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Story so far: Ichika has traveled to Germany's Schwarzer Hase on a request from Tabane, there he met with Clarissa Harfouch, Victoria Klug and Sieglinde Stchauffen as he undergoes a mission by the base. Laura Bodewig picked a fight against Byakushiki in according to her reason and cause mayhem in the IS arena.

Tabane's Laboratory, Evening

It was an evening before the Individual Divisional Tournament. Ichika has now know who he'll be targeted next, the location of the target and when will he'll strike.

The target is the [VT System] which were installed into the IS [Schwarzer Regen] whom piloted by Laura Bodewig in the IS academy during the Individual Divisional Tournament which will be held tomorrow.

In the meantime, he is in his portable console player, playing as a hunter to slain monsters that are several times bigger than the hunter was. His weapon of choice like Ichika himself is a lance. Right now, he's currently fighting a black two horned wyvern in a desert zone.

The wyvern charges into the hunter, but the hunters shield provide him protection from the wyvern's charge. As the battle progresses, the two horned wyvern breathes smoke out of rage and become more dangerous.

The hunter manage to survive the wyvern's constant rage and was able to smite the wyvern and receive his rewards.

"Ikkun~." Ichika saved his progress and stopped playing his portable console player.

"I'm hungry, Uchi-chan and Revy-chan already supplied the ingredients for dinner."

There goes one of Ichika's duty as Tabane's caretaker, cooking dinner for the whole residence in her laboratory.

Ichika used to do the same thing to his older sister Chifuyu when he was still stayed at his residence until three years ago. But nevertheless it is all the same for him.

Dinner was served by a traditional meal of rice, fried fish, carrot soup for Tabane to enjoy the rice with. A traditional meal indeed, although it's not often to have such a meal in this residence but it's for the change of pace.

"Itadakimasu~" Tabane digs in along with the two IS who is also happened to enjoy this sort of meal and Ichika, who happens to suggest this kind of meal.

"Mmm~ I actually forgot how rice tasted like."

"A traditional meal, a great change of pace like this is actually pretty good Onii-sama."

"I agree, Onii-san should serve more rice more often."


"Ah, Ikkun."


"Houki-chan's IS is finally complete! I should say it is complete but, she's still needs a little more battle data from Byakushiki. Never mind about that, I want you to come with me later to see [Akatsubaki]."


"What kind of IS is she?"

"Oh, you'll be surprised once you've see her."


Later some time after dinner, the four went into an assembly chamber and what they say is a red IS standing right in front of them.

"This is it, [Akatsubaki]~!"

"What armaments does she have?"

"What generation is she?"


Ichika look closer at the new IS and proceed to touch it.

"I think you two are gonna find out."

[Analyzing data...]




[Analysis complete.]

[Name: Akatsubaki (Red Camellia)]

[Generation: 4th]

[Armaments: Foot Blade, Amatsuki (Rainy Moon), Karaware (Cracked Sky), ?(Locked)]

[Ability: Kenran Botou (Gorgeous Dance)]

A light engulfs the new IS, and as the light vanished a little samurai girl appeared in a mechanized red samurai armor(Imagine red haired Shana in a samurai armor). Her looks are similar like a younger version of Houki about six years ago before Houki left Ichika due to security reasons.

"I am [Akatsubaki]. Don't judge me because of my appearance."

"That's [Akatsubaki]?" Uchigane was rather surprised by her rather child like appearance.

"That's so cute~!" Revive was also surprised, but with a different reason.

"Onee-chan, stop calling me cute!" The little red samurai girl throw a tantrum.

[OK, then you're not cute.] Ichika wrote down his notepad and showed it to Akatsubaki.

"I-I'm not...?" Akatsubaki was on the verge to tears.

"Ikkun, that's not nice~."

"Come on Aka-chan, he was just kidding." The ninja-ninja Ichiko came along out of nowhere again to soften up the atmosphere.

"You're really joking Onii-sama?"

Ichika nodded just for being sake of being nice.

"Onii-sama, I know you don't really meant that but I know you're just being nice to me.."

"So, Akatsubaki is a 4th generation IS after Byaku Shiki-san..."

"A 4th generation huh? Another strong one we have here huh?"

Akatsubaki seems to have become quiet. But Ichika senses something else after Akatsubaki's transmorphication.




"...I guess you've found me~"

"W-who's there?" Uchigane raised the [Tiamat's Fang] and prepares herself.

"How did anyone get in here?" Revive deployed her newly created rapier and ready for battle as well.

But Akatsubaki and Ichika are relaxed for some reason.

"Don't be scared now, I'm a friend."

After those words have said, appeared out of nowhere is a chibi naked girl that represent Shinonono Houki right in front of Ichika.

