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- Tanya 3

We sat on opposite sides of the room in awkward silence. Well, awkward mostly on my part.

I still couldn't get over the scene I had just seen. I mean, honestly, what was I supposed to do? Just ignore it? Talk about it? I honestly didn't know. My shifting eyes finally rested on my best friend's face, remembering what I had seen just minutes before.

~~~~ Flash back ~~~

Hearing the shower turn off, I quickly made my way into the bathroom, not even bothering to knock - I had to pee soon. I made my way through the door quickly, only focusing on the toilet. I didn't want to make things awkward, which they would be if I saw Mello's naked form. I already felt a tiny bit gay for finding him attractive as it was.

What I didn't expect was a gasp. Mello wasn't shy. I looked up to find Mello standing there ice blue eyes wide, his mouth agape frozen and in position. His blonde hair dampened, and clinging to his face. A water droplet made it's way down him neck slowly cascading down his porcelain breasts, curving around the tender flesh. He looked beau- WAIT! Red flag Matt! RED FLAG! Mello has breasts. Mello is a guy. Guys don't have boobs. Guys don't have nice toned boobs.

MY breathing was heavy with this new information. Mello wasn't a guy. Mello is a chick. He's not just girly. He is a girl. A girl with boobs. Which were moving rapidly with her rapid breathing. Damn, that's hot.

"WHAT THE FUCK, MATT?!" Mello screamed at me. Oops, guess I said that out loud.

My eyes snapped up to his - er, her face. A slight blush showed on her cheeks. It wasn't from the shower - it was embarrassment and anger. My eyes widened when I saw a shampoo bottle being thrown at me, followed by some soap, a hair drier, straightener, a towel (which had fallen down to Mello's waist in her surprise, which explains why I saw breasts. She didn't seem to care she was FULLY naked now. Oh well.) followed by some under wear.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU SICK PERV! " She screamed at me once more.

"Alright! JESUS! I'm leaving for fuck's sake! CHILL!" I yelled back out of panic, my arms scrambling for the door to open it and get the fuck out before mello chopped off my balls. "And by the way, I saw everything since you threw that towel at me. " I could hear a thump against the door of the bathroom, followed by, "ASSHOLE!"

I chuckled to myself, before feeling something on my head. My hand went up to my head to pull down a black lace panties. "Do you want your ehm... panties back?" I called out awkwardly before getting up and slipping them through the door.

"Fuck you." Was my thanks.

~~~ End of flash back ~~~

She lay on her bed, legs crossed, arms behind her head with a bored expression. Opposite to me. I sat rigid, tense for what could come. Expecting punches, kicking, screaming and biting. Or maybe, if I was lucky, an explanation as to why my best friend was a girl all of a sudden.

I purse my lips trying to think of what to say, and how to go about this. I felt slightly betrayed that my best friend had kept the fact he was a girl from me, and slightly stupid that my observation skills were so shitty that I couldn't tell my best friend was female after three years of sharing a room.

"Hey, Mello?"


"Why didn't you tell me you were a girl?" I ask, trying to keep my tone light and non - judgmental.

Her brow furrowed in thought, before rolling her body so that she was on her side and facing me. My eyes trailed down her body, noticing every curve and dip. Her breasts, now unbound, moved with the motion of rolling over. She mustn't of felt the need to bind them anymore, now that I know. It must hurt to bind them so tightly, she isn't exactly big, but they were definitely noticeable. Her shirt had rode up the smallest bit, so I could see just a fraction of her pale, toned stomach and feminine hips. I had noticed Mello had a girly figure before, but never thought much about it. Now I knew, I felt stupid for not seeing it sooner.

My eyes snapped up to Mello's face and away from her legs at the sound of her clearing her throat, knowing I had been ogling. A small smile formed on her delicate features. One of the things I had always loved about Mello, boy or girl, when Mello smiled it was angelic.

"I kept my gender a secret because no one would take me seriously again if they knew I was a girl." I opened my mouth to protest, but before I could she held up her hand, indicating she wasn't finished. "No one would look at me the same again. They'd laugh at me for even trying to be the next L. Near " She snarled the name, a look of disgust on her face from thinking about her rival. "wouldn't take me seriously ever again. No one would respect L if he were a she. Do you under stand that, Matt?" She asked, a small frown adorning her exceptionally beautiful features.

"I can understand where you're coming from. I get it, I honestly do. But,what I don't get is... Why didn't you tell me? I wasn't going to tell, Mello. I would've understood. We're supposed to be best friends." The betrayal leeks into my voice at the the words 'Best friends', and I can tell it stings Mello more than it stings me, by the way she's biting her lip and looking down.

"I know." She responds eyes cast downwards. "I was... I was just... Afraid... Th-... That..." Her teeth sink into her lip even further, all the while keeping her eyes trained intently on her twisting fingers.

"You were afraid of what Mello? I told you, I wouldn't of told." I sigh irritably. Mello's lack of faith in me was insulting.

"It wasn't because of that!" Mello sighed, running a hand through her golden hair, brushing her bangs from her face. "It was because... I was afraid because.. Because, I thought... You, wouldn't... Like me anymore. That you wouldn't want to be my friend because I was a girl." Mello's face was cast downwards, her voice so low I could barely make out what she was saying.

"What? Why wouldn't I like you because you were a girl? " I laugh lightly at the thought. Mello was all I had. The only other person I truly cared for in this world - regardless of gender, species or age.

"Well, you're always going on about how girls were weird, and how you thought they were 'gross' and how you couldn't find the attraction in them, and -" Mello's voice was getting higher with every word. Something she only did when she felt vunerable. It was something I had learned over the years.

I got off my bed and knelt down in front of Mello. Gently taking her chin and lifting her face towards mine, locking my eyes with hers. Tucking a piece of her smooth straight hair behind one ear, I spoke softly to her.

"Michael Keehl - or what ever your name really is - you are the one person, male or female, who I don't find gross. You can call me gay later, but you're the only person who really matters to me. I don't care if you're male, female or goat. You're still my Mello. My overly emotional, violent, chocolate obsessed - best friend. Call me gay, or what ever, but I'll love you, regardless of what genitals you have."

I smile softly at Mello, my hands stoking either side of her soft skin. She smiles a broad smile, her cheeks glowing faintly with a soft baby pink, so light I wouldn't of even noticed had I not been so close to her.

"You're right," She says giving me another smile. "you really are gay." Her fist comes into contact with my stomach with a playful punch.

"Now, get your hands off me, you homo" She said playfully, slapping my hands away from her face. My hands tingled from the loss of Mello's soft, silky skin.

I fall the the ground, gripping where my heart should be in my chest. "Oh how you wound me!" I feign hurt. Her smile broadens, and I can't help but grin right back.

Mello will always be Mello, and I will always be Matt.

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