Its AkuRoku Day!

So, it was just another typical day, right?

Axel hadn't forgotten anything important, right?

Then why was his little Roxy so mad at him? He was sure that he hadn't touched Roxas inappropriately while in town again! Being as confused as he was, he decided to go ask Demyx for advice to see if he knew why Roxas was so upset. And with Demyx being Demyx, he knew exactly what was wrong and was shaking his head at Axel in a disapproving way.

"Dude, have you looked at your calendar today?"

Axel felt a feeling of dread fill him. He must have forgotten something REALLY important if even Demyx was disappointed in him! Walking towards his room, he started to slow, not even wanting to know what the date was. He had a terrible feeling that the dat might just have been...

Yep. The thirteenth of August. His and Roxy's anniversary. The day that Axel promised he wouldn't forget and he had. Again.

"Damn... How the hell am I supposed to make up for this?!"

Axel sat on his bed, tugging at his red spiky hair in frustration. How was he gonna make this up to his sweet little blonde? Roxy had already been mad at him for bailing out on several dates in the past month, and this was probably the icing on the cake!
Axel started getting some very worrying thoughts.

"What if he dumps me? What if he finally realises he's too good for me? What if he doesn't know how much I love him and goes to someone else? Like Hayner! Oh God what if he leaves me for Hayner! I'll never get him back! How-"

"Axel? What are you doing?"

Axel turned to see Roxas stood at the door. The small blonde boy was looking at him funny, but was also blushing, meaning he had probably heard most of the conversation he had been having with himself! Wow, that's embaressing...

"Umm, well, I was just, err, Rambling! You know, to myself..."

Axel sighed, walking up to Roxas. The boy refused to look him in the eyes, making Axel miss those bright blue, sparkling orbs. Grabbing the boys chin, he moved his face closer, lightly brushing his lips against the blondes, making Roxas moan lightly.

" 'm sorry..."

"T'okay... I forgot until yesterday...T'was jus' teasing..."

Axel chuckled against his lovers lips, a small smile on his face. Ahhh, he loved his Roxy, the blonde wasn't as stuck up as everyone thought. He just needed to learn how to have fun, cus, you know, he doesn't have any memories of his life as a somebody...

But going back to the subject, Axel was suddenly bought back to earth by the fact that he had fallen backwards onto his bed and was now having his hips straddled by Roxas. The pyro grinned at his boyfriend. This was gonna be the best goddamn anniversery present ever.

He watched as Roxas unzipped his cloak, leavining it bunched around his his, and Axel laughed at the choice of shirt Roxas was wearing. It was one Axel had gotten him for Christmas, a black T-shirt which stated in red writing "Axel's Bitch."

The redhead had gotten a very pleasent surprise when Roxas said he loved the piece of clothing.

But right now Axel was enjoying the fact that the shirt was being peeled off to reveal smooth and tanned which was begging to be licked, kissed and marked.

As his head was tugged upwards into another heated kiss, Axel took this chance to run his hands all over the smooth skin, pulling many moans from the younger boy. His hands moved lower, about to undo the blonde's jeans, when...

"Hey Axel, have you seen Rox-as..."

The two turned to see Demyx.

Well, this is akward...

Happy AkuRoku day!