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My alarm bleeped and blooped, signaling I had to get up for class. Fantastic. Not.

I groggily opened my eyes, looking across the room. Mello's bed was empty as usual — no surprise. He always did get up bright and early to do his precious hair. I groaned and plopped my face into the pillow, trying to salvage five more minutes of sleep.

The door of the bathroom creaked open, and I looked towards the bathroom through a small slit in my eyes. There Mello stood, a towel wrapped around his torso. I saw something protruding from his chest, and suddenly memories of yesterday came flashing back.

Mello's was a girl. I still wasn't sure how I felt about that.

She strode over to her bed, dropping the towel to put on underwear. From that angle I got a perfectly good view of her ass. I then knew how I felt about Mello being a girl. And I felt pretty damn good about it.

I know I'm a pervert, but what guy wouldn't look at Mello getting dressed? I should've closed my eyes, like a gentlemen — but I'm not a gentleman. I know it was a betrayal, or what ever, because Mello probably thought I was still asleep, but damn Mello had one fine ass. And she kind of owed it to me, considering she kept the fact she was a girl from me.

I decides it was best to close my eyes before a certain lower part of my body decided it's 'happy time' . That would be bad. Very bad. If Mello saw me with a hard-on, she'd know I peeked, pretended to be asleep and then she'd kick my ass.

"Get up, Matt."

My eyes twitched, and I pretend to go through the motions of waking up.

"Noooo, five more minutes" I mumbled, trying to coat my voice with sleep to sound convincing. I heard foot steps approaching me, and for a second I thought she was going to hit me.

I felt a soft tickling sensation at the side of my face, and smelled the fragrance of Mello's shampoo. Her hot breath against my ear sent a shiver down my spine, straight down to my crotch. Dammit. "Hey, Matt" She whispered almost seductively, "you were plenty awake to peek at me getting dressed." Her tone was cold as ice, and my boner dissipated as quickly as it came. My breath hitched, and that was all Mello needed to confirm I had, in fact, peeked. I felt a harsh sting on my cheek first, then heard the deafening crack from the force of her slap.

"GET OUT OF BED YOU USELESS ASSHAT!" Mello screams in my ear.

I jump out of bed holding my ear, glaring daggers at her. "CHRIST, Mello! This is child abuse, or something! As if the smack wasn't enough!"

She crossed her arms over her taped down chest, "And looking at me getting dressed and walking in on me in the bathroom counts as sexual harassment. Besides, it only counts as child abuse when I turn eighteen — and even then, I'm only two months older. So fuck you."

I stuck my tongue out at her and started to get undressed, before stopping at my trousers. I looked pointedly at Mello, blushing slightly.

"What? Hurry up, Matt - I can't wait forever." She said impatiently, tapping her foot.

"Um, can you close your eyes or something?" She raised an eyebrow at me, giving me a look. "It's nothing I haven't seen before." She dismissed my embarrassment with a wave of her hand. "And besides," She continued, smirking at me " you saw mine, so it should be all right if I see yours, anyway."

She had a point. I pushed all feelings of embarrassment away, and got dressed hurriedly. All the while avoiding Mello's smug stare — knowing full well she was getting some sort of sick satisfaction from this.

While I brushed my teeth in our small bathroom, Mello cleared her throat. I grunted in response, showing I was listening.

"Matt, no one else knows but L. Not even Roger. So please keep your mouth shut — and act normal." I look up at Mello after spitting out my tooth paste. "Of course." I respond.

Mello, never one to pass up a bitch moment, added on "Normal for you, anyway."

I stuck out my tongue to which she responded with sticking up her middle finger.

"How lady like." I commented dryly.

Mello turned on her heels leaving the room to go down to breakfast, and I followed after her — just like I always did.

Class was boring — as usual. I glanced over at Mello, who was furiously scribbling down notes. Mello was extremely competitive. She only worked so hard because she refused to lose to Near, and to prove something. I knew Mello wanted to make something of herself — as a kid coming from nothing, and never having anyone have any higher expectations than for her to wind up beating the shit out of some kid — being told she had the potential to be the next L, gave her hope she could become something. I didn't know what Near's reason was for trying so hard. And I didn't care either.

