A/N: Another Catching Fire Victor, these are the most fun one to write and Wiress is one of my favourites too :D enjoy!

Wiress: District Three

The thin wire cuts into my fingers as I clutch it tightly, remembering the circuit board that my allies and I had discovered during the earliest phases of the Games. Now it was time, I was finally ready to do what it takes.

A light settles my eyes in the smashed circuits, wires sticking out at all angles and a spot cut out of the right hand side, just large enough to fit a small stone.

I pull the device out of my pocket, a tiny piece of silver that I can easily roll between my fingertips, created from wires and metal found in some of the many rooms of the arena. I push the metal into the hole in the circuit board and press down on either side of it until I hear a small click. I allow my breaths to shallow and strain my hearing until I can make out an almost inaudible ticking. By then, however, I am already halfway out of the building, literally running for my life.