Scribblenauts: The Tale of Maxwell: Chapter 2: Teach Me How To Do My Job!

(I know this isn't my most popular story, but I have been constantly planning for this story ever since I posted Chapter 1.)

I rushed into my house and to my room without talking to my parents. As I took the card out of my pocket, I realized that it was blank.

"What the heck? Why's it blank?"

I flipped it over a couple times and then writing appeared on it, reading:

"Yes, or No?"

Confused, I took out a pencil and drew a circle around the word "Yes."

I flipped it over again and the card read:

"Scribblenauts Organization"

Under it was a phone number.

I took out my phone and dialed the number. A man with a slight Russian accent answered.

"Scribblenauts Inc. So, you've received the business card?"

"Yes. Might I ask who I am speaking to?"

"You're pretty sharp for someone who sounds so young. I will answer all of your questions once you've been escorted to Headquarters. However, I need to know. Have you told your parents about the invitation yet?"

"Well, not exactly. I know I should-"

"Oh no, you've done the right thing. Your parents would never allow you to join an Organization at such a young age. I'm afraid that is all of the information I can disclose to you over the phone. From now until you reach Headquarters all questions will be answered by the Escort."

He hung up before I could respond, at the same time a knock at the front door had sounded.

My mom opened it and Reg was standing there.

"Hey, is Maxwell here?"

"Why he just got home actually. I'm sorry, I don't think I've met you."

"It's fine. I'm the older brother of a friend of his and I just came to give him a lift to our house. You don't mind, do you ma'am?"

I ran to the door and smiled.

"I haven't seen you in a while, Reg. How's high school going?"

I winked at him.

"That's something you'll hafta figure out for yourself once you get into High School."

He winked back.

My mom spoke up.

"Alright, Maxie, be a good boy and come back by dinner."

"Okay, mom!"

We started walking back to Reg's car and he snickered.

"Nice performance. You're a smart kid."

"Thanks. I am getting straight A's in school."

"Kid, once you're a Scribblenaut, you can send a doppelganger to go to school for you."

We entered the car and both of us got in the back seat.

"Hell, I don't even hafta do my own driving."

He indicated the driver.

"I summoned him myself."

"Wow, so Scribblenauts can even make people?"

"I can't tell you exactly what he is myself, but my driver isn't exactly 'human.'"

He put air quotes around the last word.

We arrived at Scribblenaut HQ, which was easily the biggest building in the whole city.

We walked in and Reg's driver looked like he was erased with a pencil.

"That's gonna take a while to get used to…"

"Well, lemme just say that it doesn't take as long as you'd think."

I nodded.


We walked up to the front desk, where Reg signed his name on a slip of paper. I noticed he didn't go for the closest pencil in his shirt pocket, which was marked with stars on its blue eraser.

"And now we wait for my boss to get here."

In a little while a man with long white hair and beard dressed in a dark blue suit walked up to us and said in a slight Russian accent, "Is this him?"

Reg came to attention and saluted.

"Yes, sir. I have done as you requested and successfully recruited Maxwell."

"That will do with the formalities. You are now permitted to take a break."

Reg took on a more relaxed stance and said, "Thanks, sir. I'll see ya later Maxwell."

He walked off and started chatting with a group of people.

The boss guy looked at me and said, "Do you recognize my voice, Maxwell?"

"Yeah. You're the guy I talked to on the phone earlier."

"Yes, I am. Now if you'd please follow me to my office, I can give you a full explanation on what a Scribblenaut is and what they do."

He turned around, motioning for me to follow him.

A short elevator ride and walk later we were sitting down in his office.

"Now, Maxwell, I have to ask you which you want to know first. Do you want to know what a Scribblenaut is first or do you want to know what they do? Both are rather lengthy explanations."

I put my hand on my chin in thought.

"It would be easier to understand what they are first."

"Alright, then. By the way, my name is Moloch, CEO of Scribblenauts Incorporated."

He extended his hand and I shook it.

"Alright. Now what I'm about to tell you is highly confidential and must never be revealed to the general public. Understand?"

