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~*~*Substitute Parents*~*~

It was an average tuesday morning in the Slyfer cafeteria. All the red dorm students(with the exception of a few higher ranked students) where all fueling for, and talking about the upcoming school day.

"So, how did you guys do on the card definition project? It took me past midnight to finish all the writing~," Sho said yawning towards the end of his sentence.

"Dang, I plum forgot bout the hole thing," Johann said bringing the hand, that was previously wrapped around the orange topped brunet beside him to his forehead.

Judai gulped down his mouthful of food, and turned his attention to the other guys ",what are you guys fussing about? it's just a bit of homework, it's not like the world will end if you don't if you don't do it."

As soon as Judia said that a groan came from corner ",You know some of us actually care about our grades, slacker."

"Oh loosen up Manjome, what use are good grades if you die for lack of sleep," Judai countered. Manjome didn't reply to Judai. How the hell did this idiot ever beat me, he thought trying the figure out where he could of posable gone wrong.

"Well if ya'll are done arguing Imma go head over to the Blue dorm, there's some new students, and they want me to show em' around," Johann said getting up from the chair. As Johann left he gave Judai a quick kiss on the forehead, leaving Judai blushing slightly, and Manjome mumbling something about PDA.

"I'll see you later Johann!"

"Seeya Jay!"

The brunet waved goodbye to his boyfriend, and turned back around to eat, or he was about to, then...


All the guys at the table immediately turned around, confused about the words just yelled out. Across the cafeteria in the doorway was the Johann with a hanging jaw, and a young girl, probably no older than four wrapped around his legs. The girl light blonde hair pulled into two pig-tails with green-blue eyes, and was wearing a light pink dress, clearly not what a student would wear.

"Wow, I knew the slackers liked each other for awhile, but I didn't think they already had kids, or that it was posable," Manjome said dumbfounded. Manjome tried to suppress a whimper as Judai kicked him under the table, then shot him a quick glare at him before turning back to Johann and the mystery girl.

"Um, Johann, who is that," Judai said kinda nervous about the answer. Was there someone else? Was that really Johann's daughter, Judai wondered, along with many other questions similar to those.

"Honestly, Jay, your guess is as good as good as mine."

Judai let out it sigh of relief, the look on his face clearly showing that he was just confused, and also had some questions. Meanwhile, everyone was quiet, not really knowing what to do next, that is till the little girl broke the silence.

"Mommy, I'm hungry," she whimpered, tugging slightly on Johann's pants.

The cafeteria suddenly erupted in noise as half the students were laughing at the fact the she called Johann "mommy" and the other half was Aww'ing at the cuteness. Rose colored blush now creeping across his face from all the people focused on him, Johann quickly lead the little girl over to the table he was just at. The little blonde followed after the tall teen, holding onto his leg as though she would loose him if she let go. Once seated at the table Johann picked her up and put her on his lap since there were no more chairs left, then he reached across the table for Sho's untouched meat fudge jello. The little girl started nibbling on the the jello, the guys(except Manjome) not taking their eyes off her.

"So...what are we going to do with her," Judai asked a but enviously that she got he leftover jello he wanted.

"I say we ditch her," Manjome said, he really could care less about what happened to her. Suddenly Manjome was aware that he was in danger of getting kicked by Judai, he quickly jumped out of his chair, and started walking out the doors, shooting glares at the people who looked at him questioningly.

"Okay then, now ignoring Manjome's comment first thing's first, sweetie, what's your name?" Johann asked looking down at the little girl. She looked up from her food into Johann's emerald eyes ",Gemma," she said quietly.

"Alright Gemma, we're gonna take ya to our teacher, kay?"

"Okay, mommy."

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