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Chad's POV

"I had a great time last night, honey…"

She said battling her eyelashes and twiddling with the buttons on his shirt buttons. Gross. In response, he just delivered a wink and she blushed furiously just because. Gosh, I swear I'm more mature than them. They're acting like they're teenagers again. Chad, focus on the television. Focus on the television! You don't wanna get sick, do you?

Does anyone else feel sick to their stomach when you see your mom flirting with your so-called-dad? I know I do. Especially since that man is not my real dad, he's my loathed step-father. I sat there pretending to watch TV, when in reality, I was actually watching them 'talk' in the kitchen. It's an open kitchen.

Oh, let me introduce myself…

My name's Chad Dylan Cooper, I'm an average guy, who has the natural gift of handsomeness. Some may say that I'm arrogant, but it's just confidence. I might have a lot of it, but by the end of the day, I know I'm not perfect. I'm a sophomore in Condor High-school. I actually live in the richest part of California, Beverly Hills.

I'm the only kid in the family. I guess you could call me rich, but in reality, I'm not really allowed to use the money. Being the only kid has its perks, but sometimes it gets lonely, and… painful.

I actually have a step-dad, whom I wish I didn't have. Trust me; I'd rather live without a dad then with him. Yep, he's just that bad. Actually, 'bad' is an understatement. Beastly, cheap, crappy, abominable, amiss, atrocious and all the other bad words that exist, describe him. I still can't understand why mom loves him. (Cough, lust, cough)

Mom and Jack go to dates very often. It's not as fun as you'd think having a three-story house to yourself is… But at least I'm not a 'forever alone'. Hey, just because I have abusive dad doesn't mean I don't have an awesome social life. That's right; I have all the girls drooling over me. That's a great perk of having electric blue eyes.

Uhh… did I say 'abusive'? What I meant was—fine! He abuses me! I hate admitting that to people. And luckily, you're only the second person, the first one being Drake. He knows about the cruel part that Jack plays in my life. Oh, did I mention about Drake? He's my best friend. We, in fact, have been best friends since kindergarten.

As much as we hate to admit, we only became friends because of being cool, as in being popular. Little did we know that was a start of a great brotherly friendship… Since then, we kept in touch. We hang out very much, as we both don't have girlfriends. It's my choice not to have one; there hasn't been any girl who has caught my eye. I mean, what's the point of having a girlfriend if you don't even like her?

Oh yeah, back to Jack. Him abusing me isn't the only reason why I don't like him, he has actually failed on being a father. He does all the things that a child could not want. He insults me, mocks me, doesn't pay attention to me— which I'm oddly thankful for—actually punches me, and calls me fat.

Puh-lese, I've got my confidence level too high to believe any of that chizz.What part of muscles doesn't he get? And does he even look in the mirror? I mean, even a big ol' gorilla looks slim and pretty compared to him.

Okay fine, maybe I over exaggerated a bit… he is kinda good-looking… Well, it's necessary to look good if you're going to be Chad Dylan Cooper's father. Haha, listen to me, I sound like an arrogant celebrity. I guess the flattering and compliments (by seven thousand girls) has got to me. Maybe, it's because they were telling the truth. Just maybe.

Anyways, did I mention that the psycho that my mom loves insults my hair? Well, that possibly covers 50% on the 'Why I hate him' chart in my head. Hey, when you have hair this beautiful, you gotta look out for it.

I looked over at my mom and Jack again. I instantly averted my gaze back to the TV when I saw them sucking each other's faces .I almost puked seeing that, don't they know that I'm only sitting four meters away? As if on cue, Jack lifted my mom and carried her upstairs. I don't even wanna think about what's going to happen next in the bedroom… poor bed.

Oh yeah, let's get a little more detailed on my past…

My mom, Elizabeth, remarried when I was twelve. I have to say, I actually liked my real dad. (Who doesn't like their real dad?) Sure, he wasn't as rich, but his personality totally cut off his unsuccessful part in business. He was a kind, loving father. My idiotic mom divorced him, coming to a conclusion that he was cheating on her.

He denied that constantly, but she didn't believe him. In all honesty, I think that she only divorced him because he was poor. He had recently lost his job for being framed on stealing the diamonds from the jewelry store that he worked in. I repeat, framed! He isn't a stealer!

And then, my mom met Jack. Things started going downhill from there… I and that guy never really got along well. Always bickering, never agreeing…

Anyway, the nightmare started when I was thirteen, I actually insulted Jack for doing a poor job parenting me, which got him real mad, and so he kicked me in the stomach. I got really terrified of him from that day onwards. As the days passed by, things only got worse. He started kicking me, slapping and even punching me. I had to apply make-up to cover up the heavy bruises I was occasionally getting.

He still does beat me, but not as regular. Praise the lord!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw mom coming down stairs with nothing but an over-sized button up shirt on. Gross… does she not know I'm right here? She strolled over to the kitchen side, and opened the cabinet. I turned my attention back to the foot ball game.

"Chad, sweetie, can you go buy some cereal?" She asked, pouring herself some water. No, I cannot do that, I'm just too lazy.


