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It was only a minute past eleven when the agonizingly shrill cry barreled through the semi-crowded inn.

The occupants of most of the rooms opened their doors to located the sound as Sanzo,
Gojyo, and Hakkai came barreling down the hallway towards the source. Once the
sound had deafened them enough, they continued to follow the strong, overwhelming
aura that they had not felt in so long.

They came to a sudden halt in front of Goku's door. The screaming had stopped and
the other occupants scratched their heads confused.

"Please everyone! Vacate the inn immediately!" Hakkai shouted down the hallway as he
ordered them to leave. Everyone stared with 'dear-in-the-headlights' look on their faces
before scrambling towards the stairs, knocking each other over in the process.

"So... what do you think he's waiting on?" Gojyo asked as they all stared at the door for
almost a good two minutes with no reaction coming from the other side.

"I haven't got a clue but..." the sound of something heavy and metal falling to the
wooden floor called their attention back immediately, Sanzo raised his foot "AND I'M
NOT WAITING TO FIND OUT!" he screamed with frustration as he busted the door

The sight before them shocked them all, Goku's limiter, his boxers and shirt he used as
pj's, along with the pillow off his bed having been shredded with claws, all lay on the
floor next to his bed as though they had been pushed off it. The window was still closed
and remained unbroken. Everything else in the room was the same despite the items
on the floor and no Goku (sane or crazed) was in sight.

The room itself was humming with his (no Seiten Taisei's) strong aura. So he was
obviously still there. Sanzo wrinkled his brow with a 'chh'. This was turning into a life or
death version of hide-n-seek, and he was tired of being 'IT'...

voiced echoed through out the room and back out into the hallway. As if on cue, a low
growling came from the rolled up blankets on the bed. They looked as though they had
been arranged somehow to make a makeshift nest. A small bit of spiked brown hair
poked through as whatever was in the blanket was making itself comfortable. Sanzo
lowered his gun slightly as he took cautious steps towards the bed, the growling
increased with each step. Finally close enough to grab the blanket, he slowly leaned
over and curled his hand around a small part and pulled.

Swiftly and without warning a blur of tan mixed with brown flew at them. Followed by
the sound and movement of Sanzo being knocked back through the door and into the
opposite wall, letting out a grunt of pain. All that in less than a second.

It took Gojyo and Hakkai a few seconds to realized what had just happened. "Sanzo!"
they yelled in unison as they looked out of the door. All three of the grown men had jaw
dropped expressions as they stared at their youngest member.

The little Seiten Taisei was sitting on Sanzo's lap completely naked with his small
mouth trying desperately to bite his left arm off. Holding it with teeny tiny clawed hands
that seemed to have dug through the black leather sleeves slightly as a small trickle of
blood spilled onto them.

Gojyo snickered loudly trying to keep himself from laughing at the scene as Hakkai put
a hand over his mouth and turned his head away. "Yeah, yeah. laugh it up..." Sanzo
sneered at the two. He cringed suddenly as the miniature Great Sage Equaling Heaven,
managed to snag a small section of his arm and nawed on it continuously. "I am not..."
He gently smacked the Great Sage over the head with his fan, causing him to let go
and fall back on the floor in front of him "...a damn chew toy." he finished as he stood up
and examined his arm. "Nothing fatal... or deep. that's not normal for HIM..." Sanzo
thought bitterly as he looked at the Great Sage tottling towards Gojyo with a smirk that
screamed "I'm gonna get you now!" as the Kappa continued to laugh from the chew toy
joke. A smirk played across Sanzo's face before quickly falling as the small crazed
version of Goku tripped on a few strands of his long loose hair and fell face first on to
the cold floor. All three men fell deathly silent in an instant. Sitting up Seiten Taisei had
a small amount of blood running from his lip as he sniffled once. Twice. Then let loose
with an ear splitting scream. The inn shook all around them as the earth trembled

"SHIT!" they all thought as they looked at the screaming infant on the floor. Hakkai's
motherly instincts quickly kicked in as he snatched the little Great Sage up from the
floor and literally cuddled him close to his chest, bouncing him lightly. "There, there...
your okay... shush now..." Hakkai cooed to the sniffling child of the earth.

After a few moments the Mini Great Sage seemed to have calm down enough for them
to move him to Sanzo's room. Gojyo retrieved Goku's normal shirt and some ribbon the
normal monkey had found earlier that day. Sanzo quickly lit a cigarette and sat on the
windowsill as Hakkai and Gojyo wrestled with the Seiten Taisei between staying still
and getting the shirt on him as a makeshift clothing. Gojyo got kicked in the face twice
in the process while Hakkai only got a small scratch on his cheek for his efforts.

The minutes seemed to drag on as the hours seemed like eternity. The little sage's
immense aura dancing around between them didn't seem to help ease the three adult
members, though the sage himself didn't seem to understand. Going from one member
to another lasted for an hour or so before Hakuryu decided Hakkai had been gone too
long and came into the room as well. Hakuryu saw the mini crazed version of Goku and
landed gently on the headboard of the bed with a 'kyuu'. Hakkai still feeling uneasy
about the sage (big or small), told the dragon not to get too close. Hakuryu made
a compelling argument back filled with 'KYU's'. The sage was fascinated by Hakuryu as
he 'danced' about on the bed in front of him, spreading his wings and doing a bow of
sorts, then trotting around some more.

