Girls' Night In (Or Why Vanille Should Never Be In Charge)

Contrary to common opinion, Lightning was actually quite good at controlling her temper when she wanted to. Take now, for example. Even though she wanted nothing more than to riddle Fang and Vanille with bullets and bury their bodies in the backyard, she had yet to actually kill either of them.

"You know, I always thought you had this weird thing for Serah. But come on, Lightning, there are other people in the room. At least wait until you're in private."

Lightning's jaw clenched. More than anything, she wished she could turn around and smack the smirk right off Fang's face. Sure, she loved the other woman, but that didn't stop her from wanting to seriously injure her on a regular basis. It was part of their relationship along with all the teasing, the really good sex, and all the arguing over whose turn it was to do the dishes.

Unfortunately for Lightning, she couldn't turn around. In fact, she was hard-pressed to keep her face out of Serah's cleavage.

"I don't know, Fang." Vanille giggled. "I think this is kind of hot."

"Shut up!" Lightning couldn't see her sister's face, but she could tell that she was blushing. After all, Serah always had been more of a full-body blusher, and right now, the expanse of flesh between her collarbone and cleavage was a deep pink. "We are not doing anything weird. Just spin already!"

Vanille cackled evilly. "All right, all right." She reached over and flicked the spinner. "Don't worry, Serah, in a second, you can go back to groping your sister."

"I am not groping my sister!"

"Well, it's either that or she's groping you." Vanille smirked. "Ah, right hand yellow, Serah."

Lightning winced as Serah shifted to try and get into the proper position. The younger woman was remarkably flexible, but there was no avoiding what was about to happen next. Lightning's already considerable discomfort reached a new, soul-destroying high when the change in position all but buried her face in Serah's cleavage.

She'd always known that Serah was a little smaller in the chest than her, but she had absolutely no desire to confirm that through prolonged physical contact. It didn't help either that Serah was wearing a damn nightgown instead of a parka.

"Shut up!" Serah growled as Vanille took one look at them and dropped to the ground. The red head rolled across the floor, barely able to breathe through all her laughter. Fang was little better. The older woman had to grab onto the back of the couch to stay upright, and her shoulders shook with mirth. "Lightning, say something! You're much better at threatening people than me."

Lightning would have loved to say something, but she couldn't. Of course, Fang had absolutely no qualms about pointing out why she couldn't.

"She can't." Fang tried to stop laughing and failed miserably. "Her face is kind of occupied right now."

The worst part was that it was true. Lightning couldn't move without losing, and she hated to lose. But Serah's new position had Lightning's face so firmly pressed against her chest that it was a little hard to breathe. Smaller bust size or not, Serah was far from flat.

"Twister was supposed to be fun." Serah glared at Vanille. "You said it was a children's game."

"It is fun." Vanille reached for the spinner again. "But yeah, it probably isn't a children's game. I mean what you and your sister are doing… definitely not people under the age of eighteen."

Serah blushed even more. It was impossible to ignore the position she was in: Lightning's face was buried in her chest, and one of her sister's legs was wedged quite firmly between her own. Add to that the fact that Lightning was dressed in a pair of shorts and an old T-shirt, and things were definitely awkward.

Damn it, this wasn't what she'd had in mind when she'd decided to spend the weekend over at Lightning's house while Snow was off with Sazh on a mission. Trust Vanille to find the most innocent sounding yet utterly perverted thing to do on a girls' night in.

Finally, Lightning had had enough. She didn't care if she lost. She wasn't going to spend another second draped all over Serah. Lightning shoved herself away from her sister and stomped toward Vanille. The red head dropped the spinner and tried to run. She didn't get far.

"How about you have a turn." Lightning half-dragged, half-threw Vanille at the Twister mat. Serah gave a yelp and rolled out of the way. The red head hit the mat with a thump.

"Ouch." Vanille waved one fist. "You didn't have to throw me." She looked at Serah for support.

Both Farrons shared a look, and Serah scowled at Vanille. "Yes, she did."

In the meantime, Lightning had rounded on Fang, but the other woman had already darted over to the Twister mat. Fang had learned the hard way that Lightning could – and would – throw her if she felt it was necessary. It wasn't always a problem. Fang loved it when Lightning threw her onto their bed. However, the floor was a great deal harder than their bed, and Fang had a feeling that Lightning was thinking less about the wonders of physical affection and more about the joys of physical revenge.

