Hiya everybody. This is my first story so reviews are a must. In my stories I just add a character to my favorite books, movies, etc. I added a character to the Graceling series who is both Fire and Katsa's sister. Don't ask me how that works I have no idea. P.S. This is from the added character's POV and she is graced with the ability to learn all other graces. Also this is important in this story there are SPOILERS FROM BITTERBLUE!

DISCLAIMOR: I own nothing…I wish I did but I don't.


I was sleeping in my room when I felt Katsa return from exploring the caves. I sat bolt upright in bed and was downstairs in the courtyard in under a minute. I jumped right at her even though she wasn't looking. Luckily at the last second she turned around and caught me. Then she spun me. We twirled around and around. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Then it stopped. She stopped spinning and placed me down. That's when I noticed the group of people behind Katsa and Bitterblue behind me. Blue was staring at the group which was weird because she new it was rude to stare. Then I realized she wasn't staring at the group. She was staring at just one girl in the middle of the group. The girl was wearing a pale brown fur coat and hat. I gasped.

"Fire" I murmured

She jumped forward and caught me just as I collapsed into unconsciousness.

I woke up in bed. I heard laughing coming from my sitting room. The door opened and in walked Katsa followed by

"Fire," I sighed, "Good I wasn't hallucinating."

We all laughed for a few minutes until Katsa interrupted.

"So do you want to explain how you know Fire?"

"Not specifically no but since you won't stop bothering me until I do…She is also my sister."

"How is that even…" Fire started

"I don't know maybe time is different or something. I don't care though. All I know and need to know is that you both are in my life."

AWWW The End. I know how cute and impossible. PLEASE leave reviews comments. I really need a new book to read so any suggestions is great. Thanks for reading.