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Chapter 9: Heading Out

"Does this hurt?" Colleen asked Chance, touching certain spots on his arm. It had been another day since they landed here and things were pretty quiet to say the least. The female collie decided to check on Jake and Chance's injuries to see if they were healing well.

She pressed his bicep, which made him wince a bit; it hurt a bit but not that much. "A little, but a lot better than before."

She nodded and the pressed his shoulder, "How about there?"

There was a dull pain, but it was barely noticeable, "Can barely feel a thing."

She stopped as she gave him the news, "Ok your arm is healing real well, but you should be more careful since you can still feel some pain."

"Ok then," He nodded, glad as he realized he didn't need his brace anymore.

Jake, who was looked at earlier, walked over to the two. He didn't need to use the crutches anymore since Colleen deemed his leg strong enough to be able to hold him, but she gave him a leg brace to aid him some. "That's good to hear," The smaller tom responded. "Now we just have to wait till our ship is done and we'll be good."

As if on cue the door to the med bay opened and in walked Exile and Axel. Both of them were wiping the grease off of their hands as they approached them. "Hey comrades, all repairs are doneski!"

"Really?!" Both toms responded with excitement.

"Yes, but we need to do a test run later on, just to make sure things are fine," Axel finished as he put his rag away.

"That's good to hear," Jake responded with a nod. "Don't want to have it fall apart in midflight."

"Exactly, but we'll do that later, since we need a break."

"True that," Colleen responded as she looked at the two. They both seemed tired from working on the jet. "Why don't you both go wash up, you two really need it."

"Da Comrade," Exile nodded, as he and Axel left the room, leaving the three original occupants by themselves.

"Ok now that we have out jet the only thing now is how do we get back home?" Chance asked with a questionable face. "We can't leave Megakat city unprotected for this long."

"Don't know what to tell you buddy," Jake sighed, remembering their other conflict.

"We'll find out something," Colleen reassured. "Just give it some time and I'm sure we'll find out something." That's all she could say as the two toms could remain silent, not sure what to do.

Somewhere in Town

Inside a research facility there were some scientist hard at work and guards patrolling around, making sure things were going smoothly. Little did they know was that they already had an intruder inside the premise, but no one could see them. A huge surge of energy ran through the cables in the ceiling, heading for an undetermined room. After a few minutes of moving it came into a medium room, with one occupant. A maintenance worker was busy checking the buildings generator to make sure it was in top order. The loud rumbling of the machine flooded out any other noises in the room.

The surge of energy flew out of the cables and landed on the floor, taking the shape of a familiar kat. Hard Drive rose to his feet after being materialized; both of his eyes were on the lone figure in the room. Smirking he walked up with an outstretched hand, placing it on the guy's shoulder.

"AHH!" The guys shouted as the kat electrocuted the guy to unconsciousness. His shouts couldn't be heard over the rumbling of the generator, a perfect cover up.

Seeing that his only obstacle was out of the war Hard Drive moved closer to the generator and held out a hand. A surge of electricity shot out of the coat and entered the generator. All of the needles went to dangerous levels as the temperature rose, causing smoke to come out. It didn't take long till the generator overheated and exploded, purging the whole building into darkness and rendering the security system offline.

As soon as the generator went off line there was panic filling the area as the workers inside tried to find out what was happening. Hard Drive took the chance to zap himself back into the cables and moved around more easily. After navigating around he came into a room that had many security defenses set up, but were all useless without any power. It couldn't believe he found himself here at all, but it was the only thing he could do at the moment.


"What would you need me to do?" Hard Drive asked the stranger, they both were still standing on top of the building.

"I'm building something and I'm in need of something. A little something that needs to be 'lifted' from a certain somewhere," The stranger explained, walking around the building.

"I see where you're going," The kat raised an eye. "But yet why can't you get it?"

"I just can't burst into the place and get it, that'll put the cops on notice and there's a chance we would be followed." He scoffed. "But I saw you moving through electric cables and that gave me an idea."

"So you want to use my talent to get what you need unnoticed?" Hard Drive frowned with his arms folded.

"Yes, that'll save the both of us the trouble," The guy smiled, facing the tom.

"How would that help me get home, I doubt you would know!" He lashed out in frustration.