Besides, it wasn't like playing Twister with Vanille would be that bad. Unlike a certain somebody, Fang didn't have the world's biggest sister complex. So what if she had to contort herself a little bit? It'd be over in a jiffy. No muss. No fuss. No awkwardness.

It took less than five minutes for Fang to realise how wrong she was. And she was really, really wrong.

"You know," Serah said with a grin as she cupped her chin in one hand and tilted her head to the side. "This is kind of hot – the sound effects aren't bad either."

"Serah, you are a terrible human being." Vanille groaned and tried to hold her position. "And I sincerely hope that a bird craps on your head the next time you walk outside."

"Vanille! Stop moving!" Fang grit her teeth. The Farrons had to have rigged the spinner. There was absolutely no way that chance alone would dictate she and Vanille end up in the exact same position as Lightning and Serah. But it was… much worse. Not only did Vanille lack Serah's flexibility – meaning that Fang had an up close and personal view of her sister's chest – but she made all these… noises too.

Now, Fang loved her sister, and she definitely appreciated having Vanille around in battle. The red head might not be the quickest or strongest person around, but she was damn smart and very damn good at magic. The only downside was the noises she made. Fang and the other had joked about it during their journey. Vanille's battle cry sounded, well, like a cry of an altogether different sort.

And now Fang knew that Vanille made the exact same noises when she was struggling to hold herself up. Maker, their position made things awkward enough. She did not need Vanille moaning and groaning on top of everything too. Damn it, even without looking she knew Lightning would be smiling that aggravating little smile of hers. Oh, it wouldn't be big enough to be called a smirk. It would be more of a slight curling up at the edges of her lips, but Lightning's eyes would say it all.

Lightning: 1. Fang: 0.

"I'm trying." Vanille let out another low moan, and Fang heard Serah snigger. Okay, she didn't care how much Lightning loved her sister. She was going to strangle her. "But I'm not as strong as you are."

A few spins of the spinner later and Lightning was thoroughly convinced that the Maker was, in fact, completely real and big on the whole "revenge" thing. How else could she explain what had happened? Under normal circumstances, she would have strongly – and violently – objected to anyone else having their head between Fang's legs, but this was far, far too amusing. It didn't hurt either that Fang's own head was about an inch from Vanille's crotch.

"Fang!" Vanille groaned. "Move your head."

Serah tried not to laugh, she truly did. Oh, whom was she kidding? This was hilarious. The younger Farron burst out laughing as Vanille and Fang both blushed up a storm. Add to that the sounds that Vanille was still making, and it was no wonder that Fang looked equal parts embarrassed and murderous. But Serah wasn't worried. If it came down to it, she'd use Lightning as a human shield.

"Now who has the sister complex?" Lightning asked.

Fang closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Would it help if I apologised for laughing at you earlier?"

"No." Lightning grinned. "I'm kind of vindictive."

"I figured that."

"Enough talking!" Serah giggled. "Let's spin it again!"

The results were interesting. Lightning had never known that Fang was quite that flexible – a fact she would have to file away for later use – and she hadn't thought Vanille had the upper-body strength to hold such a bizarre position for so long. They looked kind of like a human pretzel.

In the end, Vanille cracked first. Untangling herself from Fang, she shoved Serah off the couch. "This isn't fun anymore."

The younger Farron glared up from the floor – then ate a couch cushion to the face. "You're only saying that because you're the one suffering."

"Of course!" Vanille grabbed another couch cushion to throw at Serah. "I'm not supposed to suffer – all of your are."

For a moment, the three other women could only gape at Vanille's audacity. As Lightning took a step toward Vanille, Fang decided that she should probably do something. Otherwise, she'd be down one sister, and the number of surviving people from Gran Pulse would be reduced to one instead of two.

"How about we give this another try?" Fang waved at Lightning from the Twister mat. "What do you think, Lightning?"

Call her a sucker for a smirk, but Lightning couldn't say no to a game that involved her getting all tangled up with Fang. Besides, she could always kill Vanille later when Fang wasn't around. Either that or Serah could do it for her.

"Why not?" Lightning returned Fang's smirk with one of her own. "I just hope you're not tired."

"Tired?" The look Fang gave Lightning raised the temperature in the room. "You know that I can go all night."

Quarrel forgotten, Serah and Vanille shared a dubious look. This was bad. They knew how their sisters were. They'd both walked in on them more than once. The last thing they needed was to have to watch.

"If you two start making out, I'm going to take this bottle of water and splash you." Serah shuddered. "I love you both, but I'd rather not see you two expressing your love for each other."

