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Chapter 1: Surprises

The sound of running water filled one of the many bathrooms as a lone Rover was showering inside. Soon the water died down as it was turned off, replaced by the single drips coming from the nozzle. The door leading into the room opened and Axel walked inside, fully clothed in black shorts and a white t-shirt, drying off the rest of his damped fur.

After finishing he hanged the towel around his neck, a frown formed as he looked upon the empty bed. Strange he woke up first and Ariel was still asleep. Deciding to shower first he left her side for a bit and hoped to find her still there afterwards. Eyes roamed all over till the sights of a folded up letter rested on the nightstand on his wife's side of the bed. Moving over to it he picked up the paper and unfolded it, eyes scanned at the words written on it.


I woke up and saw that you were up first, I started to feel a little sick so I decided to go see Professor Hubert. Plus also I wanted to get an update on our child, hope he or she is coming along good. I'll tell you what happened afterwards. Love you.

Your wife


Axel smiled as he finished the letter, his mind now in deep thought. Ariel was pregnant, and he was going to be a father. Oh how overjoyed he was when she told him, even though it started out bad in the beginning. One morning Ariel woke up feeling sick, she complained of feeling light headed, and feeling sick in her stomach. Of course Axel was concerned but Ariel just waved it off, saying it must have been a bug and that it wouldn't last that long. He was ok with it at first but his concern got the best of him in which he told the others, who were also worried about her.

But as the days passed nothing changed with Ariel's condition. He remembered that day so vaguely; they were in the kitchen with everyone else, when it happened. It worried everyone else very much and it was the last time they were going to let it happen, so they made her go see the professor.


The air in the kitchen was filled with the voices of the Rovers as they all sat down eating their lunch. Shag had made some homemade pizza, of course everyone got their favorite toppings, and they were all enjoying it. Just then Ariel got up to get a refill of milk, she was happily laughing until she got to the counter. Just then something flared up in her stomach, the glass in her hand fell to the ground with a shatter as both hands clutched the aching spot.

"Ariel!" Axel cried out as he rushed to his wife's side, catching her in his arms. The others stopped what they were doing as they saw what happened as well. "What's wrong, is it your stomach again?" He asked, even though the answer was clear.

They were joined by Shadow and Blitz, who helped hold Ariel up. "Alright this has gone on for too long Ariel," Shadow commented to his daughter, looking at her with worried eyes.

"Dad does have a point," her husband seconded, rubbing her stomach to sooth the pain.

"Bout time you see comrade Hubert," Exile suggested, standing up in his seat.

"Yes you should," Krystal agreeded, as did everyone else.

"Oh alright," She finally gave in, even though she thought it was just something minor. "But what about the glass?"

"Ron't rorry Ri Rot Rit(Don't worry I got it)," Shag volunteered as he walked to the mess, pulled out a broom and dust pan from his fur and started to sweep it up.

"Come on hun, let's go," Axel gestured as Shadow, Blitz and himself helped her to the Professor's lab.

A few minutes later Axel and the others could be found outside, enjoying their day by either relaxing or playing around on the beach. They had found Professor Hubert in his lab when they came in, his eyes raised in worry as he saw the three of the Rovers bring in Ariel together. Axel explained what has been going on with her and the event back in the kitchen. The Professor nodded at it all as he said that some tests would needed to be performed, and asked them to leave for a bit. They were hesitant at first but then agreed to do so, telling Ariel that they would be outside waiting when she finished.

"So what do you think is wrong?" Blitz asked, as he and Krystal were sitting down on the steps in front of the entrance.

"I don't know," Axel shrugged in response, sitting on the small porch next to his parents, who were sitting on a bench. "But I hope she'll be alright.

"Chances are it could be a stomach bug," Krystal suggested, leaning back a bit. "Couldn't be that big."

"That what makes me worried, it's been going on for a few days already."

"Axel don't worry things will be fine," Sierra spoke up, catching their attention. "The professor is really good and he won't let anything happen to her."

"I know but-"

"Axel!" Ariel's voice rang out, causing everyone to turn to see her running towards them.

The male Akita got to his feet just as his wife threw her arms around him and gave her husband a big kiss on the lips. Axel was caught off guard at this, he could see that Ariel was happy about something but of what he didn't know. "What's going on?" Colleen asked as she Hunter, who's holding Christian, Exile and Jenna, walked up to them.

"I don't know," Axel responded as he looked at his wife for an explanation.

"Axel something amazing happened!" Ariel shouted out with joy, confusing all those present.

"What is it?" He asked with an eye raised.

"I'm pregnant!"A stunned silence came upon everyone as they heard her. The news had a delayed reaction but after a few seconds nothing but smiles were given.

