A ficlet request from Gwendelyn Kyuketsuki. Never let it be said that I don't deliver in the end.

Aly starred at the report in front of her. "Oh SHIT!" she breathed. Instead of a neatly written report on possible threats from the luarin nobility it was what could only be called an abomination.

"Aly's hands wrapped into Kyprioth's peppery hair and tugged him down demandingly. He obeyed, finding the thrill of being at the whim of a mortal irresistible. He licked his lips hungrily as he eyed her most hidden flower…."

Aly stopped reading immediately. "KYPRIOTH!" she bellowed. Years of weapon play had made her lung capacity formidable.

Then there he was, in all his spangled glory. "Yes, my dear?" he cooed, batting long lashes at her. Aly noted that his hair was longer than usual. All the better to grab it and tear it out, she thought viciously.

"Where is my report on the luarin?" she demanded in a deadly voice.

"Around," said the reinstated God-King, waving a hand idly.

Aly frowned. "Where did this filth come from?"

Kyprioth's smirk grew. "I had a most fascinating conversation with a fellow trickster god from another dimension. Poor fellow was having trouble getting the mortals to bow just right. But that is neither here nor there. Anyway, it seemed that stories had switched. In his dimension we," he gestured to the palace around him, "are characters in several series of books for young adults." Kyprioth laughed.

"And you'll never guess who else I sent this to?!"

People from the market three miles away heard the shout rising over the wall of the palace. "YOU SENT THIS TO MY FATHER?"