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Bay Rossey -

The clang of the swords sounds out, echoing against the walls of the semi-empty training room. Terry laughs, then dives to the ground and kicks me in the shin. I go falling backwards, and grit my teeth in anger. I get up, then shove the sword butt into his chest and knock him down. I slam my foot against his chest, holding him down as I point the end of the rapier sword at his throat. He drops his sword at his side, and opens up his hands.

"You win," He says with a laugh.

"What?" I growl.

"What do you mean what?" The decently young Terry asks, running a hand through his dull black hair.

"What was that laugh for?" I ask defensively, walking after him as he grabs his water bottle and slaps some water across the back of his neck.

"Uh... It was only a laugh?" He says in a questioning voice, wiping his forehead with a towel.

"No. You were mocking me." I accuse, slapping him over the back of the head.

He shakes his head, then rolls his eyes, sitting down. I glare at him, and he pats the bench. I close my eyes, then let out a sigh, and sit down next to him. He swallows some water, then rests his palms on his knees.

"Bay..." He lets out a quiet sigh, my name escaping his mouth in a breath.

"What?" I snap.

"You know... You're the richest kid in this Academy." He says.

"I know. That's why I attend the private one." I mutter, poking at my fingernails.

"I know that. And you're lucky, you know? I wouldn't hold my head so high, if I was you. I mean, there are plenty of things out there to be afraid of. And, if you keep acting like a bi-"

I cut him off before he can finish.

"Then I'll be left with no friends, no boyfriend, and the Capitol will hate me when I enter the Hunger Games. Even though they eat up arrogance like they live off of it, they won't like it too much." I roll my eyes, standing up and swinging the rapier around in my hand.

"Nevermind. You'll always act like a stuck up know it all... I mean, you've been the same since you were four, so, I don't know when you'll change. I try. I don't know why. But I try and get to you. But since you won't listen, you can enjoy the rejection from all the people you care about when it gets too out of control..." He says.

Things are silent for a while. I continue to twirl the sword, looking around. I just let his words go through one ear, and out the other unless we're training. He stands up, then scuffs a shoe along the ground.

"You did your homework... Right?" He asks.

"Watched the last Quell? Yeah." I reply.

Terry assigns me 'homework' sometimes. This can be from anything to hunting small animals outside my house, or just watching past Hunger Games. Well, last night it was watching the tape of the most recent Quell. It was pretty interesting, too. What with the blind girl, the seven year old, and who could forget the psychopathic Beau Infernetti? Actually, he was pretty hot... But, that's not the point!

"What'd you learn?" He reaches for my rapier, and I tuck it back in my belt.

"I learned that hot boys usually get further in the Games... Slowness gets you caught by Careers... Reed Nile was totally betraying his girlfriend... Being seven years old gets you killed first... And, well, you get killed from avenging your boyfriend's death. Like that District Twelve girl!" I exclaim, nodding my head with a smug grin on my face.

"Like I said... Why do I even try? Go get yourself cleaned up... The Reaping starts in half an hour..." Terry sighs, resting his head in his hands.

"Alright!" I say cheerfully, picking up my bright pink training bag.

I pull out my sword, and put it in the bag, then zip up the cover and dart through the door. The bright sunlight fills my eyes, and I take note that people are already flooding the Square. I keep running, shielding my eyes as I go, and then I smack right into a girl. I fall flat on my butt, and I stand up. The girl scrambles to her feet.

"Watch where you're going you stupid-" I start up on my temper, but... Oops... It's Yasmine.

"I'm sorry." She says quickly, brushing off her little gold skirt.

"It's fine. Like, whatever, right?" I force a laugh, then place my hands on my hips.

Yasmine is my best friend... Probably my only friend, too... Maybe Terry's right, but I refuse to listen to him. None of that's true. If it was, I wouldn't even have Yasmine. So, forget him...

"Sure. Uh, I gotta go... I'll see you later?" She says quietly.

"Alright." I reply, running off.

'Wow. That was awkward...' I think as I bolt through the enormous, glossy fence leading to my family's mansion. I burst through the glass door, and look around. My mother is clipping in earrings, and my father is straightening his tie. I dash up the stairs, and throw my training bag on my bed. Quickly, I pull off my training clothes, and put my hair down. Instantly, it returns to it's naturally curly rings. I decide I'll leave it alone.

I then walk over to my closet, and pull out my favorite dress. It's an astonishing pink color, and it flows so well. It parts at the mid thigh, branching off into two pieces. I grin, then slide it over my head, and pull it on. I then walk to the mirror, and wink at my reflection. My pale as can be skin actually clashes well with the dress, and my brown hair and eyes help even more so. I just wish I wasn't so tall... At six feet tall, I was the tallest girl in my school. And my Academy.

"Bay!" My mother's voice calls from downstairs.