"Fine, then you'll never know," The stranger smiled, both of their eyes locking onto each other. "Buy the way, what's your name?"

The tom looked at him in silence for a few seconds, "Hard Drive…yours?"


End Flashback

It took only those words to convince the tom to help, despite his own warning of not trust him. But if it would help him get home he would try anything possible. Right now his only ticket cost of computer data. Moving up to a safe he found that the electric lock was down so he could easily open it. Inside were a few rows of computer disks, all labeled After looking around her found one labeled X-500 program and swiped it. putting it in his coat he reached and pulled out an identical disk, but the only difference is that his one was blank, a decoy. Placing it back on the row he closed the safe and surged his way out, before being spotted.

Outside in a armor van Zeke sat waiting for Hard Drive to come out so they could get out. It had been nearly twenty minute since he went in and he heard nothing from the tom since he left. He was starting to get worried that his plan wasn't going to work when a bright flash came and in its place was the tom. Watching as he ran over and hopped in the car he had to ask, "You get it?"

"Yeah right here?" the tom pulled out to show.

Zeke smiled and nodded before starting the car, "Good, now were off."

"Now how are you going to help?" The passenger sat back as the van drove off.

"Not yet, I have to make sure this program works before I help you."

"And what is it you are planning?"

"You'll find out soon." Hard Drive growled at that, not liking to be out of the loop, he just looked out the window and looked at the street pass by.

Road Rover HQ

A loud whistle sounded through the base, making the Rovers ears perk as the sound was received. They all knew what this was and all headed for the briefing room, leaving Jake and Chance confused at what was happening. They two followed out of curiosity as to what their new friends were up to.

All the Rovers entered the briefing room as the Master stood before them, once they were all seated he began. "Rovers something just came up on one of the satellites," They all faced the big screen as a building appeared on the screen. "Just a few minutes ago the New Mexico research facility had a blackout, rendering everything useless."

"Uh Master, how does that makes us get involved?" Axel asked for everyone, all of there was curious.

"I looked at the some hidden cameras that weren't affected by the blackout and I found this." He pulled up the footage, which showed a small parking lot with some cars parked. A bright flash appeared and them a familiar tom was shown, running for one of the vans there.

"Hard Drive!" Two voices caused the Rovers to look. Both Chance and Jake stood there with surprised faces.

"Yes, the enemy from earlier," Shepard concluded as he pulled up a map grid with a moving dot. "I managed to track where the car is going, chances are that this'll lead to where he's holding up. This may be your only chance to get him."

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for this," Chance grinned.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Colleen commented, standing up in her seat.

"What!?" The two responded in surprise.

"I'm sorry but I'm worried out your injuries, chances are that you could further hurt yourselves if you two go. So I have to recommend you both remain here."

"We can't stay here, we're the only ones who can handle Hard Drive!" Chance protested.

"Without us I'm not sure you all could take him!" Jake seconded.

"I'm agreeing with Colleen here," The Master spoke, causing the two to look over to him. "I know he's your villain but I don't want to risk you two further injuries. So it is best that you two stay here.

"But we can't!"

"You two know it's for the best," Hunter then spoke.

There was silence after that, then Chance growled before punching the wall and stalking off. That action surprised the Rovers, not sure what to make of it. "Is comrade going to be ok?" Exile asked.

"Yeah, he's just mad, give him time to cool off."

"What about you?" Blitz then asked.

"Disappointed, but not in a degree that Chance is," Jake turned around to leave as well, leaving the Rovers alone.

"What should we do about them?" Jenna asked, turning to the Master. "We can't leave them like this."

"I'll talk to them," Ariel stood up in her seat. "I'm going to have to stay here anyway." True to her words, since she was far along in her pregnancy it was dangerous for her to go on any missions.

Axel stood up and hugged his wife before kissing her, "Good luck and be careful with them."

"Don't worry I have mom and dad to help me," With that she left the room also, making the remaining Rovers get back to business.

"Ok Rovers, now from the looks of the footage this Hard Drive isn't working alone, someone else is helping him. So you also need to find out who he's working with and see if they are a threat at all, and find out what they're up to."

"Yes Master!"

"Now Rovers go suit up and get out there!" The Master ordered last as the Rovers stood up and headed out to suit up for their mission.

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