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Hey guys, so far in the Infinite Stratos universe I have been using alterations of Ichika throughout my fanfictions: IchikAgumon and the Orimura triplets. And now another one has born: Silent Knight Orimura Ichika, which is like Tadakatsu Honda from Sengoku Basara combined with monster hunter style lancer. As the title suggests, he won't say a word at all and he will be using a lance type weapon and large shield instead of longsword throughout the fanfic.

(Tabane's secret laboratory, unknown location, normal POV)

Somewhere in Japan, a certain mad scientist was having a practice run with her latest creation, a bio IS weapon, a certain eighteen year old boy who is beyond human. Shinonono Tabane has the eye of a spy which she can see throughout the world and created the most powerful weapon by far, the IS.

The IS or Infinite Stratos is a powerful exoskeleton suit which was originally for space exploration, but the idea got rejected and it was modified into a war machine. However, all the other countries designated it as a 'Sport'—a so-called high-performance flying device.

The fatal flaw of this 'IS' is that this machine will only react to females. So far, no man in the world was able to pilot the IS, but though not known, one man proved that they may not pilot the IS, but to become one and he is the only one currently, Orimura Ichika.

Yes, Orimura Ichika is not a human anymore, but an IS itself although Tabane claimed it to be an IS bio weapon as Ichika still looked human. He possessed the strength and ability of the IS, can see all around him, able to fly at high speeds and able to communicate with other IS'es through the so-called telepathy as if the IS themselves are people. But the consequences were that he has lost most of his human conscience and emotions and unable to speak normally or at all.

Right now, Ichika has to go through the 2nd generation duo Uchigane and Raphael, both are considered IS musumes thanks to Ichika's ability of 'IS personification' in an arena which Tabane made for this occasion.

Ichika 'Silent Knight' Orimura vs Uchigane and Raphael.

Uchigane deploy her katana at the silent knight and charges to him, "Prepare yourself Onii-sama!"

While Raphael deploys her guns and aim at the silent knight, "Show me what you got Onii-san!"

Ichika immediately deploys his weapon which is a lance and shield and block both of their blows in front. Ichika's large shield provide him an absolute guard but only at one area, he is considered vulnerable at the other areas during the guarding stance.

Ichika counters Uchigane's attack by unleashing a pierce attack to the torso, "Gah!" as Uchigane screams in pain.

[Uchigane shield energy: 538/600, actual damage: minor]

Ichika wastes no time and unleashing another flurry of piercing attacks at the same area.

[Uchigane shield energy: 456/600, actual damage: moderate]

"Ugh, Raphael fire at him!" Uchigane commanded to Rafael.

"Who do you think you are Uchigane, my boss?!"

"Oh yeah right, all you did just shoot in front of him and he just blocks them like it's nothing."

"At least I'm trying my best."

Ichika sighed as the duo keep arguing and decided to give Tabane the signal, "Alright you two, abort training now."

The two stopped arguing and decided to apologize to their 'brother' for messing things up, ""Sorry...""

Ichika turns them back into their original form and let out another sigh. The reason he had this training so that his lance can go through the first shift.

Unlike normal IS, only his weapon undergo shift change hence the training which is not succesful.

How did Ichika become an IS bio weapon you ask?


Back around 3 years ago, there was a kidnapping occurred as Ichika as a human witnessed. There were men in black suits who were kidnapping a young blue haired girl who is struggling for her life and Ichika witness it while keep himself hidden from their view. The men in black took the girl in a nearby abandoned warehouse and keep her hostage.

Normally people will called the police if they saw the kidnapping but not Ichika as he did not have his cell phone right at the moment. Instead he would be like his sister and save that girl. His sister Orimura Chifuyu, Japan's representative of the Mondo Grosso was a great IS pilot and she was the greatest so that she would protect the one she loved, her brother.

Ichika silently sneak inside the warehouse and what he saw could be dangerous and fatal, men armed in firearms, the kidnapped girl and propane tanks. As he learned from Tabane that propane tanks explode if ruptured and those men in firearms spells disaster.

At this moment he had to take caution, get the girl and get out of there. As he close in he saw the door slide open revealing two young women but he can't see them clearly.

