It's something like a giant fishbowl, its surface sleek, curved and entirely see through, but there is no water in this bowl. There are no pebbles down the bottom, no water plants, no fish either because you see, this not a fish bowl, not something ornamental and relaxing to look at. No, this is something much more sinister.

This is the reaping bowl.

Replacing the lively colored goldfish that one should find in such an item are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of strips of paper carefully folded in half and held shut by the tiniest piece of black tape.

A woman, sometimes even a man but always a person with brightly colored and perfectly manicured hands will dip their fingers into the bowl, snatch out one of the slips and tear away the tape, before unfolding the paper to read the name neatly printed within.

The crowd of children watching this strange affair all do so with bated breath. None of them want to hear the man or woman read out their name. All of them want it to be someone else's, as long as it's not them or someone they hold dear to them.

Because you see, if a child's name is plucked from out of the strange bowl, it's the very beginning of the most distasteful end, and as much as the Escort might prattle on about odds and favour, if a child's name is read out to the crowd the statistics are no longer looking good. Twenty four children leave their homes for the Capitol and only one of them is destined to come back.

No, if a child's name is plucked out of one of the reaping bowls the odds are certainly not in their favor

District 1- Luxury

Male- Brock Emerald, 18

Female- Aria Mallow, 18

District 2- Masonry

Male- Jarrad Emery, 17

Female- Rose Stroud, 17

District 3- Electronics

Male- Flinch Lightwood, 17

Female- Allius Winters, 17

District 4- Fishing

Male- Grant Green, 13

Female- Brynn Halee, 17,

District 5- Power

Male- Lewis Natbotch, 15

Female- Jane Rooke, 18

District 6- Transportation

Male- Russel Darcy, 14

Female- Katie Chandler, 12

District 7- Lumber

Male- Luke Pallas, 17

Female- Cyra Hale, 15

District 8- Textiles

Male- Airick Marloth, 15

Female- Vivian May, 16

District 9- Grain

Male- Hercules Strong, 18

Female- Demeter Ross, 17

District 10- Livestock

Male- Gray Atrium, 16

Female- Jay Bird, 14

District 11- Agriculture

Male- Spencer Lux, 15

Female- Rye Goldsmith, 16

District 12- Mining

Male- Cole Mackenzie, 14

Female- Modest Kline, 14