as the shot was confirmed, the rest of the ducks cheered as they skated back in formation.

Wildwing looked up at the clock and saw they were down to the last minute of the game; they needed to work out a plan if they wanted to win. "Time out!" he called out.

The ref blew his whistle, halting the whole game, "Time out, Mighty Ducks!"

"The Ducks have called for a time out, it looks like they need to work out a strategy if they want to win this game," The announcer called out. "We'll be right back after these messages."

All the ducks skated back to the player's box, some were grateful for the short break. "What's up bro?" Nosedive asked as he picked up his water bottle and drank some of the cool liquid.

Wildwing took off his mask for a sec, letting his face air out for a bit. "Ok as you know the score is tied, and if neither team scores we go to a tie breaker game. And I know you all don't want that."

"I know what you mean," Mallory commented, taking off her helmet so she could wipe the sweat off with her towel. "These guys are really tough, and I rather we end things here with them."

"But how are we supposed to score again?" Duke asked, leaning on the rail. "They know the kid is the best shot so they'll be gunning for him."

"I know, so here's the plan," Wildwing assured, using his own towel to wipe the sweat off. "Dive try to get the puck to our side and skate down to the other goal. Tanya, Mallory try to volley the puck between yourself till Dive is in place."
"We'll try our best," The female blond responded, also taking a drink of her own.

"Grin, Duke you two need to keep the other team off of Nosedive."

"I'll shall protect little friend with all my strength," The burly duck responded with a bow.

"Yeah, you can count on us," Duke then second.

It was then Phil made his presence known to them, "Come on you guys you can't lose, you all know what'll happen if you do."

"Yeah Phil we know," Wildwing responded for all of them. They all knew that if they lost this game it would mean their journey for the Stanly Cup would be over with. "Have faith we always pull through."

"That's what I'm worried about," Phil crossed his arms as they all heard a whistle blow; signaling that the time out was over. Everyone the piled back on the ice and staked back into their positions. Nosedive skated to the center of the ice as one of the opposing players skated there also. Both hunched over as they waited for the ref to drop the puck for them. Their eyes locked on to each other as the ref showed them the puck and dropped it down.

"Nosedive takes the puck and passes it all the way back to Tanya, who passes over to Mallory, who passes back. Carlo and Henry go to intercept but no go as the two girls manage to keep the puck in their possession!" The announcer commentated, the hype in his voice increasing.

Back on the ice the cougars seemed to see what the ducks were planning as most of the defensive players went to intercept Nosedive, but Grin and Duke managed to check them into the wall. The teen skated into the other team's zone and turned in time to catch the puck. He then proceeded to skate down towards the goal but little did he know that one of the opposing players were right behind him.

Suddenly Nosedive felt himself being pushed; he fell on his stomach as the momentum of his speed caused him go further. Unfortunately he stopped when his left shoulder slammed right into the goal post.

"Nosedive!" The whole team called out as the ref called a penalty on the play who shoved the kid. Apparently a timeout was called as the ducks skated over to check over their teammate.

"Dive are you alright!?" Wildwing shouted as he kneeled by his brother's side.

"Come on Nosedive get up," Mallory pleaded, the kid wasn't moving.

Finally a groan came out of the kid's beak, raising their hopes that he was ok. Nosedive slowly tried to push himself up. A cry of pain came as he tried to push up with his left arm. Seeing this the others helped him up, avoiding the contact with the hurt limb. "Kid you alright?" Duke asked.

"My arm," He clutched it. "It hurts…a lot."

Tanya moved to take a look at it, "Nosedive does this hurt?" she pressed the shoulder and got a reaction when he hissed. "There's something wrong with your shoulder, but your uniform is preventing me from seeing it further."

"Come on Dive we have to get you off the ice," The brotherly concern came into play as Wildwing tried to help him.

"No!" The teen resisted. "We'll be a player short if I do, I can still play."

"Nosedive this is serious!" The other blond tried to reason. "You could further injury your shoulder if something else happens to it."

"Don't worry," He responded, picking up his stick. "I can do it; I can endure this just for a few seconds longer.