I close my door, then run down the stairs and slip my heels on when I'm on the floor again. My mom smiles at me, then nods me to the door. I walk over, and outside once more. The Square is extremely close to my house, so I can just walk there. Slowly, even. We walk in silence, and round the corner to the Square. I quickly part from my parents, and cut in front of everybody waiting for their check in. I hold my hand out, then snap my fingers.

"Do it quick, please. I have things to do." I say, examining my finger nails on my other hand.

The Peacekeeper does just that, then presses my finger to the thick paper, and waves me off. I nod, then strut my way down the isle, and take my spot in the crowd. All the other rich girls have outfits, but none are nearly as good as mine. One has a sparkling silver dress that cuts off at her upper thighs, and another has a sequined gold dress. Not nearly as sexy as mine. I flip my hair over my shoulder, then grin as the District Representative takes her place on the stage.

"Welcome, District One! We will begin, but first, a very short, very special, video from The Capitol!" She announces.

I watch as the views of the crowd turn to the enormous projector screen in the corner, and the movie plays. I turn away, watching as the District Representative mouths the words, then grins as the video ends. I look around, feeling bored, I cross my arms and drum my fingers on my arm. She laughs, then claps.

"Now let's begin!" She announces, pulling out a name.

"Christine Gloss!" She practically yells.

I walk into the isle, raise my hand, and look around. I then yell out.

"I volunteer!"

All the boys grin at me, and their tongues practically hang from their mouths. I wink at them, then make sure to put in extra hip swing as I make my way upstage. I climb the stairs, waving to all the clapping Potential Tributes. I wonder who my partner will be... Hopefully, he's hotter than Beau Infernetti. That'd guarantee me some support in the Arena. And this will all be fantastic, if it goes as planned...

Hunter D'Agosto -

I crouched in the cabinet of the kitchen, holding my knees against my chest as the loud screams and angry yells emerged from the living room. My older sister sat in the cabinet beside me, and the wood was old enough for us to speak to eachother through the material. I could hear her every shallow, quiet breath drawn, and her extremely quiet movements. They were almost silent, but not as silent as my own. I closed my eyes, clenching my fists as the scream of my mother filled the air, seeping through the cabinet surface.

I felt the tears beginning to stream my cheeks again, and I began to wonder why these people were here... We hadn't done anything, and we didn't even know them. We didn't even know their names... But the three people were angry when they kicked down our front door, all holding weapons... The men had taken our parents out to the living room, and Paige had taken me to the kitchen to hide. She told me to stay put, so I did exactly that. And now, here we were... And I couldn't begin to imagine what kind of torturous murder they were doing to my parents.

A cracking sound went out, and a final scream, and then a thunk. I knew that they had just killed her. The horror was unimaginable, sitting there, helpless to do anything about it. I was seven years old, and I had no idea what was really happening until I saw the weapons of the men in the black clothes, and the black painted Peacekeeper helmets they'd probably taken from Peacekeepers that they killed themselves... I didn't get how something could go so wrong in that little house full of love... But I guess in Panem things didn't work out so well, no matter where you were.

Just then, I heard the blood curdling shriek of my older sister, Paige. The footsteps of the men leaving the room, and the kicking of her feet on the floor as she struggled to escape. Slowly, I dared peek my head out the cabinet door, and I saw as Paige rounded the corner, she mouthed her final words to me. 'Look for Nick.' She didn't have to tell me twice. I blew her a kiss, then I slipped from the cabinet, climbing up on the counter as quietly and quickly as possible. I unlatched the window above the sink, and slid it open as fast as my tiny little hands could. I jumped through the window, then ran as hard as I could. As fast as I could. My numb little legs trembling as I stumbled along the dirt road. But when I arrived at Nick's house, I collapsed on the porch, blacking out.

I sit up in bed, shaking my head. The nightmares never stopped... Ever since that day, I'd been having nightmares. Now, I was sixteen. If you don't want to do the math, that's nine years of the same terrible nightmare every night... Every night it was the same episode, the same expressions, the same people... It never stopped. And it probably never would. Quickly, I rid the sheets from my legs, desperate to get out of the bed. I pull a shirt over my head, walking from my room.

Nick makes his way down the hall before me, leaning against the wall and yawning heavily. I laugh, then pat his shoulder as I chew on my bottom lip. Nick chuckles, and I noogie his caramel brown hair. He grabs my hand and pushes it away, giving me a hug.

"Good morning, sunshine." I say playfully, opening the kitchen door.

"Good morning, Hunt." He laughs, pulling a bagel from the cupboard.

"Hey, uh, Reaping's today... Right?" Nick asks, pushing the tab down on the toaster, and picking up a plate.

"Yes, sir. How can you forget?" I tease, walking past him as I pull a glass from the cupboard and pour some milk into it.