"So I assume this is the girl we've been looking for ma'am?" By Ichika's view those men are underlings.

"Yes, this will be a perfect opportunity for us to take advantage from her family." One of the women answered while chuckling heinously. "I'm pretty sure the Sarashiki family won't refuse our offer."

"You'll never win, my sister will save me!" the girl countered while still tied up.

"Shut up brat, even if your sister does come and save you we'll just kill her even before she comes close!" another woman answered while knocking down the tied girl.

"Ma'am, Two IS are approaching to this location!" One of the men spotted using a high-tech binoculars.

"Hmph, it seems that they decided to refuse the offer and save her. You hear that girl, your mother and sister has come to save you. Too bad they're going to die here and you're in the front row seat to see this wonderful event courtesy by us."

The tied girl struggle to break free but to no avail, "Don't worry, we'll spare your life, just to end up being our precious little slave."

"Oh, good one."

Both of the women laughs maniacally and it sends chills to Ichika's spine.

The IS arrives to the spot and are ready to battle, "Give me back my child!"

"As if." The young women then both deployed there is and charge ahead. "She'll be ours once we deal with you."

Once the IS has engaged combat, it gives Ichika a chance to get close while the men are distracted by the battle.

The tied girl saw Ichika while untie the ropes that binds her. After the girl was freed Ichika wastes no time and lead the girl to the back entrance.

"Hey, where's that girl!?" The men noticed the girl was missing but there was another problem for them,

"Ma'am, more IS coming this way!"

"Tch, reinforcements from the government I see, well then..." One of the women summons a rifle and aim at the warehouse. "Say goodbye to your imperfect child!"

She fires the shot and hit the propane tanks, a sudden explosion burst out and burn the warehouse.

"Come on let's go, considered this a mission failed."

The two young women along the men make a run for it using the IS and a van respectively.

Inside the warehouse, Ichika and that girl still trapped inside. The structures started falling and debris combined with flames started to pour over them. The heavy debris landed on Ichika and penetrates through his body, mainly the middle torso and damages the vital organs and cause blunt trauma to the head leaving him unable to move and set to die yet he is still conscious.

The girl however is safe as she saw Ichika in a dying state. She try to help him but to no avail,

"I'm completely useless, first being kidnapped then he's dying in front of me and I can't do anything to help him. At least I would willing to die with him." as she contemplates about it, stood right close to Ichika.

"Kanzashi!" Ichika and The girl named Kanzashi heard the call,

"...Go.." Ichika told Kanzashi.

"B-but..What about you?..." Kanzashi can't find the right words for a dying young man right in front of her, but compelled to his orders anyways.

"Hold on, help is on the way!" They heard the voice is getting closer.

"Do you hear that, we're safe!" Kanzashi said while Ichika is losing consciousness.

"Kanzashi!" The IS has reached their location,

"Nee-san, help this young man out!" Kanzashi points out to Ichika who has unconscious and lost most of his blood.

Sarashiki Tatenashi, who found them in the burnt warehouse immediately flies to the nearest hospital while carrying Ichika. Tabane immediately went to the same hospital Tatenashi has sent him to and check up on him.

"Ik-kun!" as she arrived, she was shocked when she saw him.

Ichika's body has been damaged and his vital organs are in danger which is going to send his to his grave. Doctors can't save him unless Tabane suggested of using core 001 to revive him and gained a new body. As Tabane performs an inhuman surgery that would transformed him into an IS and changed his life forever.

Tatenashi who was still in the hospital was surprised to see Tabane as women idolized her for her creation of the IS. As Tatenashi try to speak to Tabane before the surgery, she ignored Tatenashi and proceed with the operation. As hours passed and the surgery still underway Ichika has a slim chance to live again and all around him was black.

After the surgery, Tabane meets up with Chifuyu who has just won the Mondo Grosso tournament two years in a row and received the news just now.

"How is he?" Chifuyu said in a worried tone.

Tabane shock her head worrily which is considered rare for her, "Well just have to wait and see tommorow..."

Midnight, Ichika's room, Hospital.

In Ichika's room, a certain dark blue ponytail young man Rukotaro and his 'partner in crime' the light pink ponytail girl Rukko visits on his door while Ichika still fighting for his life.

