Title: New, Civilised, Savage

Author: Seer M. Anno

Fandom: Lord of the Flies

Genre: AU

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this fandom except the story below. Please don't sue.

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: Language. Probably a bit OOC.

Summary: Ralph, Percival, and Piggy get stranded in an uninhabited island, which probably isn't uninhabited at all.

A/N: An AU fic which has been nagging in my mind for weeks. Beta'd by our dear Nightkill. Enjoy!

New, Civilised, Savage

Lord of the Flies

Seer M. Anno

Chapter One: New Boys

Ralph opened his eyes and saw whiteness around him. His body was heavy and wet. He propped himself on his hands and trembled when the cold breeze blew. His nose caught the smell of the salty ocean and he frowned.

"Hey, you're up!"

Ralph looked back and saw the fat boy he had conversed back in the plane (or more like the boy had practically forced him into a conversation), drenched to the bones like he was. He couldn't remember his name, but he told him he was called Piggy or something.

The plane!

Ralph rose abruptly, frantically. "Where are we?" he asked, panicking. The last thing he wanted was got stranded on an uninhabited island with a boring, fat kid with ass-mar.

"I don't know, Ralph."

A small sound beside Ralph startled him. A little boy with too much freckles on his face stared back at him worriedly. Ralph remembered him saying his address on their flight earlier.

Does this mean we're the only ones who survive? Ralph wondered. Well, at least it's better than stuck only with Piggy.

"What's your name?"

"Percival Wemys Madison. The Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony…"

Ralph paid him no heed as he continued to recite his address. He opened his school jacket and wrung it dry from the salty water. After he did the same to his white shirt, he looked at Piggy, who copied his actions.

"I don't think anyone lives here," Piggy said, helping Percival to stand. Ralph wrung out the little boy's shirt as well.

They decided to walk alongside the beach, not daring to wander into the forest yet. Percival was quickly worn out, so Ralph picked him up and carried him on his back. They had been walking for a while when Piggy shouted, pointing at something shiny.

"Look! It's a shell!"

Ralph dropped Percival from his back and took the shell from Piggy's hands. "I saw it on someone's back wall. A conch, he called it," Piggy babbled. "It's very valuable. My auntie said if you want to have one, you'd have to pay loads of pounds. Careful, you'll break it!"

The blond examined the conch carefully. His father once told him about something like this. It certainly did look expensive.

"You can blow it," Percival muttered between them.

"Yeah," Piggy agreed. "The one who has the conch blew it and his mum would come. I can't, Ralph. I have asthma."

"Sucks to your ass-mar," Ralph muttered. Percival grinned.

Piggy pretended not to hear the insult. "You can use it, Ralph!"

"What for?"

Percival seemed to understand what the fat boy meant. "Maybe we're not the only ones who are here," he said with his small voice. He bit his lip nervously. "You can call the others."

Ralph nodded. He stared at the conch for a bit before bringing it to his mouth and blowing on it. A loud voice was heard throughout the island, so loud that it startled Ralph. He never knew that small thing could make such a noise.

"You did it!" Percival and Piggy cheered.

Then they went silent. Their eyes widened when they heard voices. Suddenly, people emerged out the forest and crowded them. Their faces were unrecognizable, but they looked so violent. Colours covered their faces and they brought something in their grips.

There were screams and then everything went dark.

So, what do you think? I know it's short but it makes a good opening. :)