"Houki-chan?" Tabane was rather astounded of this.

"Wrong~! I'm Moppy~." The naked chibi girl that's similar to Houki introduced herself.


"Mmmm...You seem rather surprised to see me Ichika-san, but you've created me from Akatsubaki you know." Despite Ichika never showed any visible emotion, the newly appeared chibi girl Moppy was able to tell Ichika's emotions.

"Onii-sama created you?"

"It's a rather complicated process so I can't tell you." Moppy points out.


"Eh? EH?! Moppy is created because of Ikkun?!" Tabane immediately grabs Moppy and hugs her.

"This is another break trough, I can't believe something like this would happen."

"Whaa, Tabane take it easy."

"Now I'm even more curious about your ability Ikkun~!"

"Um,this might be not a good time but can we at least get or make some clothes for Moppy-san Onii-sama?"

"I suppose she needs at least SOMETHING to wear."

"Hmph, how shameful..."

"Well, if you think she would need some clothes, don't you think you can make some for her?"


"Well, you're the only one here who does almost everything around this place. Cleaning, cooking, sewing and so forth, now do it." Added with a clap, Ichiko disappeared in a moments notice.

"Well,if I would to choose my own clothing, I want to be the magical girl Sakura Kyouko!" Moppy hops into Ichika's arms and Ichika holds her in an embrace.


The next day, Byaku Shiki

It has been a week since Laura Bodewig picked a fight at me during practice. And her hostility still continued to grow against me, but I don't really know what I did to her to make her feel that way about me. And the Individual Divisional Tournament has come near, in fact the tournament will be held later afternoon and I have a feeling I'll be facing Laura in the first round.

Somehow, I was able to participate the Individual Divisional Tournament along with Golem-nee due to Chifyu-nee-I mean Orimura-sensei's recommendation. I still remember the reason she gave me why should I participate the tournament in the first place.

"Why you asked, you do want to be strong correct? Now here's your chance to see where you are now, and from there you'll have room to improve yourself Byaku Shiki."

Her words are really came from a former Brunhilde herself. I need to get myself stronger for the sake of protecting my friends, but I have a problem. If I were to face Laura in the tournament, I would have to protect myself from her assault as I can tell from her eyes that she would only focused on me.

And somehow, despite it says Individual Divisional Tournament, the rules changed by instead of one person, the tournament will be held in pairs. And somehow, I got paired with Golem-nee, Cecilia with Kanzashi, Houki with Rin and Charles paired up with Charlotte. I remembered that the girls were disappointed when Charlotte gets to paired up with Charles, but somehow the disappointment didn't last long.

After a brief train of thought, a girl nearby me spotted a familiar sight,

"Hey look, it's Byaku Usagi!"

"Really where? Oh there he is."

"Is he going to participate the Individual Divisional Tournament also?"

"Probably he was invited as a special guest."

Onii-chan, I wonder why is he doing here? Probably Tabane-sama has something in mind and send Onii-chan to get something for her. On a side note, I have a bad feeling...


Hm? Ichika, what are you doing here for? What did Tabane want this time, or did you came here by your own free will? Nonetheless, the guests are not expecting your arrival.

The Individual Divisional Tournament is underway, and you arrived here. Yet, you have almost no reason to be here, or is it?

"Byaku Usagi arrived."

"Well now, this is a surprise."

After several minutes, I found him and talked to him somewhere private,

"You better have a reason for being here."

[I'm looking for Laura Bodewig.]

"Bodewig, how do you know her and what do you want with her?"

[She has the [VT System] inside her IS and Tabane wants it.]

"Bodewig...has the [VT System] inside her IS? You went to Germany didn't you?"


It goes without saying, he has been in Germany without my knowledge.

"And what does Tabane want with the [VT System] for?"

[Experimenting with the system, and probably improve it.]

I see, either you are hiding something or Tabane is hiding something. Probably the latter.

Either way, he's not going to interrupt the Individual Divisional Tournament. But I have concerns about Ichika...

The Sarashiki are planning to recruit him into their organization, and they might use him. As his sister, I won't allow them to do just that. But it will be alright for now, because the students are busy during this time planning out the tournament, including the student council.

"Ichika, just stick close to me and you'll be fine."

"...?" I can tell he's confused even though the helmet covers up his whole head, but I can also tell he will comply.

And the tournament is starting right now...




...Tremors? Even though it was just a small tremor, it is still noticeable as the guess are rather distressed by the whole situation.

It's only 2 minutes left before the first match, and the tremors seems to be continuing and it's getting bigger, it is rather strange...

