Long Way From Home

When we finally got to Raven Rock, I saw that we were outnumbered, I climbed onto a nearby cliff to get a vantage point while the rest of my squad went to different directions. I killed a couple Enclave soldiers before I noticed that my entire squad was dead. There were still over 100 soldiers. I heard footsteps behind me, I turned and saw a group of soldiers pointing their plasma rifles at me.

Don't move they said, drop your gun and get on your stomach.

I did as I was told.

Now place your hands behind your back they yelled.

Once I did that they cuffed me, they kept me walking south of Raven Rock. Not long after I saw a girl in Talon Armor, Danielle I thought. I've been waiting a long time for this she said as we got closer.

You've been spared kid one of the soldiers said, otherwise we would have killed you sadly I don't think you'll live much longer.

They pushed me towards her, she handed them caps and they went away.

What do you want with me I asked her

You have something we want

And that is?

Your book of commands for Danielle she said

I didn't bring it with me I replied

Then I will make you walk to Megaton, get the book then kill you.

Why would you kill me when I helped you, because you're a threat, you've been trained and if you broke out of those cuffs your combat experience and survival skills would kick in and you would be a dangerous threat.

So once I get the book I make Danielle watch as I kill you. or I can give you a option.

What's the option I asked

I get the book, she comes with me and I take you to our prison.

Second option sounds better.

Okay, then you will be going to Point Lookout.

A few hours later we get to Megaton.

She pushes me inside the house.

Danielle isn't here I thought to myself.

It didn't take long before I found the book.

I took out the best pages and put them in a drawer and gave the crappy codes to her.

Now let's go find Danielle.

Danielle walked into the gates of Megaton right as we left the house.

Terry, Danielle said.

Who's that Danielle asked

Oh nobody just a brotherhood outcast.

As we approach the river boat Danielle asks me my name, since Terry taped my mouth earlier I couldn't say anything.

Once we got to the prison I was stripped of everything and given a prisoner's uniform. My stuff was put in a locker. I spent one year in prison, I didn't think I was going to ever get out. And I never did. This is where it ends