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Another boring day in The Heavens. As usual. Kanzeon Bosatsu had actually seemed
to grow tired of the same routine with her four favorite mortals in the lower world.
Fighting youkai and driving, fight youkai and driving, over and over with few pit-stops
and squabbling among themselves as always. It seemed that nothing interesting had
happened for quite sometime and Kanzeon was getting silently but deadly annoyed
with it.

"Merciful Goddess..." Jourshin was almost afraid to ask as to why she seemed bored as
she simply looked over at him with a blank expression "May I ask why you look so,
uninterested in those four as of late?"

"It's because they haven't changed..." she stated simply

"I'm afraid I don't understand..."

"I've told you before, things that don't change are boring. That's the only reason I've
watched them for so long...But they've just now started to disappoint me by remaining
the same for some short time now..."

"But they have almost completed in their mission to stop the resurrection of
Gyumaoh?" He asked in a sort of 'I-just-have-to-state-the-obvious' sort of way.

"True, but I have something special planned for them before they get any closer..." A
sly smirk slid across the 'Merciful' Goddess's face as Jourshin sweat dropped, fearing
only the worst for the four in the world below. Aspirin. He would need lots and lots of
aspirin for this.

The soft cries of Hakuryu sounded from Hakkai's still assembled tent as Gojyo and
Goku fought over taking down Sanzo's together.

"Hakuryu?" The groups healer asked as he peered into the tent. Hakuryu instantly let
out another distressed cry from his place under the blankets. Hakkai quickly moved
the blankets. "Oh dear..." he said quietly as he scooped up the small, fragile creature
with as much gentleness he could. Cupping the miniature Hakuryu in his hands Hakkai
quickly stood up, heading for the exit flap of his tent. He strode swiftly over to Sanzo
who just arrived back from filling the groups canteens from the nearby river.

Sanzo arched an eyebrow in question as Hakkai came almost running towards him with
his hands cupped together.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" Sanzo yelled so loud that
everyone stopped moving, despite a few birds who had the best idea and fly swiftly
away from the fuming monk. Goku and Gojyo stopped and looked at Hakkai and Sanzo,
then quickly back to each other.

"Something wrong, Hakkai?" Gojyo asked with a slightly distressed look cleverly
covered by a single raised eyebrow and what should be a trademark smirk.

"Yeah... Something wro-" Goku started but stopped as Hakkai turned around with a
miniature curled up ball of white scales and fur in his hands. Both Gojyo and Goku
jaw dropped as the single thought of having to put all the groups tents back up with
again crossed both their minds.

"What the hell you stupid parrot!" Gojyo screeched as the baby dragon/jeep curled
tighter into itself in Hakkai's protective hands.

"Does this mean we have to walk..." Goku complained out loud as Hakkai was giving
Gojyo a stern look of disapproval for yelling at poor Hakuryu.

"The next town isn't that far, possibly an hour or two walking on foot. Since Hakuryu's in
no condition to give us a ride at the moment I honestly don't see any other way we can
possibly continue unless by foot." Hakkai said rather quickly, which meant only one
thing, he was annoyed with who ever did this to his faithful little friend and quickest
mode of transportation. Sanzo, Goku, and Gojyo quickly realized it and continued about
cleaning the camping area in silence, not daring to challenge Hakkai while he was on

The trip to the next town was fairly quiet, despite Goku's stomach growling every so
often. Though his stomach growled, he dared not say a word. The silence between the
group was unnerving to say the least. Gojyo finally managed to break it by running up
behind Goku and smacking him in the back of the head yelling "WAKE UP SLOW
POKE!" Goku giving chase to him and the arguing continued.

A genuine warm smile finally played back across Hakkai's face as he watched the two
trot ahead yelling playfully at each other. He glanced over at Sanzo who had been
bristling the entire time, and now it seemed, his shoulders relaxed and a very small
smirk tugged at the edge of his mouth. 'Well, at least now we won't have to listen to the
unbearable silence' Hakkai thought to himself.

"Hey! Sanzo! Hakkai!" Goku yelled from a few hundred yards ahead "Hurry up! I'm
starving over here!" he whined as he stood at the edge of a rather decent sized town.

"Can't you say anything else?!" Gojyo mockingly commented.

"Can it you two..." Sanzo butted in before Goku could retaliate.

"But Sanzo!" Goku started to whine and was swiftly wacked with the latter Fan-O-

"We'll find an inn then get something to eat while we figure this out. Understood?"
Sanzo turned to look at the three following behind him with an icy stare, threatening
them to even try to argue about this.

Normally this kind of stare would freeze Hell itself over, but Hakkai being one of the
three main people in this world that could read Sanzo like an open book, could easily
identify that he meant it more-so as a small break from traveling on the road for days on
end. They had, after all been on the road for a good two weeks now, fighting small fry
demons that dared to challenge them. Their supplies had run out a good day and a half
ago making everyone even more excited to get to civilization. Hakkai simply nodded as
a way of answering and a small token of thanks.

They ate, checked into separate rooms, played some mahjong, and went to bed.
Hakuryu staying in Hakkai's room the entire time to rest. The rest of the night seemed
to be going rather smoothly as everyone drifted off to sleep in their own separate rooms.

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