I do not own the Smurfs. This chaper is in Handy's Point Of View.

Helping Handy

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

It is annoying when Brainy decides to pester me while I'm working. Mainly because he tells me he wants to 'Fix' or 'Improve' my invention, but he ends up ruining it and making my invention not work properly. I recall the time Brainy challenged Greedy to see who can make the best Gingerbread cookie and that didn't end well for Brainy's cookie came to life along with multiplying. Greedy is the best at cooking and baking along with eating.

Smurf cream was something accidentally created by Greedy and me. My air conditioner became a Smurf cream maker. There was a disagreement on who should take credit, but in the end we realized the Smurf cream wasn't the same without us working together.

"Handy, What's you doing?" Clumsy asked me and I placed my pencil down.

"A blue print." I replied calmly, he looked confused, and so I went on to explain a blue print to him. Clumsy nodded his head and went 'Oh'.

"Need any help?" He asked and his eyes looked slightly hopeful.

"No thanks, Clumsy." I told him and he looked a little sad.

"Okay Handy." Clumsy said softly, eyes downcast, and I'm feeling a little guilty. Why can't he be annoying like Brainy? It would make it easier and I wouldn't feel any guilt at all. Of course having two Brainy's would be horrible. One Brainy is enough.

"I'm nearly finished with my blue print. You could help me later with the nails, Clumsy."

"Really? Golly you really mean it, Handy?" Clumsy asked, his eyes wide, a hopeful smile, and voice sounding eager. He is almost always eager to help out any Smurf.

"Yes." I replied calmly and hopefully I won't smufin regret it…Of course, I won't have him doing anything too difficult and I'm not going to have him go up too high or anything after all I do not want him hurting himself too badly. Machines can be fixed and repaired, but…A Smurf can't be brought back from the dead.

"Thank you, Handy!" He told me and hugged me. Afterwards Clumsy left, I went back to my blue print, and focused on finishing it up. I smiled at my finished blue print and this should help make life a little easier for everyone in the village. Hopefully, The other Smurfs will be ready for this invention…

"Hey, Handy. I can help you improve that blue print." Brainy said to me when he walked inside my house.

"Go away, Brainy." I stated firmly. "The blue print is fine."

"I'm sure you'll need my help with making that machine." Brainy commented and I glared at him.

"Get out, Brainy." I told him and Hefty walks inside my house.

"Just trying to help, Handy." Brainy said while rolling his eyes and arms crossed. "Honestly, I think I would make a better invention than you."

This is a waste of time, I turned around, and stared at my blue print. Brainy made a smart-smurf comment to Hefty and he was thrown out by Hefty.

"So, Handy. Need any help?" Hefty asked and I thought for a moment before replying 'Yes'.

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