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EpicParTyTimE: It's the great pumpkin, Rogerkinz!

Ralph threw the newspapers about the floor like confetti, watching them fall and twirl with an acute interest. Roger never understood such fascination with little things; quite frankly, it freaked him out. Jack sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by three, almost-identical pumpkins. He hummed to the tune of a One Direction song. For the fourth time that day, Roger almost puked.

"Jack, stop that." He scolded, "That's disgusting. What did I tell you?"

Merridew sighed, "We only listen to proper music in this dorm, on my hearts honor, lest it be cut out and served to…What was it again?"


"Oh, yeah. Cannabis."

Roger turned his head to the side in questioning. "Close…Close enough…" He slowly allowed.

Ralph plopped down on top of the newspapers and smiled. "Ready!" He announced cheerfully. Jack moved the pumpkins to the protected surface. It was the only way Roger would allow this; if they were to carve pumpkins, they would keep the dorm clean. No…wait…it was already dirty. They would keep it as clean as it was. No use in ruining the constant state of disgusting.

"Let's get on with it then." He sat next to Jack and Ralph, pushing the orange carvables onto the sparse newspaper covering. Ralph rolled his around in circles, shouting happily.

"I love Halloween!" He sang, "The weather is so nice! Twice as nice and YAY!"

"Better than one direction I suppose." Roger admitted, examining his pumpkin from different angles. He had never carved a one before; his parents condemned all satanist activities. Jack started distributing the carving utensils, placing Roger's a few feet in front of him. "What are those for?!" He gasped in surprise. Nobody in their right minds ever gave him a knife.

"For cutting the pumpkins…" Jack said slowly. He started to work on his own. Roger smiled creepily.

"We get to cut them?"

"DUH." Ralph exclaimed, swinging his knife in the air rapidly; Roger had to edge away to avoid being halved. "How else would you do it? You have to chop off the top and remove the guts and crap."


"Yeah." Jack added, as if he were talking to someone with a mental handicap. Rager frowned and smacked the ginger upside the head. "Ow! Stop hitting people! I'll tell your therapist on you!"

Ralph dumped his pumpkin over, letting slippery orange insides spill all over the newspaper matting. "Why?"

"She helps with his violins or whatever." Jack answered.

"The rapist helps Roger play the violin…wait…" Ralph's features twisted into an expresson of thought. Roger quirked an eyebrow; he could almost smell the cog's in the blonde's brain roasting themselves, the imaginary smoke billowed from him. "Exactly what kind of violin does Roger play?" He finally got out.

"I don't play the violin, retard." Roger scoffed, plunging a knife violently into the cap of his pumpkin. He had just started, Ralph and Jack had already emptied theirs and were brainstorming ideas on what to carve onto it. This, as demonstrated by Ralph, was probably not a good thing.

"THAIR-A-PISSED." Jack pronounced, "Ralph, he goes to a therapist, not a rapist."

Ralph smiled jokingly, "I know, silly. Jeez, you guys are so dry sometime."

Roger grimaced and scraped a handful of pumpkin insides from the hollow of the…fruit, or vegetable, or whatever a pumpkin was exactly. He swatted them in Ralph's direction. The boy with the fair hair gasped and shrieked. It had landed in his hair, splattering all down the top of his face.

"Eugh…grooossssss…." He whimpered. Jack leaned over and tried to get it out, eventually giving up all together and leaving Ralph to his own devices. After a while, he got to his feet and left for the kitchen to find a towel to clean up.

Roger, whilst cutting into his pumpkin fervently, half-turned to Ralph. "Hey, Ralph."

"Uh-huh?" Ralph responded, absorbed in his own artwork.

"Why do you pretend?"

Ralph froze mid-cut and shook his head. He looked almost…there were really no words for it. Stunned? Scared? Happy? A combination of all three?

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!" He stammered cheerily, returning to his work. "Pretending to be a Guitar Hero? 'Cause, you know, I'm kind of already one of those."

Roger narrowed his eyes. "I see what you're doing." He accused, "Playing dumb all the time? Why?"

"Playing? What game should we play?! I love games!"

Jack returned, wielding a sopping dish towel, and sat back down in between Roger and Ralph, thus ending the conversation. The red-head combed through Ralph's hair with his fingers, using the rag to work the pumpkin seeds out of Ralph's hair. The blonde was silent, not looking up from the decoration on his pumpkin. He was finished.

"What you got there? Can I see?" Jack asked. Ralph complied by pushing the pumpkin over to him and turning it so that it faced him.

On it, little slashes and cuts had been made to form something indescribably simple and child-like. Still, the shape was recognizable.

"A boat?" Jack asked. Ralph nodded tersely.

"Like the one that took us off the island." He muttered. Roger shook his head in disbelief and pushed his own pumpkin away.

"Are you done too, Rogerkinz?!" Jack shouted, "Rogerkinz' first pumpkin! Lemme see!"

Ralph snapped back to his previous state. "Wow! Coolios!"



"What?!" Roger snapped, "Something wrong?"

"Uh…" Ralph laughed, "It's um…really…really…" He burst into snickering fits.

"I will cut you with this carving knife!" Roger announced, "Don't test me, I'll do it!"

"No…" Jack said squeamishly, "I just…don't know what it is."

Roger frowned.

"It's a pumpkin." He stated flatly.

It was indeed a pumpkin.

"A stabbed, mother-fucking pumpkin." He added.

It was indeed a stabbed, mother-fucking pumpkin.

"Good job." Jack commended through gritted teeth, trying not to fall on the floor in laughter, like Ralph. "This one goes in the family scrapbook. And it gets framed, and hung in the hallway."

"Hells to the yeah it does." Roger agreed without humor. Jack sniggered, turning red with the effort of not laughing. Roger frowned and asked darkly, "Well, I'd LOVE to see your pumpkin, Jack."

"Be my guest…" Jack allowed, still straining against laughter. Roger kneeled down and turned Jack's pumpkin so that he could see the design.


"It's-" Jack started.

"Wow!" Ralph exclaimed, recovering from his laughter attack, "It's so accurate, Jack! You're a real art-eest!"

"This is twisted shit, Jack." Roger said squeamishly, trying to hold back vomit, "Oh, God…gross."

"Hehehe." Jack smiled, "So, you DON'T like it."

"Roger does not approve." He answered, "No approval at all."

And so, the three boys had finished their first preparations for the Halloween season. Roger only hoped he could survive three more weeks of this.


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