Chapter Seventeen: Chaos and a Sound

A/N: This chapter (and the next two) has gory things, although not that graphic. Like in usual LOTF. I hope you won't be disturbed or something, tho.

Roger said the littleuns couldn't go out, but he said nothing about the biguns.

Entertaining himself with that sarcastic thought, Robert made his way slowly into the dark clearing. It was silent and dead. He knew that Henry, Bill, and Maurice had taken Piggy's glasses for the tomorrow's feast. But he wasn't here for that.

"Psst, Ralph."

Ralph didn't wake up. Piggy did instead. "Who's that?" he asked carefully.


The fat boy slowly, carefully, crawled out the shelter. He blinked, his beady eyes unfocused without his cracked specs. "I can't really see you. But I know your voice."

Robert held the urge to roll his eyes. "Ralph's asleep?"

Piggy nodded. "I told him to. He didn't want to sleep. He couldn't sleep well for days." He put his hands on his waist in a supposedly threatening manner. Robert rolled his eyes for real this time.

"Why are you here?" Piggy asked after an uncomfortable pause.

"I just... tell him I killed the Beast."

Piggy's eyes widened impossibly. "But it's..."

"I know. It was Jack. He asked for it. He wanted me to show the Chief that he's dead. The littleuns are in Castle Rock and they're tortured. Whipped and such. Jack wanted them to be safe so he..." Robert's voice broke. He really wanted to cry and being taken care of, like those littleuns. "He... he asked me. I was scared. I didn't really mean it... I..."

Piggy just stared at him indescribably, listening to his rants.

Robert was silent, trying to compose himself. "And the Chief will celebrate, so they took your specs. Samneric told me to tell Ralph that things won't be good tomorrow. They wanted me to warn both of you. He told Bill to sharpen two sticks at both ends. We don't know what will happen, but... prepare for the worst."

Piggy blinked nervously. "Ralph and I will go there tomorrow."

Roger woke up earlier than he used to. He wanted to go back to sleep when his eyes suddenly caught sight of the small passage up to Jack's room. It was dark as usual, and Roger never went up there, the only respect he showed to the 'dead' chief.

I killed the Beast!

Robert's words still echoed inside his mind. Roger could feel anger pooled inside him. He wanted to kill Jack with his own bare hands!

But then his mind formed a better plan. His mind played the flashback on the hill, a long time ago.

"I think I know that knife..."

Ralph's words had triggered things from Roger's mind, replaying the past he had gone through with Jack.

I had a stepbrother, Jack once told him. They were lounging outside the church at that time. Roger vaguely remembered the day. I used to love him, but now I hate him. My mother said he hates me too. He knew everything I had and I was his shelter.

If he did something to Ralph, that would be a great revenge to Jack. It'd be so good. As good as killing Jack with his own hands. He smiled as the plan got better in his mind. Roger actually wasn't the planning type. But this obviously needed a plan.

So he walked towards a body lying a bit far from his bed and shook Maurice's body. The other bigun slowly woke up, blinking as he did so.

"Chief?" he asked, sitting down immediately.

"I have a new plan." Roger said slowly. "We're not hunting today."

An enraged Ralph was walking towards Castle Rock, carrying a spear. His battered shoes were stained with white sand and wet from the seawater. Piggy with a stick followed behind. He could barely make out Ralph's form in front of him. He panicked since Ralph walked so fast, his rage made him wanting to get to Castle Rock as soon as possible.

"Slow down, Ralph! I can't see you! Mind me!"

Ralph slowed his pace and waited until Piggy was ready to climb up the rocky mountain. Ralph decided to leave Piggy alone on the lower side of the mountain, far below the entrance to Castle Rock. It was no use for him to climb further, after all.

"I'll be back," he assured a blind and worried Piggy.

Ralph looked up at the top of the mountain and saw Maurice. The bigun suddenly shouted.


Roger walked out Castle Rock and saw Ralph glaring at him. The chief narrowed his eyes. "Welcome," he hissed, his voice almost drowned by the sounds of water.

Ralph jumped so he was standing in front of the chief. "What have you done?!"

Roger merely lifted his eyebrow.

The cheers and shrieks from the boys who were settled on the top of the mountain with Maurice shocked Ralph. He looked up and saw many of the littleuns, their previously clean face now painted heavily. It looked precisely like when Ralph saw them for the first time.

He looked down and the anger flared once again when he saw Roger. "You took them away! You kidnapped them!"

Roger merely stared at him, as if waiting what the other chief would say.

"You're a beast, a swine, and a bloody, bloody thief! A kidnapper who doesn't care of his lot's needs!"

Roger moved so fast Ralph couldn't avoid the smack on his cheek. The blond fell and his cheek stung so bad he immediately knew what happened. He touched his cheek and felt the warmth of his own blood from the scar.

Ralph looked up. Roger was smiling, his eyes wide with wildness. His spear tight in hand, the point was smeared with Ralph's blood.

Below them, Piggy's pleas were heard. He couldn't see what happened up there.

