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Chapter 1: Calm before the Storm

UNSC: Private Don Mckay

Location: Unknown Planet

Private Don McKay was doing what he normally did for a month now; guard. Apparently there was an outpost that they needed to keep protected. Why was it so important to guard that they needed over 90 marines? Why was it so important to keep the place out of enemy hands? Most importantly, why was it in a desert, of all places! McKay didn't know. All he knew was that there was no sign of any Covenant activity in the area for months now, besides in space. And it was boring.

The outpost they were guarding had everything you could want in a military base: a cafeteria, cell block, sleeping quarters, and other non-essential things. It also had a science lab, and an underground shelter.

Made up of metal, it couldn't survive much, but was cheap and could last.

"Why do we have to guard here anyway?" his friend, Private Harper muttered.

"I have no idea, but this is most boring job in the world," McKay said.

"Sure is," Harper agreed. "I'm tempted to ask for transfer to the front lines."

"Yeah, but you know you could never survive long, with those brutes and all."

"Beats here."

"Anywhere beats here, Harper."

"Nah, rather be here than on The Raven."

The Raven was a frigate positioned above the planet, and it was taking fire from the Covenant ship Holy Ascension. The UNSC frigate was faring well, thanks to recent battles causing the Covenant ship to malfunction. The Holy Ascension was taking damage to the hull and would not last much longer.

Covenant: Major Ado 'Ronosee

Location: Covenant Cruiser, Holy Ascension

Major Domo Ado 'Ronosee was aboard the Holy Ascension when they retreated from a human colony via slipstream. The ship was badly damaged, but it was odd that the Ship Master made a blind jump.

"Well, I didn't want to die before I could get this information out." 'Ronosee muttered to himself.

Unknown to anyone aboard the ship besides himself, he had talked to an Oracle after his squad was wiped out by heretics. It came as a shock to 'Ronosee when he found out that the Prophets were spitting out lies for as long as the covenant came to be. I need to get to the hangars. Unfortunately the hangars were off-limits unless you had the Fleet Master's permission. It looks like I am going to have to do this the hard way.

'Ronosee quickly ran through the hallways, passing many grunts and jackals. Oddly he didn't come across many elites. As he neared the armory he overheard two elites talking. He peeked around the corner

"You heretic scum! I'll make your death slow and painful!" A major was talking to a minor.

"The Great Journey is a lie, and I can prove it! I found Forerunner artifacts stating that the ring is a weapon, not some device to become a god!"

The major had his plasma rifle pointed at the minor's head, but was blasted in the head by Ado. The minor turned and looked at Ado.

"Follow me brother! I'm making my way to the hanger to steal a phantom!" Ado yelled.

"Sure thing, I need my gear though. My shield generator needs a recharge."

When he got to the armory, he stole an energy sword, a carbine, and some grenades. The elite took a needler, and grenades. He also recharged his shield. He then ran back to the hanger entrance, with the other elite.

As they were running, they talked.

"What is your name?"

"Zeeno Marzee" the elite replied.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ado 'Ronosee."

When they got to the hanger doors, they were greeted by two guards.

"Halt! You cannot come through without the Fleet Master's permission!" one of the guards said. "He gave me clear orders to scout this planet's surface," 'Ronosee lied. "Then why hasn't he informed us?" The guards raised their plasma rifles, albeit too late. 'Ronosee had already pulled out his sword and stabbed one through both of his hearts, purple blood streaming out. The other guard started firing on Zeeno, but his shields took the shots. He easily shot the other one with painful pink needles. They were running to a phantom when four grunts led by an elite burst in and started firing on them. They quickly jumped in a phantom and lifted off. The file's small arms fire did nothing against the armor of the phantom.

"Take the guns and blast those generators, Zeeno!" Ronosee shouted.

Zeeno quickly targeted the hanger door's shield generator and fired. It exploded in a fiery blue ball. They then sped towards the planet's surface.

UNSC: Private Don Mckay

Location: Unknown Planet

"Hey McKay, have family back home?"

"My wife and my son, you?"

"Yeah, same."

McKay turned to look at another marine.

"How about you, Martie?" McKay asked.

"They were on Reach." Martie spoke sadly.

"Oh...I'm so sorry."

"It's fine."

The conversation died down, and Mckay went to the cafeteria.

He got some food and sat down at one of the tables. Harper sat down next to him.

"At least the food is good," Harper said, enthusiastic.

"Yeah, not like those MREs." McKay said with distaste.

"Well, be glad we have something to do around here."

"We do?"

"Yeah," Harper said excitedly.

He pulled out a deck of cards.

Mckay was surprised, "How long have you had those, Harper?"

"The Captain gave them to me yesterday, she had an extra deck."

McKay grunted in approval.

"Well, be sure to let the boys know so we can play sometime. And thank the Captain for me, will ya?"

"Sure thing, when I'm off my shift we'll play."

They finished their meals in silence.

McKay dumped his tray into the garbage and walked outside. The guards were alert.

One of the marines shouted, "Sergeant, there's a phantom approaching, it's crash landing two klicks away from our position!"

"Shoot it down."

"But sir, there's only two lifeforms on it! And it was shot by a plasma battery!"

"That's strange. Corporal, get a search team out there."

"Yes sir!"

Covenant: Major Ado 'Ronosee

Location: Phantom approaching an Unknown Planet

Ado 'Ronosee was shot at by a plasma battery just as he left the hanger.

He sped up to as fast as the phantom could go, but the plasma was still gaining on him.

This isn't going to end well...

The phantom shuddered as the plasma hit and burned away the hull. They took breathers off the wall and put them on, just in case the plasma burned all the way through. Luckily the cruiser stopped attacking them, most likely thinking it wasn't worth the effort, needing all it's guns focused on the human ship.

They heard a rumble as the phantom shook.

"What was that?" Zeeno shouted.

"No idea, I'll go check!"

As he ran to the cockpit, he noticed something.

He ran back to Zeeno and shouted, "The propulsion is malfunctioning!"

"We're screwed!"

The phantom was speeding towards the surface as he tried to slow it's decent. It was useless; the propulsion was completely gone. They was going to die.

The phantom shook as it trailed smoke and fire.

The surface was getting closer...


An explosion was heard.