Once Raven entered the woods she started to head for the heart. There always was De Noirs in the heart of the woods. "Loveday should be at the manor. I wonder if he read the letter yet?" She thought to herself. Letting out a sigh she climbs a tree and jumping from limb to limb she finds a hiding spot to watch the De Noirs. She recongizes a few of them from when she would enter the woods to play with Robin. Raven was thinking of Robin when two De Noirs started to speak. "Hey Robin, why don't you get married to a villager? That'll cheer up your old man." Raven moves to get a better view. A black hat, dark brown curly hair peeking out under the rim. There was no doubt in her mind. This was Robin. He has grown over the last few months since she's seen him. Smiling she waits to her what her best friend says. "No he won't he wants me to marry a woman that can fight for herself and be able to hold her own. None of the villagers can do that." The other boy laughs and looks at him."Then you had better be doing something right soon." Raven decided to jump down then and take Robin's hat. "Since when do you wear hats Robin?" He quickly turns around. At the sight of his friend he is in shock. He thought she moved away to the city. At least that's what she told him a few months back. "Ray, what are you doing here? I thought you moved to the city?" Raven smiles and puts his hat on herself. "I did but my father was too over protective and tried to make me someone who I'm not. So I ran away. Plus I missed hanging out with my bird brain." Robin's friend chuckles. Robin tried to look mad but he couldn't really do it. He couldn't be mad at her. She was here and safe. He missed her more than he'll ever admit. "So you don't have a home?" Raven shakes her head no. "Then you have to talk to my father." He grabs her wrist and heads toward the De Noir Castle. Raven follows her best friend in hope to start a new chapter in her life.