The first round is between Byaku Shiki and Golem vs Laura Bodewig[Schwarzer Regen] and Takatsuki Shizune[Uchigane], and Bodewig's still try to be me, how inconsiderate of you Bodewig.

Normal, IS Arena

Maya announces the first round as the Individual Divisional Tournament has already begun.

"The Individual Divisional Tournament first round will begin now. Byakushiki and Golem against Laura Bodewig and Takatsuki Shizune!"

Five seconds till the fight starts -5, 4, 3, 2- but when the countdown reached 2, something unexpected appeared from under the IS arena.


"What the-!"

The unexpected object was an IS, but it's not like the normal IS they've seen before. It was 5 times bigger than Golem and it's not even in a human form. The unknown IS growled after it appeared, then it looks around the arena surprised. The IS was in a sandy yellow color, it is a form of a wyvern with two horns and a shell on it's head, a pair of wings with claws on it, and a tail like a hammer.

As Ichika saw the IS, he knew what the IS was, by looks of course. It is the two-horned wyvern, Diablos!


[Analysis complete!]

[Name: Diablos]

[Generation: ?]

[Armaments: Twisted Horn x 2, Diablos Tail]

[Abilities: Supersonic Roar, Rage Mode, Dig]

[Shield Energy: 5000/5000, Horn 1: 500/500, Horn 2: 500/500, Tail: 500]

After the analysis, it is confirmed that the IS is Diablos. The four were rather surprised of Diablos' sudden appearance, and so does Diablos as it is roaring and prepares to attack.

Chifuyu was also surprised and asks Ichika to tell her what is that. Ichika then goes to a nearby computer in the observer room.

"Eh, Byaku Usagi you're here?" Maya didn't expect Ichika to be here.

[Sending Data...]

[Data sent!]

The details of the IS are on display, both the observation and all the arena screens.

"Diablos?" Maya was confused by the newly obtained data.

"There is no known information about this IS, but Byaku Usagi managed to analyzed it." Chifuyu answered.


"But Orimura-sensei, the Diablos has an insane amount of shield energy, more or less ten times the normal amount of shield energy an IS normally has!"

"Hm..." Chifuyu thinks intently.

While in the arena, the four fighters dodged Diablos' charge as soon as Diablos starts charging at Byaku Shiki.

"What in the world is that?" Byaku Shiki and the other three looks at the screen and looks at the detail of the new opponent.

"Diablos..." Suddenly Laura charges at Byaku Shiki and slash her using her plasma blades. Byaku Shiki somehow dodge the attack and deploys the Yukihara Nigata.

"Laura...what are you doing?"

"What does it look like, I'm going to destroy you!"

"But, what abut Diablos?"

"I don't care!" Laura continues to attack, ignoring the approaching Diablos behind her.

Diablos charges ahead towards Laura, and uses it's horns to send Laura in the air.

"Gah!" Laura's IS suffered damage from the back and landed to the ground after a few seconds in mid air.

[Schwarzer Regen Shield Energy: 503/600]

"You...!" Laura then turns her attention to Diablos as she was charging towards it. But she didn't notice it's tail swing at her and suffered another damage.

[Schwarzer Regen Shield Energy: 455/ 600] Laura falls down into the ground as the tail swing sends her 50 m from Diablos.

"Listen, four of you. The fight is called off so you have to work together to beat Diablos." Maya announces through the IS line.

"Bodewig, this no time to fight Byaku Shiki. If you would listen to my orders, co-operate with them to keep the Diablos busy while we send reinforcements!" Chifuyu added from the IS line.

"...As you wish instructor." Laura gets up, and against her will, she will have to co-operate with her enemy due to her instructors orders.

Golem uses the blasters from her arms and aims at Diablos. Diablos noticed Golem and started to charge at her. Golem has to be stationary when firing her beams to her opponent,so if she would fire now she will be left vulnerable to Diablos' tackle and was forced to retreat but she retreated too late and was got hit by the tackle and hits the wall. And that's when they noticed something.

[Golem 521/600]

Diablos was stuck to the wall, specifically his horns was stuck to the wall along with the arena barrier which consist of shield energy. The Diablos seems to struggle of removing it's horns, which gave Shizune the command,

"Quick, while it's horns is stuck!" Byaku Shiki who was the nearest, activates her [Ignition Boost] and slashes it's tail repeatedly. And after a few slashes, Diablos breaks free. And starts aiming towards Byaku Shiki.

[Diablos: 4768/5000, Horn 1: 500/500, Horn 2: 500/500, Tail: 309/500]

Diablos then lowers it's head as if it was preparing for something. Ichika is too familiar of what's happening next and start deploying his [White Knight Lance] and the shield and use his defense stance.

[Enemy Warning: Supersonic Roar activated!]

