Chapter 1(Young love)

"Mom, I said I don't want to be an idiot doctor! I'm out of here!" Makoto Kashino shouted at the woman in their kitchen and started running off their house...

While running, Makoto lost in a city and cried in there.

"I just don't get why they're still forcing me to be a doctor even if I don't want to be one!" he thought.

While crying, a chocolate haired girl with chocolate eyes who's wearing a cute dress with pink polka dots noticed him...

"What happened?" the brunette girl said, plastering a worried look all over her face and eyes.


"Okay I get it... You don't want to tell me your problem huh? Ahmmmm.. Yes, that one!"- said the brunette girl who's waving her hands as if she just discovered a mystery.

Confused, Makoto held his head up to face the girl who just talked.

"Wow she's cute, her brown eyes perfectly match her chocolate long wavy hair that flows at her back." – he thought

Then, she handed out a pack of cookie that she just took off her strawberry-designed backpack.

"You wouldn't tell me what your problem was, so I don't have any other option to cheer you up beside eating that cookie. I don't really want to see people crying. God just gave you another chance to live, so smile!" she said, having the most beautifu smile she had.

"She's cute, but hey! I won't be cheered up by a cookie- ok cookies. I'm not a kind of a person who, no matter what his problem is, would be cheered up just by eating their favorite food and cookie isn't even my favorite!—"

He stoppe complaining in his mind because he saw the brunnette's smile and it's like hypnotizing him to eat that cookie.

Before he knew it, he already was opening the pack she gave him.

After opening up, he took a bite and amazingly, his heart really felt warm as if nothing happened in his home.

"Delicious! Who made this?"

"Me..." the chocolate haired said pointing at herself.

"You sure?"


"Kidding aside... You really made this?"

"You meanie! I really made that! (3)" the brunette pouted.

"Haha your cute! I just can't believe that a kid like you would make a delicious food like this. I haven't bake cookies or something yet."

"Hey! You're a kid too aren't you? And.. (O_O) are you sure you haven't baked anything yet? You just missed a part of your life because baking is sooooooooo much exciting to do!"

"Yeah..." he shyly said.

"Then, I'll teach you!" she replied.


"Yeah really!"

"Cool! Thank you."

"Um…What's your name?" he added.

"Ichigo... And you?"

"Kashino Makoto..."

"So Mako-san" Ichigo giggled.

"Then, Ichi-san:P"

"Anyways why are you here?"

"I…Lost." Makoto said hesitantly.

"Describe where you live. Maybe I know where it is."

Makoto told her the descriptions and..

"Is that so? I guess I went there before. Come on I'll take you home."

"Thank you," he said with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry about it! It's not for free you know? Every favor needs to be repaid with another favor."

"What favor?"

"Come here at 8 o'clock in the morning everyday and play with me."She stated with a wink.

"That's it?" Makoto raised his right eyebrow.


"No problem with that. I intend to go here every day, though."

"Thank you! Your my very first friend that is at the same age as me," Ichigo hugged him tightly that caused him to blush…

Ichigo then led Makoto unto his house and soon they exchanged goodbyes to each other.


"It's already past 8 o'clock in the morning and it seems that Mako-san is not coming," Ichigo murmured sadly while looking at her watch.

Ichigo went to Makoto's bungalow house to pick him up because she thought Makoto forgot about his promise while suddenly she heard voices that seemed… arguing!

"Mom I need to go now! Don't block the door!"

"No! Until you accept that you would be a doctor!"

Makoto can't do anything but to stay in his room because he knew that his mother won't give up…

"Why would'nt she accept that I don't want to be a doctor! Tss!" he thought.

suddenly, he heard someone knocking and it's…

"Ichi-san why are you here?"

"I came to pick you up… Don't worry I found a way to go out without your mother noticing," Ichigo winked then she added," Come and follow me! I have a place to go!"

Makoto followed her without any signs of hesitation… after some minutes of walking, he finally asked:

"Hey…. where are we going?"

"To my grandma's shop."

"What are we going to do in that place?"

"Didn't I tell you I'm going to teach you how to bake?"

Before Makoto could say his words, Ichigo shouted,

"We're here!"

Then, they went inside the shop

"Wow! It's huge!" he exclaimed.

"Grandma we're here!" Ichigo shouted, still maintaining her ever gentle voice.

"Welcome back Ichigo… oh and who's this handsome boy with you?"Her grandmother asked.