Vanille made a gagging sound. "You think you've got it bad? At least you don't live here! I do! I walked in on them in the laundry room yesterday – the laundry room! Clothes are supposed to get clean in there, not dirty. I had to disinfect the top of the washing machine!"

Lightning flushed while Fang favoured Serah with a lazy grin.

"What can I say?" Fang's eyes twinkled. "I'm pretty awesome."

Lightning bonked Fang over the head. Because she loved her, it was more of a tap than a skull-cracking chop. "Fang, stop talking. Serah, why don't you go ahead and get us started?"

It didn't take long for Serah and Vanille's worst fears to be realised. In between all the tender looks, gentle caresses, and loving whispers, it was less a game of Twister and more an example of how far foreplay could go without clothes coming off. And when the spinner refused to cooperate and put Fang and Lightning into the positions they wanted, they simply took matters into their own hands. After all, they were both very flexible.

"Okay." Vanille stared as Lightning contorted into a position that put her lips squarely against Fang's throat. "Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks that's impossible."

Serah reached for her bottle of water. "You know, I'm not sure I could do that."

Not to be outdone, Fang managed to manoeuvre herself into the perfect position to all but wrap around Lightning.

"I repeat my previous comment." Vanille scratched her cheek. "Is this why you've been working on your flexibility, Fang?"

The older woman chuckled. "Not exactly." From this position, she was able to press little kisses along the side of Lightning's neck. There had to be a version of this game that involved getting naked. And if there was, she needed to buy it so that she and Lightning could play it. Lightning's flexibility was more than impressive – it was downright inspiring. "I had a few other things in mind."

"Why do I have a feel that all of them involve someone with pink hair?"

"Hey, you were the one who asked."

The game lasted only a few more minutes before Serah put an end to it with her water bottle. She might be a grown woman, but she had no desire to watch her sister and Fang have sex. If they wanted to do that, they were more than welcome to do it in private.

Fang and Lightning shared one last heated look before they got to their feet. Fang sat down on the couch and tugged Lightning onto her lap. "Have fun?"

"A little." Lightning's lips twitched. "It's good that you've been working on your flexibility. You'll need it." She bit back a laugh at the look on Serah's and Vanille's faces. "Your turn."

"Our turn?"

"Well, it makes sense, and you two did make snide comments about us the whole time," Fang said.

"We made snide comments because you deserved them." Vanille rolled her eyes. "And I'm surprised you even noticed what we were saying."

"Just play the game." Lightning's voice brooked no disobedience. It was amazing how scary she could be even when she was curled up in Fang's lap. "Now."

Serah shrugged. It couldn't be that awkward. She and Vanille were friends, and she already knew exactly what to expect. Maybe after this, they could do something sane, like watch a movie.

Ah, poor, naïve Serah.

It totally wasn't okay.

Over the next few minutes, Serah got to know Vanille a lot better. She learned, for example, that Vanille's slim form was actually quite well toned as well. She also learned how smooth and silky Vanille's skin was, to say nothing about her hair. And then there was the smell. She wasn't sure what shampoo and soap Vanille used, but it was almost intoxicating.

Oh, and Vanille's chest was every bit as soft yet firm as it looked.

"Well, well, would you look at that?" Fang drawled. "Little Farron looks all worked up."

Lightning raised one eyebrow. "I think you might be right. She does look a little flushed."

"Shut up!" Serah growled, but the words lacked their usual force. It was hard to growl with Vanille pressed up against her so inappropriately. Damn it, why had Vanille chosen to tromp around in nothing more than a pair of short shorts and a pathetic excuse for a tank top? Once this was over, she was going to buy the other woman some proper clothes to sleep in.

"Yeah!" Vanille's arms trembled. If she slipped, she'd end up on top of Serah, their legs entwined, and their bodies pressed together. She had to stay strong and keep as many of her traitorous thoughts at bay as possible. So what if Serah smelled nice and felt even better? "Wait until later."

"And then what?" Fang grinned. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll…" Vanille scowled. "Serah, think of something."

Serah winced. Her arms were starting to hurt. "If you two don't stop laughing at us, I am going to stab both of you in your sleep." She glared at Lightning. "You grew up with me. You know I'll do it and get away with it too."

Despite the situation, Lightning shuddered. "She will. I remember when we were kids and I got her angry. She once ate two entire tubs of ice cream to make sure I couldn't have any. She almost threw up, but she made her point."

