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The Finale -

District Seven Tribute: Jade Arctics

I sit up in my sleeping bag, feeling a bit off. Screams and roars echo throughout the forest, and I get up quickly. I stuff my sleeping bag in my pack, then stand up. As soon as I do, I hear a loud cannon boom out. Close to me. The Capitol anthem blares out, and the face of the District Three girl appears. I swiftly pick up my pace, and then begin running. I can hear the footsteps of somebody, or something behind me. I don't want to look back, because I fear what I may see.

So, I keep on running. Then, I hear a horrible screeching. I turn around, and see the hideous mutt battling it out with Toro. Toro yells and stabs at the monster's legs, cutting enormous gashes in the mutt's spider legs. The mutt screeches out, its enormous snake fangs appearing. I stumble backwards, and fall on my butt. I sit there, still. Watching the entire scene in front of me.

The mutt hisses in Toro's face, snatching him up by his shirt color. Toro screams in fright, kicking and trying to escape as the mutt raises its head as high as it can go. I can only stare in horror, and then I cover my eyes. Toro takes his knife, plunging it into the nose of the mutt. The snake-headed beast lets out another roar, throwing Toro to the ground like a rag doll. There's a loud crack, and Toro is still. But, no cannon.

I guess the mutt is programmed, because it picks Toro up again, swinging him around relentlessly and bashing him into trees. Toro's body is limp, letting out cracks and pops of all sorts with every hit. Then, a cannon booms out. And the mutt throws its head backwards, releasing Toro's body into the air. Toro's body hits the ground with a loud thump, and then a crane quickly scoops him up.

I then see the mutt's cat-like eyes lock on me, and I bolt out of there before I can even tell where I'm going.

District Four Tribute: Lotsear Maver

I walk through the nighttime woods, the air calm and gentle. So far, two cannons have gone off in the same hour. This frightens me a little, because I'm almost positively sure that it's the finale. And for the Quells, they always go out with a bang. I hold my sword extra tight, afraid that if I let go, things will take a turn for the worst. I quickly rub my eyes, trying to stay awake. Then, I hear a blood-curdling howl. I shiver, and then turn.

Red, orange, and yellow eyes peer through the bushes. I'm screwed. As fast as my feet can carry me, I dash off. I know these mutts are supposed to push me to the Cornucopia, so that's where I'll go. I run faster and faster, and then everything stops when I smash into another Tribute. I yell out, and then see my sword has accidentally caught the other Tribute by the leg. Blood seeps everywhere, and she struggles to get on her feet.

Instantly, I recognize the District Seven girl. She reaches up for my hand, but I shake my head. I can't help her. She would die anyway, soon. I turn and see the mutts rapidly approaching, and make up my mind...

I run off, leaving the screaming girl there. She shrieks for help, crawling after me, but I easily outrun her. When I finally reach the edge of the forest, I dart through the brush, and see District Six rushing into the mouth of the Cornucopia.

This is it.

I smile in relief, finally knowing I can maybe get home... There's a single shot at this. I cannot mess it up.

I pick up my pace, now pushing my body past its voluntary limit. As I speed forward, I notice a large mutt appear through the brush. A hideous spider-looking mutt. Its roar chills my bones, and just as I enter the Cornucopia, I'm thrown onto the metal ground. Carter Woods stands over me, his face bloodied, bruised, and cut. He holds a small pocketknife, and points it at my throat.

District Six Tribute: Carter Woods

"I will go home." I tell Lotsear, tears stinging at my eyes.

"And I will never stop fighting for the one I love," Lotsear hisses, sliding between my legs, and then grabbing my arm.

She yanks it behind my back, and then shoves me forward. I hit the Cornucopia surface with a loud bang, and my head starts spinning. I wince in pain, and then roll onto my back. She goes to stab me, and I quickly grab her sword by the blade. Blood instantly begins leaking from my hand, and I try to will the sword back. As soon as it's far enough from my chest to allow me movement, I roll to the side.

She forces the sword down, and it hits the floor of the Cornucopia. Then, she drops the sword and comes running at me. I swiftly get to my feet, and throw a punch at her. But she ducks, and slams her shoulder into my stomach, forcing me against the wall. I cough as she reaches for my throat, and then I punch her right in the eye.

She releases her grip, and I dive right back at her. I use all my weight, and pin her to the ground. I grab my knife, and hold it at her throat. She swallows hard, and shakes her head.

"I never thought it'd end quite like this, you know?" She asks, a tear rolling down the side of her face.

"I thought maybe I could win this and finally please my mom, who is always too busy never giving a single shit to care about me... And I thought maybe I could get out for Kalliroe... But nothing ever works in my book, does it?" She yells, angry tears pouring from her eyes.

"Go ahead! Kill me! It's what they all want! It's what everybody wants! Kill me! The entire nation is watching!" She screams.

"No." I say, shaking my head.

"Isn't it what you want?! To kill me? To win?" She asks, chewing her bottom lip viciously.

"I-I can't." I say, helping Lotsear up.

"You aren't going to kill me?" She asks.

"No, I just needed a little push!" I yell, shoving her outside the Cornucopia to all the mutts.

In moments, the mutts are surrounding her, ripping her to shreds. Until, finally, the spider mutt appears, and yanks her limbs apart, and then swallows her up. A cannon booms out, and I look to the sky, leaving the Cornucopia. The mutts disappear, and I'm lifted slowly from the place that I was once stuck in...

A place similar to hell, just not so far away...


Toro Breckenridge

Jade Arctics

Lotsear Maver