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Glisten: District One

Some things that shine and shimmer are simply an illusion. Not everything that you vie for is worth it in the end. Not everyone who wished you well has good intentions in their hearts. Not everything you thought you could be is attainable.

I once dreamed as a young girl that I would become Panem's next champion. I trained my hardest and did everything I was asked to; I just wanted it so badly.

Now I wish I had never even heard the name of the Hunger Games.

My body, mind, and spirit are broken. My eyes see ghosts that I never thought I could mourn. I thought I was stronger than the others before me, I thought I would cope better than they could and that because of this I was better than them.

It is not fair that others must go through this delusion. It is not fair that I might lose my friends, sisters, brothers to the Games that took me.

Someone please do something. Our nation's children are dying; the ones killed by a sharpened weapon as well as the ones that come back with lead in their hearts.