I decided to incorporate some songs that I think fit a little bit. It's also my way of celebrating Black Mesa: Source's release after all these years. Get the soundtrack link on my profile!

Sorry for being so short, ran out of ideas.

Chapter 5: Pelican Down

[Black Mesa Soundtrack - End Credits 1]

It was night as they lifted off from the landing pad. McKay found a BR56, the finished product. It could hold 42 rounds, but had less plasma, so it did less firepower. They saw a pelican ahead of them, marked Delta 157 by the FoF tags, so the pilot decided to follow.

Two banshees came from the right and launched fuel rod bolts from their weapons at Delta 157.

One missed, but the other hit a forward thruster.

"Mayday, Mayday, this is Delta 157, we've been hit! Going down." The pilot of delta yelled as the pelican tilted hard to the left and crashed into a tree.

More fuel rods came from the ground, where some elites and grunts were sitting, right next to the crashed pelican.

"I was hoping for some backup when we touched down!"

Foxtrot 146 shot its chin-mounted cannon and hit a banshee square in the side of the cockpit.

The other banshee veered off, no doubt telling it's friends.

Foxtrot then shot some rockets at the ground forces, body parts went flying.

Corporal Maddock was alive in the burning pelican with only a head wound; he was lucky to be alive, and the only one at that.

He quickly grabbed an MA5C as he could hear Covenant outside.

"Of course, there HAS to be Covies right where we crash." He muttered to himself.

He jumped out of the pelican and quickly shot down two fuel rod wielding grunts and took cover behind some rocks.

A jackal shot green bolts of plasma at him. He quickly rolled to the side and shot it in the head.

He could see a pelican in the distance, probably following Delta before it crashed.

Two grunts decided to be brave and rushed him while shooting. He tossed a grenade at them, and it caused a chain reaction killing an elite and a jackal.

A white elite ran up to him from the side.

He sprayed it with bullets, but his effort was in vain.

It got right in front of him, grabbed him by the neck, pulled out an energy sword, and thrust it towards his gut in one swift move.

"No other hostiles in the area." The pilot said.

"Stay alert!" Lieutenant Marco replied.

McKay started up a conversation with the LT, Marco.

"I hate being in the air."

"You would hate being on the Raven?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I would hate to be in the Navy. It's just not...me."

"You read my mind, my friend."

The pilot spotted a building in the desert, broken down, chunks of concrete missing, rebar sticking out, and probably abandoned. McKay could hear his conversation.

"Land near that building pilot, we can hole up there until evac."

"Roger that LT."

[Black Mesa Soundtrack - On a Rail 1]

As they landed next to the building, they could see dead bodies scattered around it, Human and Covenant alike.

"They must have holed up here before we came. They practically gave everything a new paint job!"

"Thanks for stating the obvious private." McKay replied.

They all bailed out and immediately brought up their weapons.

"At ease everyone, it's clear. Take any weapons and ammo you see." Marco ordered.

A private found a grenade, Ado some carbine clips, but not much else.

McKay found a specialized combat knife that was shiny black with a painted red tip. He swished it in the air a bit, then told a marine.

"Hey, check out this knife!" He said, gloating.

"Wow, looks awesome." The private replied half-heartedly.

"You know you're jealous!"

"Me? Jealous? No way man." He chuckled.

"Lets go men, get inside!" The LT commanded.

They went inside. Marines with marksman rifles like BR55 Battle Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles, and 99D-S2 Sniper Rifles went up to the second story, Ado included. (A.N: I love technical names.)

They set up folding chairs from the pelican to make themselves comfortable.

[Black Mesa Soundtrack - We've Got Hostiles]

About five minutes later as McKay thought about his dead friend Harper, four banshees escorting two phantoms came in and started bombarding the building, making some of it fall onto a group of marines.

"We're under attack!"

"That was fast!"

"Oh god, there's tons!"

That was all McKay heard in the commotion before he couldn't hear anything else because of being in shock.

Two general elites dropped from the phantoms, one in each. They had concussion rifles, four plasma grenades, and an energy sword on their hip.

Behind them was about twenty major elites, all with carbines, needlers, and plasma rifles.

The marines were so shocked that they spent seconds just gawking at them.

And then, the elites charged as the marines opened fire.

Five marines each threw a grenade, which killed a total of about four elites.

The elites with carbines fired in sync, taking down seven marines in one volley. A marine with a rocket launcher fired at a general as it fired a fuel rod at the marine. They killed each other.

McKay snapped out of his stupor and fired bursts of his BR, taking down two elites. The snipers fired, each taking an elite, which totaled to be six kills.

One of the banshees shot a fuel rod at a couple of marines, vaporizing them.

A volley of carbine shots came from the second story, taking down an elite. McKay looked up and saw Ado.

That left eight elites.

But roughly, only five marines were left, including Ado Ronosee.

And then, by some unseen command, all the elites pulled out plasma grenades and chucked them at the building, some going in windows, others hitting the wall and falling.

One fell right beside McKay.

"This is gonna hurt!" He muttered as he ran as far away as he could. He could only hope that Ado made it out.

They all blew.