"Oh what's this we have here? An interesting piece of work I say." Rukko points out at Ichika.

Rukotaro approaches him and takes out a small black 'pill' and insert it inside Ichika via the mouth.

"Hey Rukotaro, what's inside that drug again? Let me think back, um...I think it's a IS morphing and communication system with some added features. Dude, I don't think your subject can't even test this new feature if he can't stay alive, shall we fix that?"

Rukotaro went to the operation room where the staffs are not aware of their presence and performs his surgery of his own by replacing Ichika's cell and modify it. It takes just as long as Tabane's surgery to complete, but it went as a success.

After the surgery, the duo send Ichika back into his room and went out of the hospital without anyone knowing.

Ichika's subconscious

Inside his psyche, all around him was filled by a ruined medieval castle like surrounding. There he saw a beautiful mecha musume who is in all white carrying a huge sword. She resembles the 'White Knight', the first and the most powerful IS created by Tabane. Ichika noticed that she has no clothing at all aside for the armor so her luscious body is for him to see.

"Welcome...me, Do not worry gaze at my body as you like." Ichika was confused by her statement and the fact that she allowed him to see her naked body.

"It seem you have the potential to lead your sisters, come close to me and I will morph into your body so that we are one. Remember you are me and I am you."

Her body disintegrates and enters Ichika's body through an embrace. Ichika felt good after that and saw another girl after that, she is an opposite of Ichika which is to say that she is the other half of Ichika. She possessed his genderswap version of his body and it is pink-red theme as opposed of his dark blue theme.

"Hey..." Just like the 'White Knight' she is as naked as a newborn baby. As Ichika ask for her name despite the situation he is into she immediately answer as if she know what he asks.

"Me? I don't know, but you and I know that I'm your other you, so like give me a name will you." She demanded him.

Ichika wrote what is going to be her name on the 'ground' using his fingertips: Ichiko.

"So that is going to be my name from now on then? Suit yourself then, now let's start our own adventure then. What do you say 'Silent Knight'?" Ichiko waited for his decision.

Ichika nodded which gives Ichiko a rejoice, "Woohoo Ichika, this is gonna be a great time, I can feel it!"

"Oh it's almost morning, better get going then man, because you will be seeing a lot of your new sisters in the future, specifically 466 types of them. But don't worry, at least you have me now, I'll be with you when you need it."

Ichika grabbed the great sword left by the 'White Knight' and as soon as he touches it the great sword changes into a great lance and a large shield. It is based on a tower and it is gray colored. (Paladin Lance form Monster Hunter)

Just then, Ichika's surrounding blurs out and become black. It's time for him to wake up.

Morning, Ichika's room, Hospital, Chifuyu's POV.

Hmph, He sure looks peaceful, what an idiot, laying his life on the line to some girl who he doesn't even know. Well at least he's alive now, If he was dead I would...

He seem different from the way I see it, he seems more quiet than usual. Back then he was a quiet guy, he barely talks unless he needed to, He trains in the Shinonono dojo which is a half-shrine with my friend's little sister which I have no liking at all,Shinonono Houki. He was training kendo with her but after my friend have to move out with her family due to Tabane's creation might cause trouble to her family, he has interest in soujoutsu (Art of the spear) and start practicing at a dojo nearby our house.

He hangs out with Gotanda Dan and his little sister occasionally but most of his time he practice his soujutsu during his free time. I don't usually stay in the house because of IS related work so he does all the housework. I planned him to go to a good college and get a high grade in his academics so that he can get a high end job and support his family.

But now he's in a hospital, surprisingly Ichika has healed fully in a short time, I am quite impressed by Tabane's skill in surgery but I started to doubt that this is not her work but someone else.

Ichika's eyes opened and see me next to him, his eyes showed little hint of emotion. Ichika gets up off his bed and write something on a screen that appear in front of him and showed it to me: Sorry.

He could just said it...or maybe he can't.

Just then Tabane barge in and come charging towards Ichika,

"Ik-kun! How are you now, are you okay?"

By the looks of it he looks just fine,

"Uwah, Ik-kun you look 100% okay. I bet the surgery was a success."