Diablos then let out a deafening roar and everyone except Ichika covers their ears in pain, which left their guard down. Diablos then start tackling towards a nearby target, Byaku Shiki.

"Ugh!" [Byaku Shiki 499/600]

"BYAKU-CHAN!" Golem then charges ahead of Diablos right in front of her, but Diablos turns around 90 degrees around two times and knocking Golem on the way.

[Golem 487/600]

Laura Bodewig aims her cannon at Diablos while Shizune deploys her sword and charge towards Diablos to distract it. Diablos then noticed Shizune and charge towards her. Laura then has her timing and fires her cannon into Diablos' face.

BOOM!-The explosive force knocks down Diablos briefly, and the agonizing roar proves it.

[Diablos: 4683/5000, Horn 1: 344/500, Horn 2: 346/500, Tail: 309/500]

While Diablos was in pain, Shizune decided to deplete the tail's shield energy, which cutting the tail off.

Diablos turned around and knocks Shizune with it's tail and turns around again to approach Laura.


As Diablos was about to charge towards Laura, Laura extended her right arm, and Diablos was put to a stop. Diablos appeared to be struggling to move, which gives opportunity to attack Diablos. Byakushiki and Shizune attacks the tail whike Golem and Laura focused their attacks on Diablos' head, possibly to destroy the two horns.

Meanwhile, in the observation room, Chifuyu seems to struggle to find a solution.

"This is bad, the exits leading to the arena are closed off. And it will take a while to get it opened."

"We could try disabled the arena barrier and send the reinforcements." Maya suggested.

"No, the arena barrier must remain activated. If we disabled them, Diablos would destroyed the walls without getting it's horns stuck."

"What are we going to do now?" Maya asked.

"Hm...We opened the doors into the arena-"

"But wouldn't that made Diablos to take the opportunity to enter that exit? The arena barrier already trapped Diablos in the arena." Maya asked.

"Yes, but if we were do that while it's distracted, Byaku Usagi will fend off Diablos, and possibly shut it down."

"Him? But Orimura-sensei, how about the other personal IS users?"

"If that's the case, no! They are still inexperienced, the only one aside from Byaku Usagi who is capable is Sarashiki. Look, they're are having trouble already."

From the look of the screen, the Byaku Shiki, Golem and especially Shizune has lost half of their shield energy while attempting to break the tail and the two horns. Laura however manages to avoid some of Diablos' attacks due to her military skills and left with approximately ¾ left shield energy. Diablos was able to deal damage because of it's dig attacks during at some point of the battle.

[Diablos: 3964/5000, Horn 1: 103/500, Horn 2: 121/500, Tail: 62/500]

[Byaku Shiki: 253/ 600]

[Golem: 278/600]

[Uchigane: 244/600]

[Schwarzer Regen: 399/600]

"Ugh, this is annoying!"


"Y-Yeah, I'm OK. The tail hits me the most though."

It was then Diablos stops briefly and roars while its mouth puffs out black smoke.

"What's going on?" Shizune noticed the smoke from it's mouth.

[Enemy Warning: Entering Rage Mode!]

"Rage mode?" Laura said.

What happens next was Diablos was charging towards them at a faster rate, and caught off guard Shizune was being hit by Diablos' tackle. After Rage Mode was activated they realized that speed is not the only thing that's increased from Diablos. It's attack power has also increased significantly.

"Gyaa!" Shizune suffered major damage after the attack and Uchigane's shield energy depleted to 0. Uchigane then disappeared and Shizune was left vulnerable.

"Shizune!" Byaku Shiki screamed out her name.

'Tch, how useless..' Laura's thoughts exactly as she saw Shizune was left vulnerable. Diablos then digs underground at a faster rate.

"Tch, it's digging again!" Laura cursed, as Byaku Shiki and Golem are mainly in the air, avoiding the Diablos' surprise attack, Laura was a sitting duck and was usually the target. And since Diablos was in rage mode, it will be a lot faster and more powerful. The ground shakes as Diablos were underground and finally it surfaces, grabs a hold of Laura using its mouth and starts thrashing around ans sends Laura to the wall, damaging her AIC.



"I...don't need...your..help!" Laura said as she saw the two of them approaching her, then to Diablos who was about to hit her with it's tail.

"Gyah!" Laura was knocked down the second time and Diablos focused it's attention towards the other two and starts lowering it's head.

"OH NO!"

"Not this..."

The crowds and the VIPS readied to cover their ears as Diablos uses it's roar again.

Byaku Shiki and Golem covered their ears and tried to see what's Diablos' next move.

Laura's IS were badly damaged and it's shield energy is already reaching down to 100.

