Note: This omake is set in a universe combining two of my other stories, Ordinary Heroes and Superhero.


What It Means To Be Awesome – The Mightiest Six Year Old In The World

Diana stared at her reflection in the mirror. It had taken her all morning to find the things she needed, but finally she had a costume of her own. There was no way her parents could leave her behind now. They'd have to take her with them when they went off to go beat up bad guys and stuff. Still, she should probably check everything one more time. After all, a superhero needed to look really cool.

Shirt? Check. It was her favourite one. It even had Lady Lightning and Ultrawoman on it.

Shorts? Check. They were bright pink, just like her mom's hair.

Gloves? Check. Well… they were more like mittens, but they were a really nice green and the matron had knitted them for her.

Boots? Check. Okay, so maybe they were the sneakers she wore to school, but they were still pretty cool… right?

Cape. Double check. Her cape was the coolest thing ever. Not only was it the brightest orange she'd ever seen – it practically glowed in the dark – it even had Gary the Gorgonopsid on it.

Now all she had to do was go out there and show everybody how awesome she was – and she was really very awesome indeed. But that might be a bit tricky. Her parents had left her at their super secret base near the South Pole so she wouldn't get into any trouble. She wasn't sure how far the South Pole was from Eden City, but it was probably pretty far. It definitely looked that way on the map. They'd left her with her Aunt Vanille though, so maybe if she asked really nicely her Aunt Vanille could fly her back to Eden City.

But what if her Aunt Vanille didn't want to fly her to Eden City? Diana couldn't fly very fast at all yet, and her parents had sort of told her Aunt Vanille to keep an eye on her. Maybe if she asked really nicely, or what about if she gave her Aunt Vanille some candy? That could work –

The door behind her opened and Diana spun, ready to leap into action in case one of the bad guys had managed to sneak in. Only, it wasn't one of the bad guys. It was her Aunt Vanille and she was… she was laughing at her!

"Aunt Vanille!" Diana wailed. "Don't laugh at me!"

Vanille grinned. "Actually, I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing with you. There's a difference." She peered at Diana and tilted her head to one side. "You know, you look pretty cute, but what are you supposed to be exactly?"

Diana's eyes narrowed. Her Aunt Vanille was super smart so she really should be able to tell since it was really, really obvious. "I'm a superhero, just like my mom and my mommy," Diana said. She tugged at her cape. "See, I've even got a cape and everything."

"I see." Vanille had to stifle the urge to shield her eyes from the sheer brightness of Diana's orange cape. Honestly, everyone thought superhuman vision was awesome but sometimes… "So, what's your superhero name then?"

"Uh oh." Diana frowned. She hadn't thought of that, and she couldn't use her normal name either. Her parents always told her how important it was to keep their real names a secret. "Um… how about… Kid Awesome?"

"Kid Awesome?" Vanille grinned and gave Diana a pat on the head. The girl shot her a glare, but Vanille's grin only widened. Diana had a long, long way to go before she could glare like her mom. Claire's glare was something else. Even without her super powers, it would have been scary. "Well, I guess it's okay. After all, you are a kid, and you are pretty awesome."

Diana puffed out her chest. "I'm not pretty awesome, Aunt Vanille. I'm really awesome." She paused. "Wait… maybe I should call myself Kid Really Awesome then."

This time, Vanille couldn't quite stop herself from chuckling. "No, Diana, I think Kid Awesome is better." She gave Diana a serious look. "So, Kid Awesome, where are you going now?"

Glad that her aunt was taking her seriously, Diana gave Vanille what she assumed was a grave, serious look. In fact, it rather resembled a vaguely drunk looking puppy. "I'm going to go help my parents beat up the bad guys. We're going to go beat all them up, and then I'm going to go home and watch cartoons. Then I'll probably eat some candy. It'll be the best day ever."

Vanille sighed. Diana wanted so, so desperately to be a superhero just like her parents, but she had a long way to go before she was ready. "Sorry, Kid Awesome, but no can do. Your parents said you have to stay here with me." Diana's eyes dropped to the floor. Sighing again, Vanille reached down to tilt Diana's chin up so that they could see eye to eye. "Look, Kid Awesome, you parents love you very, very much and that's why they want you to stay here with me where it's safe. If something happened to you, they'd very, very sad and I'd get into a lot of trouble, and not even Ultragirl can fight off Ultrawoman and Lady Lightning at the same time."

Diana nodded. "Mom would probably hit you with lightning."