Yeah right Tabane...

Flashback end, normal POV.

After the failed training Tabane looks at him with pleading eyes. "Ik-kun, I'm hungry..."

Ichika decided to check the refrigerator to see if there is enough ingredients to make something.

[Nothing...] Ichika communicates Tabane through screens that he made out of thin air.

"Eh, then go buy some."

[Give me money.] while Ichika giving her a serious face.

"Mou,here. Make sure you buy a lot OK~." Tabane gives him 10000 yen for Ichika to go shopping for ingredients.

After Ichika transferred out of the hospital, he continues his education until the end of high school and decided to be Tabane's assistance and bodyguard. In Tabane's laboratory it was rather a dump until Ichika decided to move in where he organized the place to the point where it is the most efficient to find what you need quick just like his old home, he does go to his old home occasionally and lock all the doors if he decided to stay at Tabane's. And besides, Chifuyu has the keys to the house if she does go home.

Right now, Ichika goes to the department store while not forgetting to wear a white bunny round mech head to cover up his head to prevent other people to know his identity, at least according to Tabane,(Think Kuma/Jinnosuke from Afro Samurai but it's not a bear but a white bunny.)

"It will look cute on you Ik-kun since you're going to be with me from now on~ So wear it for me when you go outside OK~."

"Man, I swear that bunny girl can't be more weird.." Ichiko went along with him for company. If he were to bring along Uchigane and Rafael during the trip, it will get him an unwanted attention. But there was the time where the bunny head attracted a lot of unnecessary attention,

"Mommy mommy look, there is bunny man there."

"Eh, that's very cute, is he a mascot or something?"

Ichika decided to ignored them and continued what he has got to do, shopping, since Tabane will be in danger if she does this.

Of course that is not the end to the dilemma, during in the cashier, as the female cashier checks for the products that Ichika had brought she noticed Ichika's 'head', she nervously asked about the 'head' of her customer,

"Umm s-sir, may I ask of you where did you get that bunny head? I didn't found them in the costume shop as I want that too."

The customer line was crowded and she had to end the conversation, "Whoa, the line is building up man, we better get going or she'll be very hungry." Ichiko pointed out.

"O-Okay, here's your purchase sir, have a nice d-day." The cashier then continues to managed to hold on the customer line.

As Ichika finished with his shopping he decided to enjoy the view by flying on the way to Tabane's laboratory through the IS academy which is located on a remote island not far from the mainland. He glides through the sea near the IS academy and safely made it back to the laboratory without getting too much attention, or at least that's what he thinks.

Tabane's Laboratory

Tabane smell and hear the sound of food cooking courtesy of Ichika, "Ik-kun are you done yet? I'm hungry~" Tabane's stomach is now growling.

"Itadakimasu~" Tabane chows down on her food like a 12 year old girl while Ichika eats in a steady pace like an old man despite he's 18.

"Ah Ik-kun, guess what?" Ichika stopped eating and raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"I'm going to build a personal suit for Houki-chan and you are going to help!"

Ichika gave her an expression that says' Fuck my life.'


Ichika shook his head, the reason he stayed in the laboratory is that Tabane cannot take care of herself despite she's over twenty now, probably she's just too busy making stuff that comes out of her genius mind like that bunny head for Ichika. She now proceed to throw a tantrum while rolling on the floor,

"Wahh, Ik-kun won't help me, Ik-kun's a meanie! Wahh!"

Ichika has grown frustrated by the tantrum because this is not the first time Tabane uses this. Ichika let out a sigh in defeat,

"Oi bunny girl, he agree to help." Ichiko speaks for him.

"Really, I love you two." Tabane somehow recovered and wipes off her tears. "But you should get the 'White Lance' to go through the first shift fist." Tabane added and think deeply..

IS academy, hours earlier before Ichika's shopping trip, Houki's POV

"Everyone's here, right? Then let's start the SHR (student homeroom meeting)-"

Being the vice homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya-sensei (who introduced herself before) stood in front of the blackboard as she earnestly smiled at everyone.

She has a petite figure, and doesn't look any different from a student. However, wearing clothes that don't match her body made her look even more petite. And it was even more out of place with those large olive green eyes behind those hazy glasses.