"He is my very first friend grandma!" Ichigo faced Makoto, "You are, aren't you?"

He just nodded.

"Well, thank you for being friends with my granddaughter. Other kids usually see her as a weird person because of her love for the sweets," her grandma thanked Makoto.

"I'm not a weird person!" Ichigo pouted while murmuring.

Makoto smiled and said, "No problem ma'am besides, her cuteness and cheerfulness saved me."

Ichigo blushed… "Is he a kid or a playboyish teenager?" Ichigo thought.

"Hey, you want me to teach you how to bake right? Right? Come on! Follow me to the kitchen," Ichigo cut their conversation and started going in the kitchen leaving her grandmother behind.

At her grandma's kitchen...

"YOOOOOOOSH! I think I'll teach you how to bake chocolates," Ichigo cheerfully stated.

"Why chocolate?" Makoto confusingly asked.

"I just felt that chocolate really suits you," She added, "chocolate can easily be melted and can easily return to its original form like you who can be easy to cheered up and also your… sweetness."

Kashino unconsciously blushed.

They put their aprons on and they took the ingredients that they'll be needing out.

"Now put the cocoa and butter in the processor and mix it until it forms like a paste."

Makoto obeyed what she said and at last … it's finished!

"Hey, is this good?"

"No… you need to mix it until it forms paste."

After 3 minutes...

"Now, is this good?" – he asked.

"No... mix it like this, so it would be faster to form like a paste" Ichigo said while mixing slantly.

"This?" he asked while mixing slantly, but changed vertically.

"No... ok I'll teach you how to do it," Ichigo held his hands while teaching him how to mix it and once again, Makoto felt his cheeks heating up.

Then, he successfuly did it.

After baking:

Ichigo tasted the chocolate that Kashino made, ALONE.

"Um … It's delicious but I think it needs to be creamier and I think you need to reduce the oil, but for a first timer… It's so wonderful!" Ichigo said while examining the taste.

After eating, they washed the dishes and after that, she checked the time.

"It's already 3 o'clock ... okay! This is what I planned. We're going to a place I really like!"

"Planned?" Makoto asked.

"Yeah..." she nodded, removing the pinkish-white apron that is on her.

Then they went out of the kitchen...

"Grandma we're going now! Thanks for letting us cook here," Ichigo said, waving her hands as a sign of goodbye.

"Bye Ichigo! Bye Makoto! Come here and cook again okay?"

"How did she know my name?" – he thought.

Then, they went to their next destination…

After 20 minutes

"Oh look! We're here … at the ocean… our second destination," Ichigo stated.

"Wow! It's so peaceful in here! I can feel the breeze coming towards me." He said, feeling the gentle blowing of the air.

They both sat in the sands...

"This is a perfect place to watch the setting sun, but it's only 3:23 so we need to wait some hours… is that okay?"

"Yes…"Makoto said, touching her hands (which were on the sand) that made Ichigo blush.

"Ichi-san thank you for teaching me today…it's really fun"

"No problem..." she smiled.

"I just want seeing you smiling." She whispered.

"What?" Makoto asked, trying to pretend he did not hear what she said.

"Uh … nothing…nothing Hehehe … it's nothing, really." Ichigo said in a panicking tone.

"Look the sun's beginning to set," Makoto pointed at the sun.

"Yeah, you're right..."

After few minutes, Makoto finally got the courage to tell her...

"I like you… "

"I like you even if I just met you yesterday. I like seeing your warm and gentle smile that made me believe that I can still be myself- that I can still have fun like what the other children do. Heh, I sounded mature just there, did I not?" –he thought.

"I like you too," Ichigo said, still have her eyes closed and was still feeling the cold breeze.

Before he noticed, his head is moving closer...

And closer

And closer

And closer to her

And once he closed his eyes, she suddenly opened her eyes and said:

"And you're my BEEEEEEEEEEEST friend in the whole world."

Makoto freezes and Ichigo noticed his head was close to hers and, again, she blushed.

"Ehhhh? Why is your head so close to mines? Do I have something in my face? " She said, rubbing her face.

"No, you don't have something on your face."

He then smiled thinking, "You're cuter when you're like that."

"Shall we go home now?" She asked, cutting his thoughts.

"Um…yeah. I think so..."

After some minutes of walking, they bid their farewells.

"Mako-san, see you tomorrow … You now know the secret way so you can go to our meeting place on your own now, right?"

"Right ma'am!"

