Chapter 2

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~*~*Substitute Parents*~*~

The trio(Judai, Johan, and Gemma) got up from the table, and started to leave, heading to Prof. Cronos's class. Shortly after they had started there trip Gemma started to complain that she was tired making them stop for a second. Johan picked Gemma up, while Judai sent a message to Asuka asking her to take Johan's place showing the new students around the blue dorms. The trio quickly got that done, and started heading to the school again. As they walked through the curved hallways they were given a few odd looks from the teachers and students that were already in the school. Johan and Judai however, were just thankful that none of them actually decided to ask any questions about Gemma, or just plain why the heck Judai was in school this early.

Finally, after a good ten minutes of walking they finally made it to Cronos's class room towards the back of the school. Judai pulled open the doors for Johann, who was caring Gemma, and unable to open it for himself. The entire blue room was empty except for Cronos sitting at his desk in the room's center, looking down at pile of paper, not even noticing them come in. Judai and Johan glanced at each other for awhile debating wether or not they should disturb him, then Judai decided to speak up.

"Cronos, we have a situation."

"Well I'll say, the world must be coming to an end cause you've never been this early for class," He replied not even looking up from his papers.

"This isn't a joke, Cronos, there's a kid we don't know what ta do with."

Then, Cronos looked up from his, not expecting to see Johan holding a little girl, his mind quickly started coming up with a list of question.

"Is it yours?" he asked.

"Why the hell would you even think that? I mean me and Johan are both guys, anyone who's heard 'the birds and the bees' knows that's impossible," Judai said, glaring at Crowler, and they say I'm dumb.

"Hehe, Jey yelling at the strange lady is funny," Gemma giggled, Johan, and Judai trying the hold back their laughter.

Crowler started fuming, Did she just call me a lady! Who does she think she is calling me a lady, and laughing at student insubordination. Oh I'm gonna show her a piece of my mind, wait, hold it, Cowler, this is just a little girl, you can't do anything drastic. All the students' parents are already breathing down your neck for the whole 'Allowing their kids to be set to another dimension' thing, and they'll take any excuse to get you fired. You'll just have to play it cool, and ignore that little girl girl for now.

"Umm, Crowler, if you're done being lost in though, I think I have a plan of action," Judai said, bringing Crowler completely back out of his thoughts.

"Go on then."

"Well, we need someone to figure out were she came from, and then we need someone to take care of her."

"Alright then, I'll do the research, and you two take care of her," Cronos said, returning to his papers.

"Wait, what? Why us, we have no real experience taking care of a kid," Johan asked.

"I have my reasons, and they're very good ones if I say so myself. One, as a teacher, I am far too busy to take care of a child myself right now. Two, Judai's room has enough beds for all three of you to sleep by yourselves. Three, judging by the fact that she calls you 'mommy' I'd say she likes you more than she likes me. Four, she's old enough to be self aware, so she probably isn't gonna crawl off any ledges if you take your eyes off her for a moment."

Judia shivered a bit at the last part, could that really happen? I'm not sure I could deal with being responsible for a little girl getting hurt, hmm...

"We'll do it," Johan announced from beside Judia.

Judia stared at him a bit surprised ",are you sure about this, I don't know how to take care of a kid, and what happens if something happens to her?"

"That's why she needs someone to take care of, and we're just as qualified as any of the other students. Besides, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to have kids?"

Judia suddenly felt guilty about what Johan said, he knew Johan came from an area were people were used to having big families, but since Judia was with him, he couldn't really become a parent. Maybe taking care of Gemma will give him that opportunity.

"Alright, Johan, I'll trust you on this."

Johan nodded, smiling a bit ",Well, I guess we better go take her back to the room now."

"Wait, you can't leave yet," Cronos interrupted.

They both stared at him questioningly.

"Class starts in three minutes, I expect you to go to your seats."

"Surely you must be kidding," Judia said ",what about Gemma?"

"I most certainly am not, and just cause you guys are taking care of her doesn't mean you can get out of class. I fully expect you two be in class with Gemma as though it's a normal day."

The two sighed and took their seats, there wasn't really anything they could do to right now, they would just have to do as he said.

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