"Then everyone, let's get along with each other for the next year~"


The classroom was filled with an cheerful atmosphere, and everybody reacted with such enthusiasm.

"Now, let's move on to self-introductions. Mm, we'll go by seating arrangements."

As for me I'm not that enthusiastic so does that Kanzashi girl for some reason, maybe she had problems with her sister like me which makes sense since her sister Tatenashi is the strongest student in the academy and it might be inferiority complex as far as I know. I looked at the window and see the clear view of the academy across the sea.

I missed him, Ichika-san... we used to train together in the dojo until Nee-san created the IS and forced to move out due to safety reason by the government. That's why I have problems with her..

"-nonono-san, Shinonono-san?"


Suddenly having my name called out, I subconsciously responded. As expected, there were snickers, and I couldn't keep calm.

"W-well, I'm sorry for calling you out so loudly. Are, are you angry? Sorry, sorry! But, that, self-introductions, we started from '(A)' , and now we're at '(S)' for Shinonono-san now. So, pl-... please, could you introduce yourself? Could, could you?"

The vice homeroom teacher, Yamada Maya-sensei, bowed politely. However, bowing to such an extent caused her spectacles to slide down. And that attitude of 'whatever goes' really worried me. Speaking of which, is she really older than me? If it's said that she's as old as me, I could believe that.

"No, about that, there's no need to continue apologizing... besides, it's just a self-introduction, so please calm down, sensei."

"Re-really? Really? Really? Ok, yo-you said it, so you better do it!"

Yamada-sensei suddenly looked up and grabbed my hand, holding it really tightly... well, it just attracted quite a bit of attention again.

"Hm...I'm Shinonono Houki, I'll be your care.." I introduced myself with a lack of enthusiasm.

"T-That's it?" Yamada-sensei asked while crying for some reason.

"That's it." I replied, I really don't want to add that I'm Tabane's little sister, it will be very annoying.

After finishing the student introduction, a door opens and revealed Ichika-san's older sister, Orimura Chifuyu. Black tight fitting skirt, tall and slim, the bodyline of someone who doesn't look muscular even after lots of training. Her hands folded in front of her chest, her sharp slim phoenix eyes would remind anyone of wolves.

"Ah, Orimura-sensei, is the meeting over?"

"Ah, Yamada-sensei. It's been tough on you, forcing you to make them introduce themselves."

"No, it's nothing. As the assistant homeroom teacher, if I can't even do such a thing..."

The crying disappeared, as vice homeroom teacher Yamada-sensei responded to Chifuyu-san with such a passionate voice and eyes. Ah, she's actually embarrassed.

"Everyone, my name is Orimura Chifuyu, and my duty is that for this one year, I'll be training you in the operations and controls of IS. Everything I teach, you have to remember, and understand. To those who can't understand, I'll teach till they can. My job is to thoroughly train you in your youth, from the age of 15 to 16. You can oppose my attitude, but you have to listen to what I say. Roger that?"

What's with this declaration of violence? No mistake, this is his older sister, Orimura Chifuyu.

But there weren't any awkward cries, but shrieks,

"KYAAA—! It's Chifuyu-sama, it's the real Chifuyu-sama herself!"

"I've always been your follower!"

"I came to this school from North Kyuushuu because I admired you, onee-sama!"

"I came all the way from southern Hokkaido!"

"I'm so happy to be taught by Chifuyu-sama!"

"I'll gladly die for Chifuyu-sama!"

Chifuyu-nee stared at the chattering girls with a depressed look.

"...it's really quite a sight to see so many idiots gather here every year. What a surprise? Or is there a special reason? Are these idiots here only to attend my class?"

It's not an act, Chifuyu-san's really depressed. Chifuyu-san, popularity can't be bought, you know? How about you be a bit gentler? Although I feel your pain...




At least my classmates are the best at being energetic.

The IS Academy is, as its name suggested, an educational corporation meant to nurture IS operators. The Japanese government sees it as a principle and duty to fund it and run it. However, the results of the research are revealed to the entire world due to the common agreement, and at the same time, Japan has no right to either remain silent or hide them. No matter what happens in this school, the Japanese government has to intervene fairly, and has the obligation of settling these matters under the premises that the other countries in the treaty have agreed upon. Also, the school has opened its doors to foreign students without any conditions, and the Japanese government is to provide protection—as according to the contents of the IS treaty regarding IS pilot training agencies.