Me? I was just some lazy ass fuck, that couldn't be bothered. I never wanted to become L. I only stayed for Mello. Mello needed me, and I would've gone anywhere and done anything for Mello.

I'd would've even exercised for Mello. And that's scary shit.

I let my thoughts wander to how I'd already gotten used to referring to Mello as she, or her. That just proved how girly Mello seemed. And a tiny bit gay. But, I think, some where in the very back of my mind, I always sort of knew...

Hah, bullshit- I was just happy that I wasn't gay JUST for Mello. Can you imagine how weird it felt to like girls, and then only feel attracted to one guy and never any others? It was confusing shit.

I jumped when the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. I slowly stood up from my chair, and stretched my back from a long day of doing jack shit.

Despite finding out that Mello was a girl, nothing really changed. We ate breakfast, went to class, had lunch, made fun of Near, got homework and did what we always did after classes - Mello did her homework perfectly and I lay on my bed and flew through 'Super Mario go Cart' on my D.S.

The knock on the door caused Mello to briefly look up and pause her ipod before shrugging and going back to her work. I rolled my eyes and heaved my self off the bed to answer the door, because God forbid Mello actually answered the door. To my surprise Casey, a girl I had had a few conversations with before, stood out side, looking timid.

"Hi." She said weakly, giving me a little wave.


"MATT WHO IS IT?" Mello screamed at me over her ipod's ridicloiusly loud volume. She took out one ear bud to hear my answer.

"It's Casey." Mello's head shot up at the mention of Casey's name.

"As in, the Casey in our class?"

"Yes, Mello. What other Casey would I be referring to? The one I got pregnant?"

"I don't know. Tell her we're busy, or something." Mello said, waving a hand dismissively, not caring that Casey could actually hear us.

"I'm sorry," I grimaced at Casey's uncomfortable face. "Mello just hasn't been educated in manners yet." She looked at me and smiled timidly.

"What is it you wanted...?" I asked, trying to get back on topic.

"Oh, um..." She bit her nail, and blushed a bright red. It made her face look like a tomato. I couldn't help but compare how lovely Mello's was to how awkward Casey's appeared to be.

She coughed awkwardly before standing up straight, "Will you go out with me?" She blurted out. I stood in shock, and she covered her mouth with her hands.

Before I could reply, Mello stood up and slammed the door shut. "WHAT THE HELL?!" I yelled at her.

"I can't study." She went back to her desk and angrily began to read.

"Mello, that is the first girl to ever be interested in me. She probably thinks you'll eat her if she comes near me again!" I stomped my foot for effect.

"Oh come on Matt, you weren't actually considering it, were you?" She rolled her eyes at me, as if she already knew my answer.

"I might have been. I mean, she hasn't got a bad face, and she's nice to me. It's easy to like her." It wasn't all a lie but it was far from the truth. Casey was nice to me, and she didn't have a bad face, but everything about her was just a bit too boring. She had brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair and a nice smile. But she just wasn't my type — well, she wouldn't be if I had a type.

Mello. I blushed slightly at where my thoughts were going. Was I going to turn down every girl, or rather, have Mello turn down every girl ever interested in me just because said girl wasn't Mello? That was idiotic.

"What do you care anyway?" I snapped at her.

"I don't. I just don't like her, and I don't want her sucking face with you in my room." I opened my mouth to retaliate in objection, but was cut off by her majesty. "Now, leave me alone. I'm concentrating on my book." She huffed, crossing her legs and raising the book to her face.

"Yeah right! That book's upside down, Mello!" I yelled outraged.

"Who cares?! It's still a god damn book!"

"That makes no sense!" I said, grabbing the air in choking motions. She glared at me and furrowed her brow.

"Why don't you like her? You've never had a problem until now!" I said frustrated.

"She's fat." I looked up to see Mello's face blank and perfectly serious.

"...She's fat?"

"Exactly, she's fat. And fat people make me sad."

I raised an eyebrow. "You can't just not like people because you think they're fat, Mello!"

"Yes I can, and I do. And I don't like her."

I stared blankly at Mello, and a silence filled the void between us. "... You're a bitch."

She smirked slightly and rose an eyebrow, "I'm a girl."

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