"I'm craving it!" She begged, stomping her foot on the ground, as if she were a 10-year old. I ignored the childish action by her, and focused on her words. Craving? Oh no, is she pregnant? Well, it's not always important to be pregnant if you crave something… right? Let's hope not. I got up and walked over to her. I gasped out loud purposely, so that she could hear me.

"Oh my god! Mom, are you pregnant?!" She suppressed a laugh when I asked the very reasonable question, so, I glared at her. Yes, I do not want a brother or sister right now, and no, it's not a funny matter.

"No, honey, we always use protection. Even when we don't, he—" I cut her off before she could say more. Mission gross Chad out: Accomplished. Just a 'no' would have been enough…

"Okay, mom, too much information…"

"Alright, sweetie, shop safe,"

"What? I never said—"

Before I could finish, she quickly pecked me on the check and patted my back, from which I almost fell forward. God, she's strong. Or maybe I'm weak… whatever. I sighed and frowned before I dragged myself out the door. As I walked through the door, I saw my beautiful blue Mercedes waiting for me. It actually brightened up my mood a bit.

I straightened up my slumped shoulders and walked proudly towards my bab—car. My car, not my baby… cause that'd be weird, Haha…

When I sat into my car, I instantly felt very comfortable, thanks to the leather seats. I turned on the air conditioner and cracked my knuckles… it's a habit. I soon started the engine. While I was driving, I felt something I have been feeling for several days… loneliness. I haven't been out of my house since a week, just to sit on the couch all day watching TV. I decided that I needed company, so I dialed Drake's number

Don't blame me, we're really close, and I bet he's the only one in my contacts who's willing to come over whenever I need him to. It's a special kind of bromance that we share. He picked up after two rings.

"What's up, Coop?" (A/N: Credit to S3r3ndipity for the cute nickname :-))

"Yeah, not much, I'm kinda being forced to shop for cereal, you in?" He lightly chuckled at my words. There isn't really a need for him to answer, he's gonna have to come with me, anyway!

"Sure, just give me a few seconds…"

"Alright," I replied. As I was about to end the call, I heard some rack turning noises over the phone. I snickered before I tapped the red button. Is he changing his clothes?

After some more minutes of driving, Drake's house was in sight, which made me a little less than bored. I parked my car in front of his house and leaned back on my seat. Tapping my fingers on my lap, impatiently, I waited for him to come down. It has already been more than five minutes since the call.

Okay, he may be my best friend, but that's enough! I'm pretty sure I've waited too long for someone who prefers to watch concerts over videos, because that'd save a lot of time… and effort. Seriously, why do people fly all the way over to a different country just to watch someone perform?

We're getting off of the point! I took a glimpse at my wrist watch, which indicated that the time had been spent long enough. It had been an hour. I pinched the bride of my nose. I was growing anxious; no-one likes an anxious Chad. I quickly dialed his number, again. This time, he picked up after four rings, just as it was about to go to voice mail. Wise boy…

"Huh? Who is this? Is there a fire in the house?" He slurred into the phone. He sounded really groggy, like someone had waked him up from a deep slumber. I raised my eyebrows at the last silly question, fire in the house?

"What? This is Chad, and no, there isn't a ridiculous little fire in the house."

"Oh! I'm coming down in a minute, there."

The last time, he had said it'd take him a few seconds, which resulted as an hour. I wonder how much he means by 'a minute'.

"Whatever." I coldly replied, and hung up. Serves him right, he deserves the cold shoulder after he made me wait an hour for him. Luckily for me, the brown-haired best friend was in sight, right after two more boring minutes. Even from a distance, I could see that he wasn't completely awake.

He almost tripped, but managed to catch himself and got into the passenger's seat in my car. I wondered if he'd changed his clothes, why did he change into grey sweat pants with a black T-shirt?

Just as he got in, I looked at him raising my eyebrows, as if to question him. He offered me an embarrassed grin, and was squinting his eyes. Was he trying to adjust to the light of the evil, hot (but not as hot as me) powerful sun? If so… why? He finally decided to speak up.

"You don't wanna know…" He shook his head and gave me a disapproving look, as if he had seen something horrifying.

"As a matter of fact, I do wanna know." I stated, raising my eyebrows a bit further towards my hair, I swear they can't go higher than this. He sighed and muttered a 'fine'.

"I fell asleep right after you called," He admitted, shamefully.

"What was the rack turning noise?" I didn't mean to interrogate him, I was just curious.

"I fell asleep on the rack of coats…" Upon hearing that, a small chuckle escaped my lips. I always thought he was weird.

"What about, 'Is there a fire in the house?'?" I questioned him, mocking along by quoting the words he'd said, in a voice which sounded like he was about to faint. He scoffed and looked forward, murmuring some unintelligent words under his breath. I smirked and shook my head lightly. That's the stubborn Drake I know.

Soon, we reached good ol' Walmart. We got out of my Mercedes and headed into the market. At first, we were just fooling around—like we always do—by making fun of things and people.

It wasn't long before we found ourselves in the frozen section of the market. We had already shopped for the cereal—and as you have suspected—were now fooling around. Its fun! I and the weird best friend of mine were obsessing over a bacon pizza, now. Too bad it was a price too high for our change filled pockets to pay for.

Wait, what's that loud sound of screeching wheels that I hear?

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