Axel was still stunned at the news, not really believing she said that. That shock soon wore off as he looked right into her eyes, "you are?' A nod was her response, "I'm…going to be a father…that's great!"Both of his arms wrapped around his wife and lifted her off the ground.

"Man congratulations you two!" Hunter called out, giving his brother a friendly slap on the shoulder.

"What a blessing comrade!" Exile commented as he ruffled the fur on his head.

It was then Sierra and Shadow hugged their son and daughter. "Another grandchild," Shadow started. "You all just keep surprising us."

Sierra gave a smile, "Yes, this is a real blessing." The others gave a round of congrats to each other, and then they went back inside to inform the Master. Things were looking up and couldn't get any better.

End Flashback

Axel smiled as the memory left him, things got a little hard afterwards, with the morning sickness, Ariel getting tired easily as her belly grew but they managed. He was there for her every step, as were the others. The time had passed rather quickly, especially since the pregnancy was a lot shorter since they were part canine. The professor had said it would take at least four to five months till the baby was born. Because of that Ariel needed to have frequent checkups to monitor the growth of the child, so far everything was coming along fine.

Placing the note down Axel left the room and started towards the rec room, he needed to wait till Ariel was done with her checkup. Plus he wanted to see what the others were doing. The door opened as he walked into the room, most of the Rovers were there, doing things to pass the time. Blitz, Exile and Jenna were playing pool together, each playing the winner. Looking further in he found his mom and dad sitting on the couch, watching Colleen play with Christian. Both legs took him over to there and leaned in on the couch, his family members noticing his presence

"Hey there Axel," Shadow was the first to greet with a wave.

Colleen looked up at him, "Where's Ariel?"

"She had another checkup with the professor, She told me that she'll find me after it was done."

"So how does it feel that you'll be a father soon?" Sierra asked, turning to look at her son.

"Excited yet nervous," He moved over and sat down on an empty spot on the couch. "I mean things are going by too quick and the feeling of not being ready is always there."

"Well Axel not all fathers are ready to be parents, it's impossible for that to happen," Shadow began to explain to his son, leaning back in his seat. "I know I wasn't ready when you were born."

"Neither was I with Hunter," Sierra seconded her husband.

"Speaking of Hunter, where is he?" Axel asked, eyes looking all over the room for his brother.

"He's helping Shag and Krystal with making some snakes," Jenna responded, from across the room, making it known they were listening.

"Huh, what are they making?"

Shadow could hear them talking in the background as he looked for the remote for the TV. Finding it in between the cushions he picked it up, but didn't grip it right as it slipped from hand and landed on the ground. The channel changed to a Spanish station as the batteries were ejected from the device, "Drat!" Colleen saw her father moving to pick up the pieces and moved over to help him.

Axel's ears twitched as he stopped talking, the voices coming from the TV caught his full attention as he turned his head towards it. Some soap opera was playing, the words the actors were saying reached his ears. The more he listen it caused his mouth dropped slowly and eyes rose. It was then that Shadow fixed the remote and changed the channel, knocking the Akita out of the trance he seemed to be.

"Wait, change it back."

"What?" Shadow asked, confused at his son's request.

"Just change it back," Nothing else was said as the older Akita raised an eye. But did what was asked.

Apparently everyone must have heard what Axel asked because they all gathered around to see what he was doing. Said Rover moved closer to the TV and listened more. Both ears flickered as the actors voices filled them. "Jeff que usted conoce me preocupo por usted." The female character spoke to the male she was hugging.

"Comrade what is it?" Exile spoke for everyone, who were really confused right now.

"Shhh!" Was his response, the Akita wanted to fully focus on this.

"Ashley Usted no puede mantener preocupar así, especialmente con lo que va con su familia," The male responded.

"I…can understand them," He finally spoke up, causing a small shock to run through them.

"You can understand Spanish?" Blitz asked for all of them, a nod was the response.

"How can that be…I never took lessons in it, so why can I understand it?" He asked out loud, really confused at this.

It was then that Shadow thought back to something, said thought caused his mouth to drop some, "Oh….I totally forgot about that."

Now all eyes were on the older Akita, they all gave a 'you know something?' kind of look. "Dad…what do you mean?"

"You might want to sit down for this, because it might take a while," The older male suggested, apparently the others followed suit, interested in what he had to say. Shadow tried to word together what he needed to say, but was having trouble doing so. Leaning forward he rested both arms on both legs before talking. "Axel this is something that…I forgot to tell you about…it has to do with your birth mother." All eyes raised at that, things have not gotten interesting, as a long kept secret was about to be explained.

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