This is the school's code of discipline.

Basically, it's like 'you Nee-san, creating that IS and causing chaos in the world, at least you should build a school to train people in this field of discipline. Hand over your research and technology. Ah, you'll bear all the financing costs'. A certain country A is really a rogue.

"Oh my, SHR is over. Everyone, I'll have you people memorize the basics of IS within the next 6 months. After that, it's practicals, you must let the basic maneuvers sink in as a part of your body's actions within half a month. Okay? If you understand, answer me. Whether good or bad, answer to whatever I say."

Oh, a demon trainer from Hell. Right now, Chifuyu-san should be a demon in human skin. No, I could still handle it if it was a demon, because those aren't humans. And yet this person in front of me could only understand half of the human functions, how inconsiderate.

Either way, this Orimura Chifuyu was the first generation IS pilot that represented Japan, and was undefeated in an actual match. However, one day, she announced her retirement and disappeared... so that meant that she came here to teach, better respect her then.

Second period

"...Thus, the basic operations of IS have to be witnessed by the country. If no permission is granted, we have to pursue criminal responsibilities..."

Yamada-sensei continued with her lesson ever so eloquently. But I really can't focus on the study fully as I have lots of distractions in my mind, generally Ichika-san... But I really need to get it together, because I came here to learn to pilot the IS and protect him, and besides this is Chifuyu-san's class so I better watch it when she's around.

Second Period End

As I mind my own business one of my classmate saw something across the sea from the windows view,

"Eh, Whoa guys take a look!" all the girls look upon the window and saw a silhouette which looks like a man, had a giant bunny head and was carrying a shopping bag, gliding in the sea.

"Whoa, what is that?"

"Is is some sort of IS or something?"

"Eh, If it is an IS then it must be a new one, I have never see a bunny head IS before."

For some reason that head remind me of someone...


Third period

"For the remaining time, we'll mainly be describing all sorts of equipment that can be used in actual combat, and their characteristics."

Chifuyu-nee replaced Yamada-sensei, who taught the first and second period lessons, as she stands on the stage. Seems like this is important, as even Yamada-sensei took out a notebook.

"Ah, but before that, we have to decide on the class representative who'll take part in the inter-class tournament."

Class representative huh? I think Chifuyu-san seemed to have mentioned it before

"The class representative is as its name indicates. The class representative will not only compete in the tournament, but will also attend student council meetings and committee meetings as well. Well, you can consider it like a class leader. On a side note, the inter-class battles are meant to gauge each class' enrollment ability. Though there isn't much difference right now, some competition will encourage further improvement."

The class started to become active.

"Sensei, I recommend Shinonono-san!"

"I feel that it's a good idea too!"

"No way, I would recommend Sarashiki-san, After all her sister is the student council president!"

"You got a point there."

"Then the candidate will be Shinonono Houki and Sarashiki Kanzashi... is there anyone else? You can either nominate yourself or another person, both are fine."

Honestly, I really doubt I can hold the position, but there is no turning back now. Let's just hope someone don't nominate anyone else or themselves,

"Hold on a minute! I can't acknowledge this outcome!" and it ended up in the dumps.

"This kind of election outcome is totally unacceptable! In terms of ability, it's obvious that I should be the class representative. Is that alright!? Only the most talented can be the class representative, and I'm the most suitable one!"

The third nominee is Cecilia Alcott, the representative contender student for England and the valedictorian of the entrance exam, which is to say she defeated an instructor during the entrance exam. But does it really matter right now?

"Alright then since there are three nominees, therefore there will be an all out batt-"

Suddenly the class board turns into a transmission screen,

"Hi Chi-chan, Houki-chan~!" both me and Chifuyu-san sigh and facepalmed when Nee-san is on the screen.

All the girls are shrieking when they saw their idol on the screen,

"KYAA, IT'S THE REAL TABANE-SAMA!" and then more shrieks can be heard.