Vanille nodded back. "Yes, she most certainly would, and it would definitely hurt too."

Diana's looked away. "But it's boring here, and since Averia isn't here right now, I don't have anyone to play with." She looked at Vanille. "And mom said I can't go with you into your lab any more. She said it's too dangerous."

Vanille scratched the back of her head and gave a short, nervous laugh. "Well, we did sort of build a mechanical dragon the last time you were there." And then the dragon had gone on a rampage through the base until Vanille had finally been able to turn it off. Still, they'd kept the dragon, and once she'd sorted out all the kinks in its artificial intelligence, Diana had grown quite attached to it. Unfortunately, the dragon – codenamed Bahamut – was in for some routine maintenance, which meant that Diana couldn't play with it.

"Please, Aunt Vanille," Diana begged. "Can we go do something? Maybe we could fly around outside? Or… or maybe we could go dive and see if there are any whales around or something?"

"Now, now, no whining. Superheroes don't whine." Vanille looked at Diana and felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips. She couldn't take Diana outside, but maybe there was something they could do inside that the girl might find fun. Besides, she'd been meaning to do a little light training today… "You know what, maybe there is something we can do."

"Really?" Diana perked up. "What is it, Aunt Vanille?"

"Ultragirl." Vanille smiled. "If we're going to go on a mission together, then you need to call me Ultragirl, okay?"

Diana's grin was almost as bright as the sun. "Okay!" She had to keep from floating a few inches off the ground. "So, what's our mission Aunt – um, I mean, Ultragirl?"

Vanille looked around furtively. "It turns out that a few bad guys did manage to sneak into our base, but I know where they're hiding. Come with me. We need to go beat all of them up!"

Diana raised one mitten-covered fist. "Yeah!"


Fang, better known as Ultrawoman, glided to a stop inside the hangar. Beside her was Claire Farron, known to most of the world as Lady Lightning. The two of them had just come back from putting a stop to a particularly vicious group of criminals. The criminals had brought the centre of Eden City to a grinding halt with their advanced weaponry, but they might as well have been throwing popcorn for all the damage their weaponry did to Fang. And as for Claire… well, lightning tended to handle most things pretty nicely, and when that didn't work, punching someone through a wall usually did.

"What are you frowning about?" Fang asked as her wife looked over one of the nearby display units. "Claire?"

"According to this, Diana isn't in her room." Claire tapped a few buttons. "But at least she's not in Vanille's lab."

Fang chuckled. "Come on, it wasn't that bad. Besides, how many six year olds have their very own mechanical dragon? It's like a Christmas present and a birthday present rolled into one, and you have to admit, Bahamut does like her."

"Bahamut is a robot," Claire replied. "But I guess you're right, he does like her." How exactly that worked, she had no idea. According to Vanille, Bahamut was designed to behave like a real dragon and he had, for some reason or another, decided to like Diana. She looked back at the display unit. "According to this, Fang, they're in the training room."

"The training room?" Fang shrugged. "That's new. Let's go take a look. Maybe they're working on Diana's flying or something."

The training room was exactly what it sounded like. Using advanced Gran Pulse technology, Vanille had built a huge chamber capable of simulating almost any combat situation. Sure, Fang didn't think it wasn't quite as much fun as sparring with Claire, but then again, there wasn't too much that could compare to standing toe to toe with Lady Lightning. The other woman was one of the few people in the world who could actually hit Fang hard enough for her to feel it and damn if that lightning of hers didn't sting.

Still, neither Fang nor Claire were quite ready for what they walked into. The door of the training room opened with a hiss and then –

"Take this evildoer!" Diana cried as she punched right through the metal robot's head. Another robot came up behind her and she twisted to ram one foot through its stomach before she grabbed hold of its arm and heaved it into a wall. The robot hit the wall with a thump, sending up a shower of sparks. It also weighed close to three hundred pounds.

Not far away from Diana, Vanille was dealing with a few robots of her own, but considering the level of difficulty the robots were set to, she didn't really have to try at all. Catching sight of Fang and Claire, she gave them a cheeky grin and then fell to the ground.

"Agh, my leg!" Vanille shouted. "Help me, Kid Awesome!"

Diana turned and saw her beloved Aunt Vanille on the ground with one of the evil robots looming over her. "Don't worry, I'll save you, Ultragirl!"