Everyone looked over at Wildwing, it was his call and they were waiting for an answer. The team captain looked up at the timer and saw they had 25 seconds left on the clock, it would be just a few seconds but a lot can happen in that time. But he also knew that Nosedive was stubborn and most likely fight his way to stay on the ice. A sigh came out of his beak, "Ok but you better be careful." The others seemed to be worried about his call but they couldn't really do anything. "Mallory switch positions with Dive and bro try to keep back as much as possible."

Both of them nodded and then they skated back into position. Instead Nosedive took Mallory's place as the redhead Skated to center ice. "It looks like the duck's will still play as Nosedive is staying in the game, I'm not sure if it's a wise decision after that hit he took," The announcer commented. "But now Mallory has taken up the center."

Both players waited as he ref asked if they were ready, once they nodded he held the puck before dropping it. Mallory slapped the puck to Duke as she shoulder rushed the man in front of her and headed for the net. Duke received the puck as he skated forward, the opposite team was heading for him but he managed to dodge them. But also thankfully Grin had his back and checked a couple into the wall. Apparently they taken some time because the crowd started counting down the final ten seconds. When they got to eight Duke past it to Grin, who received and stiffed shouldered one player. At five seconds he passed it to Mallory, it got to three seconds as the redhead got the puck and made the shot.

"Goal!" The announcer shouted as the clock hit zero, ending the game. "The ducks have done it and beaten the cougars; the final score is 4 to 3." The crowd gone wild as the final results were said, various streamers and objects being thrown up in celebration of the victory.

The ducks didn't really have time to do their usual victory chant because they all rushed off the ice to tend to Nosedive. Once back in the locker room the teen removed his jersey, and pads as Tanya examined his shoulder. The others hadn't bother changing at all, since they were concerned for their teammate. Nosedive winced and hissed bad as she touched the injured spot. "What's wrong Tanya?" Wilding asked who was sitting next to his brother, hand on the right shoulder.

The blonde looked up to meet his eyes, "his shoulder popped out of its socket, it needs to be reset."

"That's going to hurt," Duke commented as he leaned against the lockers.

"Ok, then why don't we go to the med lab and-"Mallory started but was cut off.

"Do it now," The teen spoke, shocking them all.

"Little friend I don't-"Grin spoke but was cut off also.

"Just do it now."

Tanya laid her hands on his leg as she protested, "But Nosedive it's going to hurt, and at least in the med bay I can give you drugs that'll numb the pain."

"I'm in pain right now; I rather get it over with," His hand clutched the other as both eyes were squeezed shut. The room was quiet as Tanya considered his plead, but only nodded in the end.

"Alright, Grin I need you to hold him down, chances are he might thrash as bit."

"I shall humbly do as requested," Wilding moved from his spot as the burly duck sat down there. Moving both massive arms around the teen Grin took a firm hold of his friend.

With a nod Tanya then grabbed a small towel and rolled it up. "Here you might want to put this in your beak."

"Why?" A confused looked was displayed.

"Bite guard," She plainly responded. The teen then understood as he took the object. With a not Tanya then grasped Nosedive's arm, and in a flash she yanked it down hard before snapping it back in, a loud pop was heard followed by Nosedive's cries of pain. Just as the blond expected Nosedive bit down hard and tried his best to thrash around, pounding his feet against the bench and his fist against Grin. His breathing increased as pain radiated through the arm for a while.

After nearly a minute the teen's movements finally died down until his heavy breathing could be heard, till finally the towel rolled out of his beak. "Dive you ok?"

He took a bit of time to fully register the question before answering, "Still…hurts."

"It will for a little while longer," Tanya responded as Grin let go. "I'm going to need to put your arm in a sling; it should be fine by tomorrow. Also you should avoid sleeping on your left side."

"Aww man," Groaning at the order as he rubbed his arm as the pain started to die down. "That's my most comfortable spot."

"Sorry Nosedive but if you want your arm to heal properly, then you can't put any weight on it." Nosedive listened as he was helped by Grin to put on his shirt.

"Man you're luckily it was a dislocated shoulder," Duke commented as he moved closer. "It could have been worse and you might have been sidelined for a while."

