Emily's Pregnant

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It's another normal day at the Shiba House except, for Jayden and Emily. They were making love at Jayden's bed. " I love you, Jayden." Said Emily. " I love you too, Emily." replied Jayden. The other rangers wonder, where Jayden and Emily is? " Hey, Kevin do you know, where Jayden and Emily is?" asked Mia. "No, sorry Mia." replied Kevin. Little, did they know, they were in Jayden's room. Then, they were finish making love. Emily, took a pregnancy test and, then, it beep and, it said " NEGATIVE". Emily called Jayden and, Jayden was shocked. " Emily we have to tell the other." said Jayden. " But, they'll hate us,!" yelled Emily. The others heard, Emily yelled and, they immediately went where thy heard it. When they got to Jayden's room, they found them in Jayden's bathroom. " What's going on?" asked Kevin. " We have to tell you something guys." said Emily. " What is it?" asked Mia. " Emily's pregnant." replied Jayden. " WHAT!" yelled the other rangers. " We can help you cause, I'm pregnant too." said Mia. " Then, who's the father?" asked Emily. " I am." replied Kevin. " OH MY GOD Mia's pregnant too!" screamed Emily. " Kev, where gonna be both father's." said Jayden. " Yeah, we are." replied Kevin.

10 months later…

Emily and Jayden got a boy named Jayson Alexander Shiba.

Mia and Kevin got a girl named Kacie Michelle De-Tiege.

Mike met a girl named Mitch and, they got a girl named Makenzie Ally Scape.

( Continued)

Antonio adopted a boy named Anthony Brayan Garcia.

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