"Ralph! Don't leave me! I can't see!"

Those pleas fuelled Ralph's rage. He stood and took his own spear. He was going to attack Roger with the harmful way possible when he saw something in the chief's pocket.

It's my father's knife.

Ralph stared at it for a while, Jack's words echoing in his mind. Piggy had told him Robert had killed the Beast. No, Jack. Ralph had broken down crying like mad, and Piggy needed hours to calm him down. He didn't see Robert between the cheering boys up there.

Apparently it was too long for Ralph. Roger suddenly hit his spear with his and tackled him down the rocky floor.

Ralph hissed in pain as the sharp rocks scarred his torn shirt. He didn't want to give up. His fist connected with Roger's ear, making him snarl in pain. Roger elbowed Ralph's chin and managed to get the upper hand. He punched Ralph's stomach, making him grunt.

Ralph slipped his foot between them and kicked Roger's chest. It was like when he fought with Jack in the forest. Roger's body flew off him and he tackled him and punched his cheek so hard it apparently broke the chief's nose.

Above them, the cheers were still on.

Below them, Piggy's pleas were still heard as well. The wind brought the annoying voice to the top, towards Maurice and the others.

"Why are y'all doing this?" Piggy asked loudly. His voice defeated the grunts and shrieks from Ralph and the chief, and also the cheers. "Is it that difficult to be sensible and working things out together?"

The cheers turned into booing the fat boy down there. Maurice became impatient. He remembered the plan Roger had told him, the first reason why he was up there. He eyed the boulder that had always been on the top of Castle Rock. An evil smile he'd known from Roger crossed his face.

"Ralph and I didn't know you from the start," Piggy continued. "But we both know we all can act more civil and fix things up! Maybe we can be rescued!"

Maurice snorted as he slipped his spear under the small gap between the boulder and the ground. Roger always has the greatest ideas, he thought to himself.

A boy narrowed his eyes as he looked in the dark 'room'. His bare feet were scrapped with the sharp rocks and he snarled, trying not to be loud.

It's alright to be a bit loud, his mind told him. They are cheering for Ralph and bloody Roger out there, nobody will hear you.

The boy continued to crawl around the room. If only he could find a light!

Then he remembered. He jumped up and touched the rock ceiling, which was reachable since he was tall enough. He knocked his fist against it, trying to find a soft spot. He knew there was one. Once he found it, he took his spear and stabbed it repeatedly.

He smiled slightly when it finally broke, giving him a small hole full of light from the outside. The small hole was a bit farther than the place where the boys were cheering, much to the boy's relief. Finally, a light! The light helped him a lot, since he could see better now. He looked around, still looking for the thing he had searched since yesterday.

Maybe Roger keeps it?

The boy shook his head. That couldn't be. Eventually he could make a shape on the corner of the room. He grinned and rushed towards the corner, scolding himself of not searching that place. The boy jumped down the 'room' and looked at the entrance. He could hear the cheers became louder and the voices of a fight not far from him.

With that, Jack Merridew's grin widened as he made his way outside, the thing he had searched tight in his grip.

"Which's better," Piggy continued to plea. "Law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up? Why did you kidnap all of them? They want to believe there was no Beast, and there wasn't! They have rights to have their opinions!"

"Shut up, you fat slug!"


Maurice didn't say anything. He merely concentrated at Roger's prideful words, Piggy's plea, and the boulder.

Well done, Maurice, he could imagine Roger said in approval. You've done a great job.

Piggy's pleas. Be sensible! Like Ralph is! I can't see! Give me back my glasses!

With a huge smile on his face, he pushed his spear down and the huge rock slipped down the top of the mountain.

Ralph, who had managed to take Jack's knife from Roger's pocket, heard the boulder falling before he could see it. He could feel the ground below him vibrated from the huge weight, and he looked up. Roger looked up as well, although he had known what would happen.

The blond's eyes widened when he saw the great rock slipped down the mountain... towards Piggy!... in such a speed nothing could be done to avoid the strike.

The huge rock struck Piggy, who didn't even had the time to say anything. It broke his head into pieces like he were a glass statue. Blood splattered to the rocks around him and his body stumbled before fell forty feet into the ocean. His body twitched, reminding the others of a pig's after it had been killed. Red stripes of blood staining the clean sea water before the body was taken away by the huge energy of the sea.


Ralph, in shock, had gotten off of Roger and stood motionlessly, staring at the dead body being taken away by the sea. The entire mountain, the entire island was silent. Nobody even dared to breathe.

Roger slowly stood from the ground and was going to attack Ralph from behind. But then something stopped him, making his eyes wide with shock.

A loud voice that wasn't human came from inside the cave. A loud voice that Roger knew so well; and the one which triggered past memories from all of them.

A/N: Sorry for not writing good fight scenes :(. And Maurice is actually a bigun's verison of Percival, one approval-seeker. And where are Percival and Robert? We'll see... AND JACK'S STILL HERE! Someone has guessed? :D