The Merryweathers and the De Noirs lived at opposite ends of Moonachre Valley. These two noble families had a curse. Only they can bring it onto themselves, for the curse I speak of is pride. It's this very curse that made them get another curse placed on the valley by the Moon Princess. Because of greed and pride the families turned on each other causing chaos and a long lasting fuid. The recent head of the Merryweather family has had the fortune to have two sons and a daughter. One son left the valley with his wife. The other stayed with his sister. The sister ventured to see her brother and returned home months later with child. Fate have it though that she would die in childbirth to a daughter. The grandfather took his grandchild and claimed her as his daughter. He named her Raven Louise Merryweather. "She will be my daughter in every way." He loved and adored her as did her elder brother Benjamin. Raven grew up in a house full of males. So naturally she wasn't as lady like as she should be. When Raven turns 10, her father dies. He left Moonacre and all it's riches to her when she came of age. Until then she was in the care of her elder brother Benjamin. For three years he has been trying to get her to act like a lady. Loveday comes to the manor everyday for a year now. Which gave Raven an excuise to sneak out. She has a secret that no one but her and her playmate knew. Her playmate is none other then Robin De Noir. Son of the De Noir's clan leader. She kept a secret from him also. But if he knew then it could end bad. It is the day before Sir Benjamin and Loveday's wedding day. Tension and stress is in the air. -find out what happens in chapter 2-