Playing through the game, I tried to have no romantic relationships.

I really did. This was the most common reason I failed.

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"Hi, guys."

"Hey," Yosuke said, nodding to Yu as they sat around the table. "So, we going after him today?"

"Yeah, but… Remember Ai? She's the basketball team's manager?"

Yosuke groaned, leaning forward to put his head on the table.

"Way to go, sensei!" Teddie cheered.

"Wha-what, again?" Chie demanded. "This is an Investigation Team, not your harem!" she said, getting to her feet and putting her hands on her hips.

"But she needed a hug!" Yu insisted, although at least he had the grace to look sheepish.

"Sheesh, sempai, you gotta learn to say no!" Kanji told him, then looked to the side, "Well, if the girl was crying like that Yumi, and…"

"I was going to set her up with Kou, but he doesn't want to do anything without Daisuke and Daisuke's not into girls," Yu said, shrugging. He didn't get that, but if Daisuke really did feel that way even after getting to know Chie and all the others, it must just be the way he was, unlike how most people claimed they were perfectly straight.

And then they met Yu.

"Hey, setting her up with someone doesn't mean we can't invite her!" Rise smiled at Yu, who returned her grin, giving him a thumbs up. "I mean, there's Kanji and Naoto, and Chie and Yukiko, and you already mentioned Kou and Daisuke, and Naoki and Yumi are getting really close!" Great for them!

Chie blushed. "Well…"

She looked at Yukiko for help, but there wasn't any to be found there: the dark-haired girl was still snickering. "Not… not his harem…"

That was clearly one of the funniest things she had ever heard.

"You guys aren't my harem, you're my friends," Yu protested.

"With benefits!" Teddie added happily.

"You've even managed to seduce the shrine's guardian kitsune," Naoto pointed out with a resigned yet somewhat irritated expression. "And to think that I rejected the hypothesis that you were starting a cult even before confirming that you weren't responsible for the murders…"

"Oh, that's a great idea!" Rise clapped her hands together. "…Just kidding."

"Aww, but that's a great idea!" Teddie protested.

"Don't make jokes like that, people might believe you," Naoto said, hand on her chest as she calmed down.

"It's not like I mean to…"

"We know man, we know," Yosuke interrupted him, head still on the table. Since he was one of the people who had needed a hug, as well as someone who used to think he was straight. "But this is getting kind of ridiculous. I mean, show of hands: am I the only one amazed that Yu didn't end up getting kidnapped?"

No, he definitely wasn't. "I'd totally kidnap him." Rise nodded. "And so would a lot of my fans. I mean, if I'd been much bigger, I wouldn't have felt safe coming back here without bodyguards." She'd been too dead to the world to really care about the risk of getting kidnapped by a stalker or a murderer until she met Yu and everyone.

"So what, so the only way to stop someone from carrying him off is to guard him twenty-four/seven?" Kanji asked. What if the next person Yu decided to help was the leader of one of those damn biker gangs or something?

"I don't really think that's necessary…" Yu said.

"We'll have to guard him in shifts." Naoto ignored him, since Yu was clearly too trusting and too generous with his compassion and affections. The way he'd remembered such little things about Naoto that she'd only said once: it wasn't just proof of his skill as a detective, it was proof that he cared. "It will be especially important now that he's home alone. Teddie can move in with him-"

"Score!" the bear cheered.

"-and so can I, since the suspect is still at large," and Naoto had a gun, "but the rest of you will have to see what your families will find acceptable. As soon as we've returned from the TV world, I'll call the others to inform them of the risk to Yu and start drawing up a schedule."

"What about his part-time jobs?" Yosuke reminded her, since he worked at Junes himself. "Shu, that poor kid…" Who hadn't had anyone else to give him a birthday until Yu called him.

"Shu decided to stop studying so hard and join a baseball team, and Sayoko left to find herself," Yu told him. "I'm still working at the daycare center," since he missed Nanako, "but besides that I'm mostly just fishing and spending time with people. Oh, right, I should introduce Naoki to Hisano."

"Hisano?" Yosuke demanded. Who was this Hisano?

"She's really old," Chie told him, blinking. "I don't think… right?"

"No!" Yu told her, shocked. "…Although she does keep saying I look like her husband."

"Can't…. breathe…" Yukiko managed to force out through the laughter.

"Yukiko!" Chie picked her up. "Come on, we have to get over there so someone can cast Amrita!"

Everyone stared.

Ai folded her arms. "And what exactly do you have to say for yourself?"

"But her husband abandoned her because of her looks, and she really needed a hug!" Yu said in his defense, standing between everyone else and the grey-haired gas station attendant so she didn't get her feelings hurt.

Rise nudged the guy on her left. "Pay up, Yosuke."

Yosuke dug in his pocket for his wallet, muttering "Goddammit," under his breath.

"That can be arranged," was the goddess' response.

FYI, what Yukiko is laughing at is the the idea that they aren't his harem. Because they totally are.