'Dammit, this can't be. I want to be strong like instructor. And this monster dare to attack me like that?! First, I want to destroy that monster, then that Byaku Shiki! But I need power!'

[Do you want power?] A voice appeared in Laura's mind.


[Why do you desire power?]

'..I want to become...like instructor.'

[Qualification cleared: Activating Valkyrie Trace System]

Purple sparks appeared from Laura's IS and her IS undergoes an unusual change.

"AAAAHHHHHH!: Laura screamed in pain as some strange black gooey matter comes from her IS and it is beginning to take shape. As the black gooey material begins to take it's shape, it has become clear that the [VT System] has done it's job. And after the transformation was complete, the black matter took shape of Chifuyu back when she was still an IS pilot.

Ichika remembered what he had learned in Germany, where certain proclaimed mad scientist Victoria Klug explained how the system works.

The [Valkyrie Trace System] is a system for the IS to strengthened the IS pilot to have better performances in an IS battle. The system used the data from the previous Rondo Gross Tournament champion to incorporate their battle data to the IS pilot. It seems to be a success back then, until the mental condition of the pilot got unstable and lose control. The side effect after using the system was mental damage, but it is still unsure whether it is temporary or permanent.

For Ichika, it might not surprising if the [VT System] would use his sister's battle data. But still, he cannot help but felt an inner rage inside of him. But he has no need to expresses it as he has bigger problems to deal with, stopping Diablos AND the imitation Chifuyu.

Back in the observation room, Chifuyu and Maya were at disbelieve as they saw the transformation.

'So this is the Valkyrie Trace System...'

"Takatsuki-san seems to be holding on, but we need to retrieve her somehow.." Maya spoke her concern as Shizune was still stuck in the battleground.

"And also, what's going on with Laura's IS?"

"It's the [VT System], her IS has that system somehow..."

"How'd you knew?"

"A certain white rabbit told me..."

"Speaking of which, where is he?"

After Maya said that, Ichika was nowhere to be found in the observation room.

"...Open the nearest door now!"

"But Orimura-sensei-"

"Just do it!"


Ichika left the observation room and proceed to the nearest arena entrance to retrieve Shizune, and face Diablos. But first, Ichika will have to go through the evacuated students and the VIPs by which Charles, Charlotte, Cecilia, Houki and Rin helped the teachers to evacuate them. And when he arrived at the entrance, a familiar face was right near to the entrance.

"Oh, Byaku Usagi. How unexpected of you to come here. Never mind that, the entrance is almost opened."

Tatenashi deploys her own IS [Mysterious Lady] and prepares to fight, while Ichika deploys the thunder-elemental lance [Kohryu]. The door opened and the battleground is set. As the door opened, Shizune rushed to the entrance and made her escape.

"Oh thanks Byaku Usagi, you're here. Please help them.." As Shizune said that, she managed to escape with minor injuries.

Diablos, although stopped exhaling black smokes from it's mouth which indicates that it's rage mode has subsided, is still focused on the imitation Chifuyu and the imitation Chifuyu seems to be holding on. But it will be a matter of time before Laura's mental state will be in severe danger. The imitation aims at the tail and using the Yukihara, the sword Chifuyu once used, slashed the tail and with the help of both Tatenashi and Ichika, the tail has finally lost all it's shield energy and detaches itself like an actual cutting of it's tail.

Diablos fell down and with it''s painful cry, the tail cut stops it tracks for a few seconds.

[Diablos: 3001/5000, Horn 1: 47/500, Horn 2: 44/500, Tail: 0/500]

[Mysterious Lady: 600/600]

[Ichika ?/?]

[Schwarzer Regen (Imitation Chifuyu) 76/600]

[Golem 59/600]

[Byaku Shiki: 54/600]

"Onii-chan, something is going on with Laura!"


"Heads up, it's getting up!" Tatenashi gave them her word after Diablos gets up from it's cry of pain and charges to wards Tatenashi but missed.

"Oops, missed me big boy~"

Ichika while not being the target for now ordered both Byaku Shiki and Golem to destroyed it's horns. Both comply to their 'brother''s orders and aims at Diablos' head.

Golem uses her gigantic fist to punch one horn repeatedly and Byakushiki uses her Yukihara Nigata to try to cut the other horn. And after a few more hits, Ichika orders them to move away from Diablos and let him finish off both horns.

[Kohryu] lets out a spark in contact with Diablos' head, destroying both horns at the same time. Diablos let out another painful cry as both horns are destroyed. Ichika backed down in a some distance away from Diablos and focuses on the imitation Chifuyu, which Tatenashi tried to distract the imitation. Tatenashi, noticed Ichika was approaching towards the imitation, decide to swap places and face Diablos, and Diablos let out another black smoke from it's mouth.

