A/N: Okay so this is my new drabble series called "73 Victors" which will tell a little part of each Victor's life during or after the Games. They will each be given a name and I will also be including the Victors we know and love from Catching Fire, enjoy!

Tread: District Four

I never knew how much hurt that human beings were capable of, not until now. I stand staring at the face of the District Seven male, I don't know his name, I probably never will. All I know is that one of us has to die, and one of us has to die soon.

That is the Hunger Games, a game in which we are forced to kill just to survive. Twenty-three lives cut short needlessly. An axe hits me just below my chest and my vision begins to blur. Blindly I throw a spear in the boy's direction.

I hear the familiar sound of metal on bone before the sound of a cannon blast sends a chill down my spine.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Victor of the First Annual Hunger Games, Tread of District Four!"

But what if I didn't want to win?