Five years have passed, they were always meeting in the same place and Ichigo was always teaching Makoto, so his skills were increasing day by day. Everything seemed perfect until one day, Makoto didn't come to their meeting place.

"Of all the times why now? When I finally have the courage to tell you I love you," Ichigo murmured.

Then, she suddenly thought of the time when Makoto's mother didn't agree to let him out …

"Maybe his mother found out his secretly going out— oh no! I should visit him now"

She rushed off to Makoto's house and knocked onto his windows … Makoto noticed her so he opened the window and she came in.

"Mako-san why didn't you come? What happened? Why do I see such a sad face?"

He did not respond, instead, he walked towards her slowly like a murderer that just found its prey.

Scared, Ichigo just stepped back, and back, and back until she got no more place to step back at.

He then thrusted her in the wall.

"Hey! What happened to you?" She asked, struggling, removing his hands that trapped her body.

Makoto pinned her hands sideways by his hands… Then, he kissed her hair, her cheeks

"Whaaa- he'd gone perverted! What am I gonna do?" – Ichigo thought.

"Sorry Ichi-san, I can't keep my promise … we will leave this house soon and we might never come back. And I … love you Ichi-san … Not as a friend but greater than that."

After hearing his words her heart beated faster as if it's going to burst… the thoughts that were in her mind just a second ago begone and she then automatically answered,

"I … love you too Mako-san."

After hearing her words, he kissed her passionately and gently on the lips… he didn't imagine that his likings for her would turn into love. And, the most unbelievable thing that he thought was Ichigo, being inlove with him too. He always thought that she just sees him as a bestfriend, brother or something like that.

"Mmn" her moan woke him up from his thoughts. He is now savouring the moments that he can touch, hug and kiss Ichigo.

"This gentle and sweet lips that tastes like a strawberry mint … I could not ever forget this," Makoto thought as he leaned forward to Ichigo for a deeper kiss.

Ichigo somehow felt his sadness and that she should say something so she broke the kiss and said,

"It's okay … Just promise me you would enter the St. Marie Academy after this year and we would meet there…please promise."

"I promise," he said releasing and kissing her on the forehead.

"Well then, goodbye..." she smiled, reassuring him that she would be ok.

Then Ichigo came out of his room's the window, crying- crying with all her might.

"So this is what they call love… happy yet sad. I love you Mako-san and I would definitely see you in St. Marie again."

After that day

"What did you say? St. Marie Academy?" Ichigo's dad asked, almost freaking out.

"What is the problem with that? St. Marie is a popular school and I don't hear any bad impression from that school," she determinately said.

"We don't care! You would not go to that school and that's the final decision!" her father yelled.

Not replying back, she went in her room and started crying...

It took two years for Ichigo to convince her parents to go to that Academy. They commanded her to wear a disguise, though. The way her parents want her to not go to St. Marie seemed suspicious to her, but for now, that doesn't matter anymore for her because all she had in her mind is Kashino.

"We're here," her dad said, making her regain her consciousness.

"Remember to not let other people to know that you're in disguise ok?" her mom told her as she kisses her in her rosy cheeks.

"Ok mom, I got it!" she cheerfully said as she got off the car.

"Bye-bye!" she added, waving her dad's car which is like 15 meters away from her.

"How would Mako-san recognize me with this outfit? My brown long hair got replaced by this black- shoulder length wig, he would definitely not recognize my face because of these big and thick glasses, and my brown eyes got covered by these black contact lenses," she sighed at that thought, "Why did mom and dad want me to wear these kind of stuffs?"

As she went in the campus, she noticed a green eyed, peridot haired boy walking towards her way.

"Hello! I'm Hanabusa Satsuki and I'm in your class," she got a little bit shocked because she did not expect this guy to talk to her and even kneel down like a prince, "I will lead you to our classroom… by the way this is for you Ichigo-chan," then again, she got shocked.

"H-how did you know my name?" she finally asked.

"Because they are announcing transfer students' names here," He replied with the 'in a matter of fact' tone.

"That only means that Mako-san also heard about me transferring here! That is, if he is really studying here," she of her excitement got swallowed by lonelinesswhen she realized that she, right now, is not the 'Ichi-san' who Makoto loved.

Because of thinking too much, she didn't realize that she slipped in the stairs.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Ichigo shouted, closing her eyes as she fall off the stairs.

After a few seconds, she felt a presence that stopped her from falling. She immediately turned around to thank that 'someone' who just saved her…

her heart thumped faster as she saw,


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