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Chapter 9: The Rescue part 2

Canard and Nosedive found themselves in the garage that housed the Zamboni. Everything looked clear from this part, which was a little relief for the two of them. "Alright let's get started," Canard stated as he reached for a satchel on his hip and withdrew the mask from it, then slipping it over his face.

Nosedive frowned at this, it wasn't right seeing the mask on him, it was Wildwing's right to wear it, not him! The teen just snorted as he walked off, leaving the older duck behind.

"Still don't want to work with me huh?" Canard asked, watching as the kid stopped.

"I don't need you to hold my hand, I'm not helpless," He sneered, without turning. Taking out his puck blaster Nosedive walked off, but not before Canard blocked him off.

"Hey, why won't you let me help?" He shouted, getting tired of the teen's attitude. "You know we need to do this together!"

The kid just stared at the elder mallard, hate expressed on his face, "Now you want my help, huh? I didn't see that back on Puckworld."

"You're still on that!?" Canard smacked himself. "When are you going to let that go!?"

"How can I!" he shouted louder. "You wanted to leave me and take the only family I had away from me!"

"Things were different back then, I didn't think things would turn out like the way they did."

"Still you didn't want me around then, back when we were younger, and I can tell you don't want me here now," Nosedive then walked passed him, ignoring any further words.

'You have no idea how wrong you are,' He thought to himself as he continued to follow.

Other side of the Pond

Wildwing panted as he leaned against one of the walls, taking a break from all the running he just did. He'd lost them for now, but they would find him, plus he couldn't escape because all of the exits were blocked or guarded. Besides even if he could escape he couldn't leave the others here, he had to find out where they were being held and free them at any cost. Deciding to risk it he pulled up his comm. "Dive, can you hear me?"

There was nothing at first but then his voice broke through, "I'm here bro, what's up?"

"Where are you and Canard?" He asked, although there was silence at first, but still a response came.

"We're inside the Pond and heading to the arena, we had to enter through the arena's garage. How are you doing?"

"Out of breath, but I lost my pursuers for now, but it's only a matter of time before they find me again."

"We need to try to link up bro; we'll stand a better chance together."

"Not yet, we need to find the others first, can't do anything else offensive if Dragaunus has them."

"Where do you suppose we go search first?"

Wildwing thought about it as he stood up and walked down the hall, keeping an eye out for drones. "Well there are two places, near Drake-One, and the new brig we built. I can head for Drake-One while you and Canard check out the brig."

A sigh was heard as the teen responded, "Alright Wing, I'm on it."

"Is Canard near you right now?" A stifle breath could be heard but he ignored it.


"Put him on….just please do it," Wildwing knew he was asking a lot, especially since his little brother might not want to be near him, but he had to say something.

There was an angry growl before Canard's voice was heard, "What is Wildwing?"

"Look…I don't know if you're still angry….but…*sigh* please keep Nosedive safe."

There was silence on the other side, Wildwing didn't know what was going on but he got his response. "I'll do what I can."

"Thanks," And with that he turned off the comm and headed to the main room where Drake-One was held. Hoping Nosedive and Canard could work together and put aside their differences for now. He hoped that things would turn out for the best.

The Arena

Nosedive sighed as he heard what his brother had said and adverted his gaze from the older mallard near him. "You heard your brother, I need to keep you safe and I'm not going to go back on it."

"Whatever, the others need me and I'm not going to leave them hanging," the teen responded, walking along the ice rink.

"Will you stop with the attitude and let me help!" Canard shouted, getting angry. "Look Wildwing asked me to make sure you're safe but you're not helping me honor that request!"

"Hey I'm letting you tag along, aren't I?!" The teen turned to face him.

"But you're ignoring me!"
"Because you're not the leader!" He shouted out, silencing the both of them. "I look at you with the mask and can't help but look away! That mask belongs to Wing, not you. He's a better leader than you are now, and I can't follow someone who I don't respect as a leader!"

Canard was silent at that, not sure what to say because he believed what the kid said was true. He was bold to say that, "Well I'm all that you have right now, and that's that."

Just as Nosedive was about to respond there was some laser fire that flew over their heads. They both dived to the ground and took out their puck blasters. They couldn't see how many there were since there were a bunch of laser flying over their heads as they pressed themselves against the rinks fence. The protective glass shattered and fell on the two, but luckily none of it cut them. Taking a chance Nosedive raised his weapon and blindly fired, apparently he must have hit one since a small explosion could be heard. Canard was aware of this and did the same, although he must of missed some. Just then Nosedive ran along the fence, heading for the opposite side of the rink. "What are you doing?!" Canard called out, but yet didn't receive and answer.

The mallard cursed the teen as he decided to take a risk and peek over the fence; he saw at least five drones on the ice. Immediately he withdrew as more laser fire was shot his way. He fired blindly some more, he had no idea where Nosedive went but he had better have a good explanation for leaving him like this.

Just then a loud engine roared to life as the Zamboni flew onto the ice and ran over the Drones, instantly destroying them. All Canard heard was the engine and then something crashing into the drones. Taking the chance he looked up and saw the damage, all done by the teen himself, who had hopped out of the machine. He just walked closer to Canard, a smug face, "Told you I can take care of myself." Getting off the ice the teen then walked in one direction, only to be followed by a confused Canard

"Maybe I underestimated him some." He continued to follow till he was next to the teen," What now?"

"Need to get to the Pond's brig, and I know a shortcut." He moved to the nearest wall and found a vent big enough to hold them. Canard raised an eye at this as the teen removed the bolts holding the covering, and then took it off completely. He watched on as Nosedive crawled into the vent, the echo of his movements bouncing around being heard. With a reluctant sigh he followed too, surprised that the kid had more than meets the eye.


Wildwing had his back pressed against a wall, peeking around the corner into the room that had Drake-One inside. To his surprise he found that no one was inside. Strange, there should have at least been a Drone or two inside. Thinking it was a trap the mallard took a spare ammo puck and tossed it inside. The object bounced on the ground as it made a bonk sound and rolled away in the distance. A few seconds pass but nothing happened, no sign of life or activity.

Taking it as a good sign Wildwing slowly moved inside the room, making sure to keep his wrist blaster ready. Aiming and walking he didn't find anyone, the room was just as empty as before. Getting a bit more confident he started to walk faster and in a matter of seconds he was before the large computer.

Taking the controls he decided to check the security feed in order to do two things, one: check where his friends were, and two: see where Dragaunus and his minions are. Just then a powerful blow came from behind, knocking him forward onto the controls. Before he could react something grabbed and threw him onto the ground. "I'd stop if I were you," A voice called out. When the mallard got a clear view he saw the voice came from Wraith, who was holding a fire ball in his hand. Next to him was Chameleon, holding a weapon of sorts, and Siege who had the same.

Wildwing gritted his teeth as his predicament was realized, "Took you all long enough." Just then he looked and saw Dragaunus approaching, a smirk on his face. Wildwing couldn't believe this; he was caught now and couldn't help out anymore. It was now up to Nosedive and Canard to help the others now.

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