Gojyo let out a small shriek of pain as the little Seiten Taisei seemed to enjoy pulling on
his hair while they all sat in Sanzo's room. "DAMN IT! THAT HURTS! LET GO!" he
screamed at the top of his lungs, Hakkai tried to pry the small claws away but with no
demanded but got no response from the blonde sitting on the window sill smoking a

"Aww... He's so much cuter when you know he can't hurt you..." came the mocking
voice that the three had been waiting to hear. A bright light shone in the center of the room causing a small whimper from the mini Sage as he tried to cover his sensitive eyes from the blinding white. As the light receded Kanzeon Bosatsu stood in the middle of the room with Jiroushin behind her.

"Yeah, yeah. Cute like a thorn-bush. Now just put his limiter back on so we can actually
go to sleep already." Sanzo snapped at her. He cast a swift side glance at the little monster who was rubbing his eyes furiously trying to see.

"My my... someone IS in desperate need of their beauty sleep..." s/he retorted with a
smirk of self-satisfaction

"Why you..."

"Anyways... I'll fix his limiter so that it'll go back to normal when he goes back to
normal..." Konzeon said with a dismissal wave at Sanzo's comment as s/he sashay
her way over to the little rugrat now sitting on Gojyo's leg looking up at her in awe. s/he
bent down and pecked a quick kiss on his forehead as he got a look of sleeping peace
on his face and slumped against Gojyo snoring lightly. "That should do it..." S/he
smirked and winked at Sanzo as s/he quickly vanished into thin air.

Sanzo went to staring back out the window as Gojyo and Hakkai looked between the
sleeping miniature Goku and the moody and distant monk at the window sill.

A few moment's passed with a disturbing silence in the small room, the only noise
being the small snoring of the mini monkey laying on Gojyo's leg.

"I suppose we'll put Goku back to bed then?" Hakkai said questioningly to break the
eerie silence.

"No." Sanzo said around his cigarette.

"Eh?" Gojyo said as he and Hakkai stopped halfway to the door, turning to look at the
blonde still staring out the window.

"I said no..." Sanzo retorted as he shot a glance over at Gojyo. Hakkai noticing the
small gleam of concern behind the icy glare, quickly and swiftly snatched Goku from
Gojyo and laid him gently on Sanzo's bed by the window sill. Pulling a blanket over the
small child, he held a content smile as he made his way back to the door. Gojyo looked
at Goku and shook his head before following behind the green-eyed healer.

Once out of earshot of the monk's door Gojyo looked over to Hakkai, who somehow
went from smiling to looking overly concerned. "Don't worry about 'em too much..." He
said trying to reassure his friend. "... it's not like he's going to shoot him with him being
that small and unable to dodge the bullets anyway."

"I do hope your right about that Gojyo..." Hakkai said as they filed into their own
separate rooms, bidding each other good night.

Sanzo closed his eyes for a few moments as he let the small light of the inn's lamp cast
a harmless glow about the room. He opened them quickly as the sound of sheets
rustling came from the bed. Looking past the lamp he could see Goku staring at him
with a dumbfounded look in the middle of the bed. "Damn..." he thought as he got up
and walked over to the bed, towering over the small child, who in turn tilted his head
to see him. The mini monkey broke into a huge grin that almost threatened to break his
head in two. "same kind that he would get back at Chang'an temple" Sanzo thought
with a small smirk. He pulled a chair up beside the bed and rested his head in his hand,
with his elbows on the bed, wanting only to see if the little chimp recognized him or
not as he stared at him.

He quickly received an answer as the chibi reached out slowly with a look of awe on his
face towards his hair. Sanzo's reflexes kicked in instinctively and he smacked the small
hand away with a bit more force than needed. His eyes got slightly wide as he heard
the whimper escape the small child's mouth, and the sight of tears threatening to fall in
the smaller version of Goku's bright golden eyes.

Sanzo sighed quietly as he picked up the small monkey and held him at a distance as
he laid down on the bed. He let Goku dangle above him at arm's length. He smirked at
the chibi saru's arms and legs dangling limply with a huge grin on his tilted head.
"obviously enjoying this too much..." Sanzo let his arms bring Goku down slowly as he
set him on the bed next to him. "Stay." he gave as a command before reaching over,
turning off the lamp, turning over on his back again and closing his eyes. "I'm not going
to get attached... not again..." He thought just before he felt the small body of a certain
someone crawling on to his chest, flopping down on him harshly, causing him to let out
a grunt of both disapproval and slight breath loss. He then felt that certain someone
curling up close to him and cling to what they could of his black shirt.

"Sunzo..." Goku whispered as he stuck his thumb in his mouth, his breathing quickly
evening out as he drifted off to sleep. Sanzo smirked and put his hand on the small
childs head. "Stupid little monkey..."

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