"Yes, I won't tell anyone."

"I hope that you are able to keep your word. Anyways, to explain what a Scribblenaut is I have to tell you what makes us able to do what we do. Inside of every human being there lies a dormant energy that we Scribblenauts have lovingly deemed 'Pencil Energy.' Normal people cannot tap into the unbound potential that is Pencil Energy, however one in every hundred thousand people can. It is part of my job to find individuals that have shown high levels of Pencil Energy and recruit them into the Scribblenauts Organization. You are an exceptionally rare case, as it normally takes a Scribblenaut until they are seventeen years of age to tap into their Pencil Energy. To be able to do it at such a young age is a sign that you are a prodigious individual to say the least. However just having Pencil Energy isn't enough to be able to summon anything that has more than three letters in its name. That is why we have these."

He picked up a green notebook that had a golden star on the middle of the cover and a pencil with a blue eraser that had stars on it.

"Through the use of these special tools we can amplify our Pencil Energy so much that we can summon things that have up to ten letters in its name. Think of the pencil as a magician's wand and the notepad as his 'trick'. The result is a 'pleased audience,' or a successful summon of an object. Meaning that unless all of these ingredients are in play then the audience will always be pleased. If the Magician forgets his wand,"

He lowered the pencil.

"Then he can't conduct the audience's attention to where he wants it in most cases."

He raised the pencil and lowered the notebook.

"If the magician forgets his trick, then it's obvious that he wouldn't be a good magician."

He put the pencil and notebook down.

"In less metaphorical terminology, the pencil channels your Pencil Energy through it and concentrates it. When the pencil's lead is spread through the paper in the form of a noun, the concentrated Pencil Energy in the lead is released and due to the mystical properties of the notebook, the Pencil Energy is transformed into whatever noun is that you've written on the paper."

"I kinda get it. So are you saying that what you summon is a representation of your own Pencil Energy?"

"That is an accurate summation. Now in short, what we do is create and collect these."

Moloch reached underneath his desk and pulled out a large jar which contained a golden star floating in the middle.

"What is it?"

"It is the greatest power source in the world, a Starite. No one exactly knows how, but these are created when someone uses Pencil Energy to help someone in need. Whenever a Scribblenaut helps someone solve a problem, a Starite is created. Now to give you an accurate reading on exactly how powerful these Starites are, we have one in the center of this building and it powers the whole city."

"Wow, that's pretty powerful!"

"Yes, it supplies clean energy. Now for what we do with these Starites. What we do with them is we break them down to create these."

He held up his notebook.

"Your notebooks are made of Starites?"

"That is correct. The more Starites are in a notebook, the more powerful the notebook itself is, and the more creative a Scribblenaut can get with the things they summon."


"Yes. It is merely a theory, but it is said that if a person was to get an enormous amount of Starites into their notebook, the person can summon more than just regular nouns."

"Like what?"

"Nouns that are altered by adjectives, nouns that have been combined into one word from two other nouns, and even abstract nouns born from your imagination."

"What do you mean by abstract nouns?"

"What I mean is that, in theory, if you get enough Starites, you can even summon creatures of your own invention."

"That's so cool! I can't wait to-"

"Hold on. I said it was just a theory. Of course it has not been proven yet, as no one has obtained more than one hundred Starites before in all of history."

"Wait, why would we want to gain more power if all we do is help people?"

"Because," he smirked, "We are also soldiers for the army to use if need be."


"Yes. I am sorry if this wasn't what you expected, but our roles as soldiers rarely come into effect. It's likele that you will only see one war in your time working for us. That being said, I have to warn you. Should you be called out to go to a war you will have no choice but to comply. You are still but a child, but you still have the potential to be a powerful Scribblenaut. That is why I am giving you the choice again. Would you like to join us or not? Think your answer through this time. This is a very dangerous job. I will allow you one day to think it over."

And think I did, all the way back home.

(Forgive me for the wall, I just didn't feel like separating this into two chapters.)