[Enemy Warning: Rage mode activated.]

[Diablos: 2566/5000]

[Mysterious Lady: 566/600]

[Schwarzer Regen: 39/600]

[Golem: 59/600]

[Byaku Shiki 54/600]

Ichika approached the imitation Chifuyu and scanned for the location of the [VT System]


[VT System found!] After found out the exact location to find the [VT System], Ichika face off against the imitation. It was then, he heard a line somewhere in the imitation.

'….You...Byaku Usagi...are you a student of instructor?'


Laura somehow still conscious, inside the imitation and spoke to Ichika.

'Who are you under that helmet?'

The fight between the imitation and Ichika continued like a well performed dance as both imitation and Ichika had the same skill as Chifuyu herself, of course Ichika uses a lance so that makes him a monster hunter lancer version of Chifuyu.

'You have strength, why are you strong...along with Byaku Shiki?'

Ichika does not answer as Ichika depleted [Scharzer Regen]'s shield to zero. The imitation Chifuyu was starting to disappear and the pilot slowly shows herself and what happens next is Ichika grabs Laura with one hand and touched her IS in another and a bright light engulfs them. After the light disappeared, a injured IS musume in black armor . Despite her injuries, she kneels down towards Ichika like a knight.

"Oh brother knight, it is thy wish that thou do not see thy like this but tis cannot be helped." Laura saw her IS as she was half conscious while being grabbed by Ichika.

"...Schwarzer Regen..."

"However, thy am honored to meet thou despite the circumstances. O Laura Bodewig, o pilot of mine is a troubled child since birth. She existed in a metal womb and her existence is to only fight without the true value of life. O brother knight, give sympathy to thy pilot because thy can tell thou are in a state of rage towards the pilot of mine. In return, thy must bestow this weapon to defeat the two horned wyvern, Diablos. Thy will ensure it will be helpful, and another gift to thou liking."

[Schwarzer Zerstorer received.]

[Abyss Black Pearl received]

"May the power of the earth bestow upon thou...Revert thy back so that thy will be with thy pilot's side. Thou can have this a another form of thy chose upon thee." Upon her request, Ichika turns Schwarzer back into her stand by form and he received the one he's been looking for.

[VT System received]

"GUH! GOLEM GO TO SLEEP..." Golem was knocked down to the wall as she lost all her shield energy after Diablos' last hit.

"Golem-nee!" Byaku Shiki screamed her name, but to no avail. Byaku Shiki came towards Ichika as he calls her and give Laura to Byaku Shiki towards her arms and grabs Golem and put it into Byaku Shiki's back and ordered her to go to the entrance.

"I understand. I will carry them back to safety. Good luck defeating Diablos Onii-chan."

Byaku Shiki went to the entrance safely and carries them both tiredly into the infirmary.

"Ugh, I don't know which is heavier, Golem-nee or Laura-san."

After arriving in the infirmary, Byaku Shiki saw Chifuyu in the said location.

"Byaku Shiki, put them in here."

At the two separate beds, Byaku Shiki placed both into each bed and sighed in relief.

"Sheesh, I think Golem-nee is heavier."

"They are resting now, now's not the time to bother them. I'm going to see how the battle progressed."

"Wait for me, Chifuyu-nee!"

"I told you to refer me as Orimura-sensei, and we are not related!"


After arriving at the observation room, Maya was rather sceptical.

"Byaku Usagi has a new weapon, and it seems to be based on Laura-san's [Schwarzer Regen]."

"Just like what happened to [Blue Tears]..."

In the battle field, Ichika's new black-colored Cannonlance is almost the same as Laura's IS gigantic cannon on the right, except it has a lance-like tip and has a huge shield like the [White Knight Lance]. A type of gunlance that was designed for pure raw earth power, this cannon lance will destroy everything which will devastate anything on the ground and it has a magnetic power, based on Laura's AIC.

Ichika fires a shot towards Diablos and an explosion hits Diablos and sends it knocked down. The wail of the Diablos signifies it's pain.

"My my, I think I needed that help." Tatenashi commented as the Diablos was left with around 1000 shield energy left and it seems that's not the end of it.

[Enemy Warning: Desperate Measure calls for Rage Mode.]

Diablos puffs out another black smoke and it seems to have becoming constant.

[Diablos: 978/5000]

[Mysterious Lady: 217/600]

Diablos charge at Tatenashi as a faster rate but Tatenashi managed to dodge that and counters with her abilities. Mainly her own Gatling Lance, and an ability to control water using nanochips.

Tatenashi attacks Diablos from the lower part of its body and Ichika soon joined by piercing it's legs repeatedly. Diablos flinched after several hits received into it's legs.