"I know it was too close of a call," Mallory agreed with Duke.

Wildwing sighed as he walked in front of the whole team, "Alright guys team meeting right now."

"Right now?" The read head asked as she sat down on the bench as the team started to change out of their uniforms.

"Yes now, it's important," The leader confirmed as he followed their example. "Nosedive getting hurt just brought something important to me."

Duke took off his jersey as he looked up at the leader, "Yeah it could happen to anyone of us."

"Exactly," Taking off his pads and putting them up. "Here's a question for you all: What do we do if one of us gets too hurt to continue play?"

When the question left his beak everyone stopped what they were doing. It never really occurred to them at all, heck why should it, they always played and nothing bad had happened. But now the thought of it really struck to them. "Never really thought of that before," Mallory said first.

"Yeah, how did we ever manage to play without an incident?" Commented the team's one eyed member, resting both arms on his knees.

"Some questions are best left unanswered," Grin spoke to everyone.

"Still it makes me convinced on something," Wildwing crossed his arms, leaning back on the lockers. "I think we may need some more players."

Eyes raised at the comment, that was something that they thought would never be discussed because it never really need to happen. "But how can we even do that?" Tanya asked, standing up from the bench. "There's not really that many we can trust to uh…help us like that."

"I know, something has to be done. If one of us gets sidelined for a month or so then we're going to forfeit many games because we'll be a player short. The officials won't let us play regardless of that."

"Bro look I know you're worried about this, but can we discuss this more tomorrow?" The teen asked, standing up while holding his arm close. "We just came off of a hard victory and everyone's tired, I doubt we're in the mood for this discussion."

The eldest brother couldn't argue with his kid's point, the victory was hard and it took a lot out of them. Maybe he could let this slide until the morning, "Fine but this discussion isn't done with yet."

They seemed relieved to hear that and resumed changing again. Once they were done Tanya used some bandages to construct a makeshift sling for Nosedive. After getting to the lab she could go and get the right material for a real one. The teen on the other hand didn't like it, since it meant his activates were limited for now. He didn't like being told what not to do till his arm fully recovered but couldn't help it.

The rest of the night went by like normal, although Wildwing was being real attentive towards Nosedive. Being the older brother meant he was more worried for his baby brother since he could only use one arm. This was nice at first but then started to annoy the teen. It wasn't until the brothers went to their room for the night that those feelings were expressed. "Bro please you can stop now," The teen stopped his brother when it came to helping him change into his night clothes.

"You sure baby bro, I mean-"The eldest step back but was cut off.

"Bro I still have one good arm, I mean yeah it does hurt when I move it but I can handle it." Carefully he slipped on his nighttime jersey.

"Ok, ok just trying to help," Both hands were held up in surrender. Moving to change into his clothes Wildwing still kept an eye out for him.

"Still thanks though," Nosedive smiled, using his good arm to pull on some shorts.

"Dive it still worries me," turning to look him in the eye and closed the gap between them. "I mean it could have been a lot worse."

"I know but I've taken more risks then that, and hey I'm still ok," He then moved over to the bed and sat down on it.

"Yeah but for how long?" He questioned, pulling his shirt on. "The game just opened my eyes more to what could happen and I really don't want to take those risks anymore."

"I know bro," Nosedive then yawned as he pulled the covers up and lay down. Unfortunately since his arm is still in a sling, he had to lie on his back. "I'm tried right now."

Wildwing sighed at his baby brother, but still smiled, walking to his bed. "Alright, we won't talk about it for tonight."

"Thanks bro, Night," Both eyes closed as the teen got comfortable.

"Night baby bro," Wildwing slipped into his bed and turned off the light on the nightstand. For a few minutes he laid away, staring at the ceiling. The idea of recruiting a new player still fresh on his mind, the idea was something to consider but yet it would be best not to discuss also. The others didn't really like the idea but the incident from a few hours ago is probably enough to sway their decisions. Thankfully the subject wasn't on his mind for too long since both eyes closed and he was soon off to sleep. There were a lot of things that would need to be discussed the next morning.

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