"SHUT UP!" Chifuyu-san manage to silence the whole class, I wish I could do that.

"This better be good if you would interrupt my class." Chifuyu-san demanded with authority.

"Well, it's just that 'Byaku Usagi' needed some help getting through the first shift and your student might be the perfect one for the job." Nee-saan replied, Byaku Usagi, who's that?

"Hm,well we have these three nominees that can help you, Shinonono, Alcott, Sarashiki stand up!" all three of us stand up immediately by her command.

"These three will be battle it out to become the class representative, any ideas on that?" Chifuyu asks Nee-san.

"Hmm, how about all three of them up against 'Byaku Usagi' tomorrow and the winner gets the position, deal?" Nee-san suggested.

"Deal, alright you three change of plans, you three will be facing 'Byaku Usagi' tomorrow. Last of you three standing, defeats or possess great skill to go against him will get the position!"

"Wait, our opponent is a man?!" Cecilia raised her voice.

"You'll see..." Chifuyu answered.

"I guess it's okie-dokie from here then, Tabane out." The intermission screen disappeared.

The lesson continued without any disturbance...


I decided to go to my room, which is room 1025. Currently I'm the only one here but there will be someone here who will be my roommate tonight. But enough of that, I decided to take a shower as I have nothing better to do at this moment.

As I finished taking my shower I heard a door open, must be my new roomate.

"Is anyone there?" I asked from the shower room.

"Ahh, you're my roommate, right? Please take care of me from this year on."

"I was using the shower, so I'm sorry for looking like this. My name is Shinonono— Oh, it's you Sarashiki-san."

"Hey Shinonono-san.."

"So...You're my new roommate then, if you don't mind look away." We're both girls but for some reason I fell like covering my bosom from her to see and I was really blushing right in front of her.

"Are you feeling insecure about your bust Shinonono-san?" she asked me while also blushing.

"L-Let's just forget about it OK?" Sarashiki-san agreed.

I have a feeling we will be good friends,

"Um, Shinonono-san?"


"Wish ourselves good luck against 'Byaku Usagi' tommorow".



Name: Orimura Ichika


Age: 18

Titles/Nicknames: Byaku Usagi, Wallflower Boy, Silent Knight, Tabane's Helper.

Weapon Type: Lance (Monster Hunter Style)

IS: Himself.

Battle Type: Tank

Weapon: White Lance Prototype

Shift: Default

Special: N/A

Ability: IS morphing and communication system, a system that turns IS into mecha musumes at his will and communicate in both subconscious and conscious mind.

Battle Ability: Barrier Void

Description: A young man who had become one with the IS. His goal in life according to 'White Knight' was to lead the IS musume and become a great brother to them. Stern, silent and and mostly unemotional.

Name: Ichiko


Sex: Female

Titles/Nicknames: FemIchika, Knight's Adviser, Ichika's Ninja.

Weapon Type: ?

IS: ?

Battle Type: ?

Weapon: ?

Shift: ?

Special: ?

Ability: To appear at moments notice when Ichika needs her, to speak exactly what Ichika would think or said or in doubt or any emotional problems.

Battle Ability: ?

Description: The other half of Ichika that represents his second thoughts, Human conscience and most of his emotions. Has the opposite characteristics of Ichika eg. Sex, color theme, thoughts yet possesses similarities between them.


Item: White Bunny head

Type: Headgear

Description: A high-tech mechanized head gear made by Shinonono Tabane. One's identity is concealed if one wears it.

Possession: Orimura Ichika, given by Tabane.

Item: Strange Black Pill


Description: A strange pill that grants IS morphing and communication system if one swallows it. Made by the mysterious man Rukotaro.

Possession: Orimura Ichika, given by Rukotaro.


Name: White Lance Prototype

Owner: Orimura Ichika

Power: 148

Type: Lance (Monster Hunter)

Special: N/A

Attack Type: Pierce

Attacks: Tri-pierce, Upward Stab, Charge.

Description: A prototype lance that needs a lot of work. It can be improved through first shift. Has lots of potential.

Well there goes another Idea on my head and I hope you're enjoying reading this.

Tabane: Next up, 3 vs 1. How will Ik-kun stand a chance against them? Find out next time. Tabane out.