Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

Summary: Prussia learns that Italy is ticklish. He just never thought of the consequence.

Warning: There is no warning here.

I got an idea from a comic I've read on DeviantART. It was about Prussia who hugs Italy from behind and learns that the Italian is ticklish and decides to use it to his advantage, then Germany comes and interrupted the whole thing.

I know the one-shot is short but hey, it was also a short comic. Before you read this story, I must inform you that Prussia will use Japanese honorifics for Italy. You're probably wondering of why an ex-nation, who speaks German, would do that. That's because he did that in the comic.

"Ve~ Ve~ Ve~" Italy chanted happily to himself. He was in his own little world, unaware of he was being watched by a certain ex-nation.

Prussia smirked to himself. This is his perfect chance.

He sneaked up to the cheerful Italian, who was humming to himself. There was something he had wanted to do for a while. "Italy-chan!" Prussia exclaimed and wrapped his arms around Italy's waist, surprising the Italian. The ex-nation could feel that Italy was squirming and tried to get free from his grip. Didn't he liked the way he got hugged? "P-Prussia, that tickles." Italy informed him. Prussia gave him a curious look, resting his hands on the other nation's sides.

"Here?" it gave Prussia an idea.

"Ve?!" he surprised the Italian again when he glomped him down to the floor and started to tickle him.

"Ve, Prussia, n-not there..."

"Then what about this?"


"Italy-chan, you're so cute!"

"A-ah, don't..."

Germany got annoyed by the noises. What the heck is going on? Is his brother about to do something bad to Italy?

He walked to the room where Prussia and Italy are. He grabbed the doorknob and the door flew open. "Hey! What do you think you're do..." he stopped himself when he saw something he preferred not to watch. "...ing?"

Prussia were on top of Italy, who was saying 've' at the moment. Italy's shirt was rolled up, exposing his stomach. And they were both looking at the blonde German.

Let's just say that Germany got the wrong idea.

He got mad and started to throw random objects at his brother, accusing him for nearly do a really bad and inappropriate thing to Italy, while the said Italian is watching the two brothers innocently.

Who could knew that tickling someone could be so dangerous?