Note: This is set in what could be called an AU of Superhero. If you've watched the new Man of Steel movie, you'll see where this is from. People who have watched the movie will recognise that some of the dialogue has been taken from there.


Woman of Steel

Fang couldn't remember the last time she'd tasted her own blood. But right now, she was tasting plenty of it. Her opponent hit harder than anything Fang could imagine. Her whole life, she'd thought was alone in the universe – the last of her race. But now there were others, and those others were bent on destroying her new home.

She refused to let that happen.

With a groan, Fang pulled herself out of the crater she'd made in the floor of the restaurant. At least the customers had been smart enough to run. It was hard enough trying to fight without worrying about all the innocent bystanders.

The far wall exploded in a shower of dust and mangled concrete. Her opponent stepped through the hole in the wall, resplendent in her strange, black armour. If things had been different, Fang might have admired her opponent's poise. The pink haired woman moved with the smooth, deadly grace of a viper, and her blue eyes gleamed with all the cold of winter.

But right now, none of that mattered. This woman was trying to harm Gran Pulse, and Fang was the only one who could stop her. Yet that was easier said than done. Fang had spent her whole life restraining herself, holding herself back so she wouldn't hurt any of the people around her. This woman had no such problems. She was a soldier.

"You are weak, Daughter of Yun, unsure of yourself." The pink haired woman grabbed a table and hurled it at Fang. The dark haired woman ducked beneath it only to run right into a punch that knocked her into the floor with enough force to create another crater. "Such a pity. Your House was amongst the greatest in all of Cocoon."

Fang growled and shot up, throwing punch after punch. Each blow was parried almost without effort before a kick drove her into the far wall of the restaurant.

"Who are you?" Fang spat blood from her mouth and stumbled forward. "You all seem to know so much about me, so who are you?"

The woman inclined her head a fraction. "I am Lightning Far'Ron." She lifted one hand and beckoned Fang forward. "Well, Daughter of Yun? What are you waiting for?"

Fists clenched, Fang charged again. But despite her best efforts, not a single one of her blows connected. Lightning looked almost disappointed, her lips curled into a faint frown.

"Look at you." Lightning grabbed Fang's wrist and heaved her over her shoulder. Fang struck the ground so hard cracks spread the length of the floor. "You barely know how to fight. You have spent your whole life living amongst all these sheep, but now you face a wolf."

"Shut up!"

Fang flew forward, fist aimed right for Lightning's jaw. The blow should have hit – she'd never faced anyone faster than her before.

But Lightning was faster.

Lightning dodged the punch, grabbed Fang by her throat and slammed her into the ground. With a flick of her wrist, she tossed Fang out the window and through half a dozen other buildings. Fang came to rest against the reinforced inner wall of a bank. Before she could regather herself, Lightning was there.

"Walk away, Daughter of Yun, and I will let you." For the first time, Lightning's voice softened. "Or join us. You are one of us, whatever else the people of this planet might have told you. They will never accept you, never understand who and what you are."

"The matron accepted me!" Fang grabbed a piece of concrete and threw it at Lightning. The other woman leaned to one side and then blocked Fang's kick. A punch to the jaw drove Fang back into the wall.

"You say she accepted you, yet you have been hidden all these years. And even if one of them accepts you, the others will hate you. They will despise you and fear you because of the power that is yours by right." Lightning grabbed Fang by the collar and slammed her into the ground. "The people of this planet are made of glass. You will never be free here. You will never be able to let yourself go and simply be who you are. But if you join us, if you let us remake Cocoon upon this world, you will never be alone again. You will be with your people."

"You're not my people."

"A pity." Lightning shook her head. "General Caius loved and respected your father although they often disagreed. It would grieve him to have you killed."

"General Caius is a madman." Fang struggled, but Lightning's grip was unbreakable. "And you're wrong about the people of this planet. They will accept me one day! They will!"

Something unreadable flashed through Lightning's eyes. "So naïve, Daughter of Yun, so very naïve. Cocoon will be restored whether you like it or not."

Fang finally managed to pry Lightning's hands off her. "Over my dead body."


Author's Notes

As always I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this. The same applies to Man of Steel.

So… I watched Man of Steel the other day. I quite enjoyed Zod as a villain, but man, Faora pretty much stole the show for me. The beat down she laid on Superman was unbelievable, especially since she barely even seemed to be trying for most of it. But the best part was how she talked to him the whole time, taunting him, getting into his head.

I couldn't help but think that Lightning would make an awesome Faora style character, someone who can coolly beat the living hell out of someone while casually pointing out everything that they're doing wrong. And given that Fang is basically Superman in my other story – Superhero – I decided to give the idea a go. Obviously, this is very, very short, but that's one of the things these omake are good for – playing around with new ideas and seeing what people think. And who knows, maybe Fang will be able to get Lightning to switch sides… damn, I want to write a longer version of this now…

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