There are people out there who have more then one person in their heads. It is called Multiple personality disorder. This is a story dedicated to the struggles they go through and the hardships they must conquer.


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People and things happen in ones life that no one could ever imagine. Struggles and hardships appear. And as I have found, and what my lover has always told me, was that for each hardship and struggle I conquer, a silver lining is just around the corner.


10 years ago: Gaara

As my father's fists rain down upon my back and sides I wonder what I did to deserve this. He calls me a monster, a demon. That I killed my mother at birth and that I caused my Uncles Death as well.

My fault, all my fault.

I try to hide my head and protect my stomach at the same time as blows fall upon my six year old body.

I wish to hide so that I wouldn't have to feel. I no longer wish to live. The screams I wish to yell, do not leave my sobbing lips.

So why don't you let me take control. The voice echoes through my head. It is deep and dog like.

What? Who is that! I silently scream.

I am Shikaku. I will protect you. Sleep. Just rest. His voice lulls me to sleep. It is dark and comforting. For the first time I let the world and its pain fade away.

Soon I am dead to the world.


When I wake up I am alone in my room. My knuckles are cut and covered with blood. And I taste blood in my mouth. As I stare memories that weren't mine flash behind my eyes.

Shikaku opened his eyes and grinned sadistically at the man who dared hurt him and his host. The grin is enough to stop the man and unsettle him at the same time. "What's wrong Demon? Had enough now?" the man who Gaara calls Father tries to gain control of the situation. "Yes, I have had enough." The voice that came from the boy's mouth was dark. It sent fearful shivers down the man's spine. "Well to bad" he comes at the boy, fists poised to strike, when his face is struck. Hits came at him, unnaturally strong and fast. Nails ripped into his skin. Teeth bit into his neck. The man finally throws the boy's body off his own. "Hurt us again and I will kill you." The Shikaku rasped out. The Father could only nod before running out of the room.

I stared in horror at my hands. So much violence.

You're welcome. Whenever you need me I will be there. Count on it. The voice fades away.

I had never felt as safe as I did at that moment I was sure that my life was finally looking up.


Same time: Naruto

I ran down alley ways and around trash piles. The shouts and thumping of feet behind me, a constant noise in an otherwise silent night. Shouts of demon and murderer follow my every move. The few homeless roaming the streets hurriedly look away with fear in their eyes.

I ran around a corner…and crashed into a bulky chest. Looking up I met the gaze of one of the cities masked protectors. The night protectors were called Ne, and the day was called Anbu. All of them wore black and an animal mask. The Ne mask was different because of the crescent moon on the forehead.

I could only gasp before a fist came down upon my head. Dazed I dropped to the ground. When I looked up I was surrounded and the Ne was gone.

Right away I was being punched and kick. Cut by knives forks or anything else they could find. Screams were heard. Shouts and words fell from their lips that hurt more than the abuse on my body.




"You raped and killed my daughter."

"You killed my wife."

"You destroyed my parents' lives and led them to suicide."

I couldn't take it. What have I done to deserve this? What right did these… people have to harm me like this?

Rage filled my mind by blood pumped furiously through my veins. Red covered my vision. I will destroy them for this!

Suddenly I noticed that I was being held down as someone, a girl, came at me with a knife. She cut deeply six times into my face; giving me permanent whiskers. When she moved away another man took her place. My shirt was ripped off and I was branded on my stomach with a large spiraled design branding iron. My skin had not even finished burning and bleeding, before some one used a tattoo gun to fill in the brand.

Once they were finished my battered body was flipped over and the rest of my clothes removed.

Oh hell no! They were NOT doing this to me! I started to thrash around. This was one thing they were not going to do to me. I would not let it.

Take my strength and make them pay kit. The voice rumbled and purred in my mind. I didn't know who or what this was, but one thing I knew, it was giving me the strength to protect myself.

How? I thought back.

Let the rage fill you, and when it explodes… attack.

I listened to what he said. The rage filled me until I could hardly stand it. My senses sharpened and suddenly strength filled my limbs.

I attacked swiftly. Using surprise to knock out all I can. When I was down, 15 people littered the street. I could only stare at my accomplishment. I wondered if I could do that without the help from the voice.

I am proud of you kit.

Thanks I whisper. What's your name by the way?

You're welcome. And my name is Kyuubi, kit. I am your strength.

Will I ever be able to do this on my own?

Maybe. With a lot, and I mean a lot of hard work.

I pondered the words of Kyuubi. I relised that for the first time I was proud of myself and someone else was as well. I loved the feeling. With that I decided to be the best I can be to make everyone proud of me.

I mean, tomorrow was another day. Why not live it to the fullest.


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