"Yes, I did." Serah's eyes narrowed. "And I'll make it again if I have to."

Fang made a face. What was it with Farrons and revenge? "Fine, fine. I guess we're done for now."

Vanille and Serah disentangled themselves with no small amount of blushing.

"So, what's next?" Fang asked.

"Well, it is board game night." Vanille shivered as Lightning shot a glare her way. "So, how about monopoly?"

The three other women shared a look. Monopoly? That couldn't be too bad.

It was.

In between Serah constantly begging Lightning for money due to her horrible luck, Fang magically winning stacks of money from the 'Chance' squares, and Lightning showing that she was the stingiest person on the planet, it was a miracle that the board survived.

And Vanille?

She ended up running for her life after teaching everyone else the folly of trying to mess with a Dia when it came to money.

Needless to say, they didn't let her pick the next game.

Serah picked the next game. She picked Scrabble, and everything was fine until Fang tried to argue that QXZYHKJS was, in fact, not gibberish but a Yun word meaning "angry pink-haired psychopath" that was worth about a billion points.


An Omake For All You Verah Shippers… Call It An AU Where Serah Isn't With Snow

Lightning yawned and shifted the laundry basket against her hip. As usual, Fang had chosen to sleep in, not that Lightning minded much. It gave her a chance to get all of the day's chores out of the way before she headed back upstairs for more time with her significant other.

The laundry room door was closed, but she could hear the washing machine. Maybe Serah or Vanille had woken up early to get some washing done. Oh well. She could always drop off her laundry, duck out for her morning run, and then come back for it.

She opened the door.

"Ah!" Lightning screamed.

"Ah!" Vanille screamed.

"Ah!" Serah moaned.

"What the hell are you two doing in here?" Lightning stumbled back with her hands over her face as her laundry basket clattered to the ground.

Vanille didn't both to remove her hand from between Serah's legs. "We were doing our laundry."

"Is that what you call it." Lightning made the mistake of looking between her fingers. Serah was slumped against Vanille, her face flushed and her eyes still a little glazed. The silly smile on her face, however, left no doubt as to Vanille's manual dexterity. Apparently, all that tinkering with machinery paid off. "Because it looks more like you were doing my sister."

Vanille smirked – she must have stolen the expression from Fang – and moved her hands again. Serah twitched and let loose a ragged groan. "I like to multi-task."

"…" Lightning wasn't sure what to say to that.

"Lightning." Serah's voice trembled. "We're kind of in the middle of something here. Can you maybe leave your laundry here and come back later?"

Lightning nodded. "Uh… yeah." She turned and slammed the laundry room door shut on her way out. Okay, now she understood why Serah and Vanille complained about her and Fang all the time.


Author's Notes

As always, I neither own Final Fantasy, nor am I making any money off of this.

Well, this chapter was a bit of a change in pace compared to some of my more recent ones. Rather than going for something deep and serious, I decided that I wanted to go for something that was more humorous. Hopefully, I succeeded.

The idea for this chapter came about when I was taking a walk. After getting a small rock in my shoe and doing the merry dance that everyone does (because no one wants a rock in their shoe, but no one wants to actually have to take off their shoe either), I thought to myself: wouldn't it be cool if Lightning and Fang played Twister? But then a troubling thought occurred: why on earth would they be playing Twister. The answer came to me almost as quickly: because Vanille said so. Thus this chapter was born.

I made the decision to include Serah after running through a few potential Twister scenarios in my head. Things were just more amusing when she was around, and having Serah around would give Lightning and Fang something to tease her about. Serah is just a good foil for Vanille in general.

With regards to the whole Vanille and Serah thing (Verah), I don't have any problems with Snow. I actually think he and Serah work out pretty well as a couple. However, for the sake of this chapter, I needed to relax things a little. And if Serah had never met Snow, or if she'd met Vanille first, well… who knows what would have happened? Actually… you can find my answer to what would have happened in Chapter 18 of this story. And can you imagine a house with Serah, Vanille, Fang, and Lightning all in it? It would take a miracle to keep it from getting blown up, burnt down, or otherwise destroyed by some of the stuff they get up to.

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Amidst the smoke, the ash, and the flame, an exiled elven princess will meet an outcast dragon. Alone, they have little hope of survival. But together, they might do more than survive – they might conquer. For the dragon has a realm to claim, and the princess has a kingdom to take back.

There are some lessons that only fire can teach and some wisdom that only a dragon can impart.

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