As of this point, I can pick up Nick isn't sensing my act. Every morning, I'm a bit worried that he'll know I'm acting. I act so he doesn't ask about my nightmares... He did once, but I covered it up. He was extremely curious, and continued to bother me about it. I just told him it was a simple nightmare. That's when the acting started. Just acting like I never had the nightmares, and that I had the dreams of any other normal person. Apparently, it worked, too. Because he never had a suspicion since then.

"I dunno... I mean, it is something freaky that nobody likes... But, I guess you're right. Whatever." Nick laughs, grabbing his bagel from the toaster and chowing down on it.

He walks over as I lift the glass to my lips, and pulls it from my hands, taking a swallow and giving it back to me. I laugh, rolling my eyes and taking my desired sip. Just then, Nick's mother walks in. She smiles at us, stretching and yawning.

"Morning, boys." She says cheerfully.

"Hey, mom." Nick says dryly.

"Good morning." I smile to her.

"Well, good morning cheery eyes." She laughs, patting my shoulder.

I chuckle, then drink the rest of my milk. Standing up, I give Nick's mother a quick hug, then let out a sigh.

"I think I'm going to go get ready, now." I say, walking from the room as Nick and his mother start to talk.

I go back into my room, then walk to my dresser, wondering what I'll wear. First, I walk to the big window, and draw the shades. Natural light fills the room, and I smile. Well, everything is good... Until... Until I see a bug. I scream at the top of my lungs, and grab the alarm clock on my nightstand. The bug crawls up the wall, and it looks like a spider. I take the clock and bash it into the wall over and over, missing the bug each time.

"Die!" I yell, finally crushing the bug.

Chills run down my spine, and I shake my head. I hate bugs so much... Ick. I look at the bug guts on my clock, frowning. Even grosser. I slide open the window, then toss the clock out, and close the window again. It's pretty cold outside, and I don't want more bugs in my room... Nasty...

Anyway, after that soap opera, I returned back to my dresser. Slowly, I run my fingers across the wood, then grab the knob on the middle and pull the drawer open. My Reaping outfit lies there perfectly. I had ironed it the day before, and I was prepared.

First, I slide on a white undershirt, and tug on my black button down shirt. I button it up, then pull out my white blazer. I'd been waiting to test this out... I pull it on, then straighten it out and smile at my reflection. Then, I put on my brown pants, and my white sneakers. I look pretty decent, not to blow my own horn. I spike up the front of my hair, leaving the rest to stay loose, and then I'm on my way. I pick up my bangle on the way, sliding it over my wrist. Nick gave it to me when we were younger. On the front, it's engraved. "Loyalty and Brotherhood". I just wondered if he knew I wanted to be more than friends... But, whatever. I try not to think about it.

I walk down the hall, shutting the door to my room, and going down to the front door. I look out to the kitchen, and Nick has gone to his room. Only Nick's father and his mother stand against the counter. They look up at me, and I wave.

"I'm going, now. I'm a bit late... I was wondering if you could send Nick down once he comes back?" I say quietly.

"Sure thing, son." Nick's father nods, smiling at me.

"Thank you!" I laugh, running out the door and down to the Square.

When I reach the edge of the Square, people are already rushing to get in. I file into the line, moving with the other potentials at a painstakingly slow pace. Then, I'm in the front after what seems like ages. I hold out my finger, watching cautiously as the Peacekeeper draws my blood, then sticks it on the paper. I'm ushered off, and I walk down the isle of the Square. I find my place in line, then watch as the girl Tribute volunteers.

No surprise there.

Then, Nick runs over and stands in line next to me, nodding up to the stage. I smile, giving him a weak hug. He grins, then looks up to the stage again. I knew that Nick wanted to volunteer for years, but I never knew when he would really do it... I felt like something bad was about to happen... And I didn't want Nick taken from me.

"Nicholas Princeton!" I hear the words echo over the microphone, and I swallow hard.

Nick laughs, then dives into the isle, fistpumping and cheering. I can't take it... I don't want to lose Nick... He's my brother... And, I also love him. I charge through the boys, pushing and shoving just as Nick climbs the stairs. I raise my hand, then yell out.

"I volunteer! I volunteer! I volunteer for Tribute!" I yell.

Nick turns around, a look of anger covering his face. I know this is a new thing to him... He always gets what he wants... I run down the isle, and Nick storms down the stairs. Everything is silent... He glares at me, and I look down at my feet. He just shakes his head, then walks off with fists clenched at his sides. I walk up the stairs slowly, looking at the tall girl that stands inches above me. She must be at least 6 feet tall. She grins down at me, and I hold out my hand. She grabs it, clenches it tight, and shakes it slowly and menacingly. With a wink, she turns and leads both the District Representative and I to the Justice Building... Where I'll finally have time to explain to Nick...