"Byaku Usagi, what are you doing?" But after careful analysis. "I see, I will go to your plan." Tatenashi also attack it's legs and eventually Diablos trips down after several hits into it's legs and both Ichika and Tatenashi takes the opportunity. And strike at Diablos while it's struggling to get back up.

[Diablos: 431/5000]

[Mysterious Lady: 129/600]

After Diablos gets up, it changes direction and starts limping away, but at the last minute it starts to attack again. And it starts to burrow itself to prepare a sneak attack but Ichika landed a critical hit and fires a shot stopping Diablos in it's tracks and flinched. Tatenashi followed Ichika and continued attacking until Diablos let out a last roar and falls down. The Diablos now lost all of it's insane shield energy and with it's death cry, the IS has stopped moving and deactivates itself.

Those who were evacuated watched as the wyvern IS no longer cause havoc and was deactivated on the scene. There were cheers from the student and visitors alike, Byaku Usagi along with the other fighters put a stop to Diablos and save the academy. And Ichika felt a surge of power after the wyvern IS' defeat.

[Power up]

[Great White Knight Lance, Power: 368]

[Blue Star Mirage, Power: 345]

[Great Kohryu, Power: 396]

[Cadenza Noir, Power: 322]

[Schwarzer Zerstrorer EX Power: 396]

"It's over..."

Back at the observation room, Chifuyu and Maya were quite relieved. The Diablos is down, and Ichika along with Tatenashi was the victor. Chifuyu left the observation room immediately and Maya stayed in there a little bit longer.

Meanwhile, Tatenashi was rather exhausted after the battle and was too tired to talk to Ichika. Speaking of which, Ichika met up with Chifuyu after the battle and they started a conversation.

"Did she said anything?"

Ichika shook his head.

"IS that the [VT System]?" Chifuyu noticed a microchip in his hands.

"It probably is. Ichika, are you going back to Tabane?"

Ichika nodded.




"Fine, I can take care of myself if I have to. Now go, you're done here."

Ichika then nodded a goodbye to his sister and left the academy.

It was then Tatenashi appeared next to Chifuyu.

"Hm, where's Byaku Usagi? I want to ask him something."

"He left, he was sent here by Tabane to get something..."

"Aww, I'm too late~. Oh well, there's at least another chance."

Tatenashi left with some disappointment.

'Sigh, it was rather a close one. If Ichika would actually stayed for another minute then...'

Tabane's secret laboratory, Night

It was a happy day for Tabane, she had finally gain enough data from Byaku Shiki to complete Akatsubaki for her little sister Houki.

"La la la, I got all the required data for Aka-chan~ la la la~"

"Humph, all this time I'm not complete, how inadequate of you Tabane-sama."

"Aka-chan, that's mean~"

"But still, hacking into a newly developed IS developed by a certain company is a little bit uh...overkill." Revy commented.

"I think it's okay, the company can pay the damage~"

"It is rather interesting though, Valhalla inc. somehow develop these kind of IS without anyone knowing. Diablos is simply a work of an IS into a different level." Uchigane added.

"Somehow, I have to agree with you. The company's IS is so much fun to play with~"

"""Tabane-sama, I think you're missing the point here."""

Then a familiar ringtone echoes throughout the laboratory.

"Is that the theme from Godfather?"

"Ooh, It's Chi-chan~!"

She immediately picks up the phone and answered,

"Hello, Hi hi? Every day!"

*Du* *Du*—the line's cut in both ways.

"Wah—wait wait!"

Maybe it was Tabane's wish coming through or some divine prank as the handphone rangs again

*Tulalatulalala~ *.

"Hello!—This is everyone's favorite idol Shinonono Tabane—wait wait! Chi-chan!"

"Don't you call me that."

"OK, Chi-chan!"

"Sigh, whatever. I have something to ask you anyway."

"What is it?"

"Is it related to you this time?"

"This time, this time—what are you talking about?"

Tabane tilts her head. She's not feigning ignorance; she really doesn't know what Chifuyu was talking about.

"I'm talking about the IS [Diablos]. The company who made it said that the IS somehow acted strangely and burrows it's way to the IS arena."

"Oh that, I was taking it to a test run."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, I've heard that they were planning to test the [Diablos]."

"And you hacked the [Diablos] without their knowledge?!"


"*sigh* Never mind, what do you want with the [VT System] anyways?"

"Oh, is Ikkun on the way home?"


"Oh sorry Chi-chan, but I like Ikkun's company. Oh, I forgot I have something to do bye now~"

BEEP—the call ended and avoided the topic about the [VT System]. Usually during the conversation between the two, Chifuyu would actually end the conversation and not the other way around.


