Impossible Part 1:

This Is Impossible, Isn't It?

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Kurt Hummel knew that he was different from so many other of the other boys and girls from when he was a young boy so when he accidentally made a bookcase fly into a bully who had been about to throw him into a dumpster despite the bookcase being no-where in sight and him not touching anything, he knew something was different about himself and tired very hard to keep it to him.

Unfortunately though, but to Kurt it was kind of fortunate, on his eleventh birthday, Kurt had been sat at the high table in his table waiting impatiently for his dad to finish making his breakfast and Kurt had been so expectationally hungry that a few seconds later the frying pan went up in flames, Kurt's Dad, Burt jumping back from the stove and throwing a dry towel over the flames, taming them down long enough to be sure they wouldn't re-start before turning to Kurt with a look of uttermost shock evident on his features.

That night, Burt had sat Kurt down and informed him all about wizards and witches, how they actually existed and how schools for magical people actually existed beyond the TV screens that Kurt had been so used to laying his eyes upon.

Now it was real.

So that's how Kurt found himself a few days later being enrolled into a school twenty minutes from his house that was for students who had the gift of magic.

For the first two years, Kurt's life at DAMB (Dalton Academy For Magical Beings) was magical beyond his own wildest dreams. He came home at nights and went up to his room to practice all the magical and crazy spells he had learned, he made many friends, one of them being in the form of a heavy set chocolate coloured skin girl named Mercedes Jones who ended up being in all of his classes and they always eat lunch together.

Then one night, a day after Kurt's thirteenth birthday, a war exploded between the Wizards and Muggles who both believed two different things, Wizards that they could live in peace with everyone else and Muggles that it was an outrage and an abomination to even think two different lifestyles could co-exist peacefully and after much debate, DAMB was burnt to the ground leaving Kurt with no-where to go until he received the letter that changed everything.