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Esbern's sheer need to talk infuriated Dominae. Every little thing around Karthspire was so damn interesting. His loud voice was the reason that the Forsworn had caught them so easily. And his contribution to the fight against them was his Frost Atronach that the old man used as his shield. Glancing over at Farkas, her eyes a rage, she was actually glad that he had come. Hand on her shoulder, he instructed her to take a few deep breaths and mumbled calming words to her.

He had to instruct her to calm down on several occasions. All because of the male Blade. Delphine had a condescending attitude about her that neither of the Companions liked, but she was a good warrior. Esbern was just a book worm pulled out of his element.

His only use came when they approached a stone bridge, though the chains kept it up like a gate and the next destination was out of their reach. He inspected three pillars that were on their side, narrowing his wrinkled eyes to see the symbols they had carved into them.

"Do those pillars have something to do with getting that bridge down?" Delphine questioned, looking back and forth between the two objects in question.

"I believe so. These are Akaviri symbols. We have the symbol for 'King'… the symbol for 'Warrior'… and—"

"The symbol for Dragonborn," Dominae finished, looking at the weird carving. She didn't know why she knew, but she did. The other symbols were foreign to her, but she knew that one. Maybe because she had a dragon's soul and it recognized it? Either way, she knew it, and Esbern was impressed.

"That's right. Now, seeing as this Sky Haven was meant for the Blades and Dragonborns, I assume we can turn the pillars all to the symbol of the Dragonborn."

"One of the easier puzzles I've faced," Dominae noted, stepping forward to place her hand on the stone pillars. With only a little push, it started to turn with a grating sound, turning to the symbol they needed. She repeated the process for the rest of them and before the last one locked in, the bridge started down.

The four of them crossed the bridge quickly, looking around at the moss covered stones and walls. Their next path was through some cobwebs and Farkas cursed. With a chuckle, Dominae sent the huge man a smile and stepped forward, gently moving the silky webs away. The other three followed behind her until they came to another room.

"Those look like triggers," the younger woman mumbled under her breath.

"I believe that's what they are as well. And that nasty contraption over there looks to be what they trigger. I don't think I want to find out what they do."

Sending her gaze to the floor, Dominae noticed what had been painted onto them. The same three symbols that had been on the pillars. At first, it looked like they had randomly been set across the floor, but with an even closer look, Dominae spotted a path. One that lead right to a chain that would more than likely deactivate the unknown trap.

"Stay here, I'll turn off the trap."


"I'll be fine, Farkas. I know what I'm doing."

With a less than happy look on his face, the Nord nodded his head and let her go on. Letting out a breath, she stepped on the first trigger that had the Dragonborn symbol painted on. With a wince, she waited for something to hit her. Nothing did.

Very carefully, she weaved her way over the safe trigger plates, keeping her eyes on her feet. When she came in reach of the chain, she pulled it, and the sound of it echoed throughout the room. The small group looked around, seeing if anything physical had changed. Delphine stepped on one of the bad triggers, yet nothing happen. They all sighed in relief.

"It's safe now. Let's get going."

With Dominae in the lead and Farkas right behind her, the four of them made haste through the unused hallways, pushing through webs and keeping their eyes peeled for traps. With an uneventful walk, Dominae was the first to stumble into the next room, and her eyes searched around the whole darkened room.

"Wow," Farkas whistled behind her, turning around in a circle to see everything in the room. Esbern and Delphine stopped for a moment to admire as well.

"Wonderful, remarkably well preserved," the old man mumbled as he continued to walk forward.

"What is this thing?" Delphine asked, stopping behind him and looking down at way lay on the floor beneath them. Dominae and Farkas caught back up and circled around the floor as well.

"It's the 'blood seal'. Another of the lost Akaviri arts. No doubt triggered by, well, blood. Your blood, Dragonborn."

"Of course it's her blood," Farkas growled, itching to take his greatsword back out. He was growing just as aggravated with the Blades as Dominae was. She wasn't too happy with spilling her own blood either, but it had to be done.

Esbern handed the blonde a dagger, which she took without a word, and kneeled on the seal. The Dragonborn mumbled under her breath but cut the palm of her hand, letting the blood pool in her palm before tipping it into the center of the seal. The moment the first drop landed, the seal began to move under her. All four of them rushed to stand on the perimeter of the seal as it began to move and change. Farkas noticed that the head that was in front of them started to move up, revealing another pathway.

"After you, Dragonborn," Delphine said once the path was clear, " You should have the honor of being the first to set foot in the Sky Haven Temple."

"It'll be an honor," Dominae replied politely, once again taking the lead and pushing the door at the end of the hallway open.

Step by slow step Dominae made her way inside, the space between her and the Blades enough to give her some space. When she entered the Sky Haven Temple, her blue eyes looked around. At first, it was an empty room with beautifully carved walls. A minute later, ghost like figures started to dance in her vision. There were dozens of men and women in the room, either walking around, talking, or sitting at the tables. They all held the blood of the dragons, and they were all dead. But why did they all seem so familiar to her?

"Dominae?" Farkas asked, noticing how she'd frozen. With a shake of her head, she turned to look back at Farkas.

"I'm fine," the blonde mumbled, turning her eyes back. The ghostly vision was gone.

"Shor's bones!" Esbern exclaimed once he'd reached them, though his eyes were only for the wall across the room, "Here it is! Alduin's wall. It's so well preserved. I've never seen a finer example—"

"Let's get on with it, Esbern," Dominae prompted, passing him by to walk to the wall. With a scowl, he nodded his head and followed after, his torch lighting up the sculpture.

With a little bit of interest, the Companions listened as Esbern described what the wall said, about the Dragon Cult, the Dragon War, and the Dragonborns that stopped Alduin.

"Have you ever heard of a Shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky?" Delphine mumbled to Dominae, letting Esbern continue his boring lesson. Dominae shook her head. She had never heard of such a thing, but it would be damn useful.

"But, the Greybeards might know."

"You're probably right," the elder woman sighed, "I was hoping to avoid having to involve them in this, but it seems like he have no choice."

"I'll ask if they know the Shout they used."

"Right. Good thing they've already let you into their cult. It's not likely they'd help Esbern or me if we came calling."

"They might have good right," Dominae said softly, "I'll head out now. You two stay here."

"Talos guide you."

The Companion nodded her head and turned her back to the Blades, walking out the way she had come in. Farkas followed behind her loyally.

"Now where do we go?"

"To High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards."


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