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A little more than Friends

It didn't take a keen eye to recognize that they weren't just friends. They were always a little more.


"Yeah Ryu?" She asks, her brows raised in question as her mouth devours the meat bun in her hands.

"Do you have dreams?" He says as he looks off into the field, holding the water bottle slightly tighter than he normally would. Her head tilts, and her eyes drop to the bun, now half eaten in her hand. He looks over and sighs deeply. "And I don't mean dreams about food." He laughs softly as her brow furrows in anger. She punches his arm.

"I wasn't gonna say anything about food, dummy!" She blows air from her nostrils and crosses her arms. She's slightly angrier than she should be, probably because the first thing she thought of was the dream she had last night, of meat buns prancing through a field and into her mouth. "I have dreams, Ryu…about the future."

"Me too." He sighs with relief. "Did you turn in the paper yet?"

"Yeah" She said with a laugh, reaching her hand back and resting it on the back of her head. "But it got returned when they realized I filled in the 'Future' portion with meals I plan to eat" He sighed in exasperation.

"You can't keep fooling around with your future, Chizuru" He says, his tone serious, worried for his dear friend. He sees her face contort slightly, showing the deep concentration plastered in her mind.

"I'm not fooling around…I just don't know." She speaks, her voice void of its usual playful tone.

"I don't know either." He spoke softly. "I guess we'll just be fools together, for now." She sighs

He reached out, draping his hand softly over hers. She stiffened at first, but then leaned in resting her head on his shoulder. It was a simple gesture, but it meant so much. He smiled softly.

"Ayyy, Ryu! Practice's starting" Called a voice. The two separated, but with a smile. Chizuru walked with him to the field, her bag in her hands, which she held behind her head as she stepped forward.

"Treat me to a bun, tonight, fool?" She asks. He sighs and nods a small chuckle erupting from his throat. A grin now plasters her face.

They were a little more than friends, anyone could see that. But someday, they would be more than fools together. Someday, his dream would come true, and he would marry her.