Both Fang and Claire's eyes widened as Diana literally blurred across the room. The little girl flung herself at the robot and there was a clang as her shoulder caved in its chest. Still, the robot she'd hit was a little tougher than the ones she'd been fighting so far, so it managed to regain its balance. With a growl, Diana pulled away and kicked out at one of the robot's legs. The limb ripped off and as the robot toppled toward her, she grabbed hold of its head and tore it clean off. The robot flailed until another kick sent it across the room.

"Nice kick," Fang said, smirking.

Claire looked from her wife to her daughter, who was using the robot's head to… bash in the skull of another robot. "Fang, your daughter just ripped a robot's head off and now she's beating another robot to death with it. That doesn't disturb you just a little?"

Fang shrugged. "Not really. It is just a robot, and it's not like you can talk." Claire's eyes narrowed, but Fang just grinned. "Yes, Claire, I remember a certain someone who happens to go by the name Lady Lightning who once beat a robot to death with its own arms."

Claire glared. "It ripped my cape."

Fang rolled her eyes. "Claire, you get a new cape every time you summon your powers. It is not a big deal. Me? I have to ask Vanille to make me one."

Just then, Vanille got back to her feet. "Watch out, Kid Awesome! Behind you!"

Diana spun around and her eyes widened. One of the robots was spraying acid along the ground. Just looking at it, she knew the acid wouldn't really hurt her, but it would sting. Quickly, she leapt into the air, but the robot just kept spraying more acid. Oh no! At this rate she'd fall into it. Fly, she though. Fly. FLY!

And she did, even if it was pretty slowly, and pretty shakily too.

Grinning madly, she lurched through the air and put one fist through the robot's chest before it could do anything else.

"Good work, Kid Awesome," Vanille said. She looked around. The training simulation would be ending soon. "There's still a few left, but I think we can take them!"

Several minutes – and many dead robots – later, Kid Awesome and Ultragirl stood victorious on top of a pile of metal. As the training room began to repair itself, and more robots came out to repair and collect the ones they'd broken, Vanille reached over to give Diana a pat on the head. The girl had done pretty well for her first real training room simulation.




"Mommy!" Diana shouted as she finally noticed Fang and Claire. "Mom!" In a flash, Diana had crossed the room and leapt into Fang's open arms. "Did you see, mommy? Did you?"

"I did." Fang grinned. "You really beat up those robots, didn't you?"

"Yeah!" Diana swung her fists through the air. "I totally punched them to bits." She gave Fang a hopeful look. "Maybe next time I can go with you and mom?"

"Sorry, Kid Awesome," Fang replied. "But you're not quite ready yet. But keep training like this and who knows? Now, how about we go get something to eat and I can tell you all about the bad guys your mom and I beat up today?"

As Fang carried Diana off to find some food, Claire stayed behind. Her eyes drifted over the mangled metal scattered across the room. It was a sobering reminder that her children weren't like other children. Not that she loved them any less because of that. They were hers, hers and Fang's, and she would always, always love them. Still, she would have to talk to Vanille about childproof the house a bit more. The last time the kids had gotten into a bit of a scuffle, they'd had to pull Diana out of the ceiling and dig Averia out of a wall.

"You know, Vanille, I should probably be mad at you," Claire murmured. "You probably should have run this by me or Fang first."

Vanille shrugged. "What can I say, Diana wanted to go out and have a little fun, and this was better than letting her run off after you two." She paused, a little more serious this time. "And you know she's going to follow in your footsteps. It's better to start early than late."

"Yes," Claire replied. She knew better than anyone how dangerous fighting crime could be. "That's why I'm saying thanks for doing this." She smiled. "Maybe it's time I started showing her some of the tricks of the trade."

Vanille smirked. "No problem – this was pretty fun, actually. Besides, where else can the world's mightiest six year old show off?"


Author's Notes

As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

So, here is the first of the omake that I've been tossing around. As mentioned above, this is set in some bizarre crossover universe combining Ordinary Heroes and Superhero. I would also like to point out that these omake are not all going to be related to each other. What I will be doing is putting a note before the story begins telling you what the omake is based on (like I did in this chapter). Also, given the nature of omake, I'll be writing these up as they pop into my head. Most of them will have a humorous tone, although there may be some hints of more serious issues (as in this chapter).

Finally, Superman really does have a super secret base (although a lot of people seem to know about it…). However, the exact location of the base varies, with some stories placing it in the Arctic and others locating it in the Antarctic. The base itself is called the Fortress of Solitude, but if Diana had her way, it would have been called the Fortress of Awesomeness.

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