Tabane looked somewhat regretful as she again stared at the handphone, but 2 seconds later, she just

threw it away without abandon.

"Oh my, Tabane's happy to hear a voice she hasn't heard in a long time! Chi-chan's still as amazing as ever, don't go running into the other side of the sunset."

Tabane folded her arms in front of her chest as she muttered, laughing away.

It was then that Ichika arrived at the laboratory and the three 'sisters' and Moppy greeted him.

"""Welcome back!"""

"Hey you're back Ichika, did it all go well?"

"Ah Ikkun, did you get the [VT System]?"

Ichika gave her the microchip.

"Oh interesting, I'll start working on it right away~!"

*Tralala~ * *Tralala~ * You people better get ready~ BAM BAM! AH, ONII-CHAN! IF YOU WANT I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU!

"Ooh, It's Houki-chan~!" Of course, right after she takes this call.

"Oh my oh my oh my! Long time no see! I've always—always been waiting for you~!"


"Yes yes, I know why you called. You want it, right? The one and only machine that you want— Houki-chan's personal machine. I did prepare it for you! It's the strongest and far surpasses all other specs, and it's even a match for the white one. And the name of that machine is...


"Hmph, then I will made a bond to your sister then Tabane-sama?"

"Of course Aka-chan, I did told you so~"

"Very well then, but it's not like I would like her or anything."

"Who's that on the background?" Houki overheard the conversation.

"Oh, just a certain somebody~ I gotta go now bye~."

BEEP- Tabane hung up and end the phone call.

"Onii-sama, one day I will give you something that might help you.." Akatsubaki said to her 'brother'.

"Of course I meant Byaku Shiki Ikkun, no need to get offended. And I don't really like classifying you as an IS either." Tabane gives a pleading look of apology.

On Tabane's mind, Ichika is a bio IS weapon, which is like an IS but according to Tabane's it is far from it.

Next Morning, Infirmary

In the infirmary, the two who are rested, Laura and Golem saw Chifuyu in front of them.



"..." Laura was silent and lowered her head.

"And you..." Chifuyu focused on Laura, which looks back at her.

"There's no need to hide it, I know you wanted to become me."

"..." Laura lowers her head again.

"I have to admit it, you are either bold or stupid enough to use the [VT System] into your IS. Are you really that desperate?"


"Just what is your reason...?"

"I...I want to be strong like you instructor."

"And you would use someone else's strength to do so?"


Chifuyu turned her attention towards Golem.

"How are you feeling?"


"Of course you idiot, Byaku Usagi was there yesterday!"


"Now that you are better now, help the staff with the repairs."

"GOLEM WILL DO!" As she said that, Golem gets up and left the infirmary.

Chifuyu turned her attention back to Laura Bodewig.

"You...who are you, speak your name."


"Hmph, then you're Laura Bodewig from now on. Live your life and use your own strength. And don't mess up. If you are bothered, then continue to be bothered, you have plenty of time."


"What is it that you want to ask me, I can tell you wanted to ask me something."

"...?!" Laura was rather astonished, but she was expected that.


"It's about Byaku Usagi..."


"Is he your student?"

"...No, he is not my student."

"But that skill, surely you have teach him-"

"You are close enough. I only just give him some few pointers and from there he developed his own skills, do you understand that Laura Bodewig?"


"And also, you can't be me or you'll strain yourself got it?" Laura nodded.


Laura then remembers Byaku Shiki and Byaku Usagi and continues to reminiscence in bed.


Next day, Class 1-1

It was just like any other day for Byaku Shiki as she was seated in her seat. As for Diablos, it will return to its owner in a few more days until it is completely repaired and since it was hacked by Tabane, the IS academy had to pay some damages to the company and vise versa for the respective damages. And right now Diablos is resting somewhere in the bottom floor of the IS academy. The parts are repaired and expected to return on it's own in it's specific location.

But all that peace will be disturbed for today in for Byaku Shiki. As Laura Bodewig approached Byaku Shiki, Laura forcefully grabs Byaku Shiki's collar and kissed her in the same forceful way.

Byaku Shiki can't helped but surprised by Laura's sudden action.

"From now on, you will become my wife. I will not hear any objections."

"..." Byaku Shiki stood there dumbfounded. And all the other classmates looks at the scene with a stone cold looking dumbfounded also."

"Did she just kissed Byaku Shiki?"

"I think she did."

Houki facepalmed as the scene occurred, Cecilia was rather confused as to Laura's behaviour, Charlotte seems to be blushing and covers her face while Charles is actually enjoying it as his laughter is spreading the whole classroom.

"*Sigh* Come see me at my office later Byakushiki..."

"I will..."

"Can I join in with my wife?"

"..I suppose you can."

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