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Jak grinned at Keira as she packed JJ's things into a bag "Just make sure he goes to sleep early, I know he hates going to bed but you have to be firm with him" she said turning around "What are you grinning at?" she asked hands on her hips

Jak walked towards her smiling, he reached for her waist and pulled her towards him, she looked up at him as he rested her hands on his chest "I know what time to put my son to bed Keira, we'll all be having an early night" he grinned

"You'r still grinning?" she frowned

Jak laughed "Thats because I just realised how lucky I am, maybe the luckiest man in the world,and tomorrow I'm going to get what I've been waiting for for years, you as my wife" he smiled kissing her forehead

Keira smiled "If someone had told me this a few months ago, I would have found it hard to believe" Keira sighed leaning her head against Jak's chest

"Why, had you given up on me?" Jak asked

Keira shook her head "Never, but I was so lonely and sad, I found it pretty hard to believe anything"

Jak took her face in his hands "Hey, you never have to worry again, I will always be by your side, always"

"And forever, until the end of time" Keira smiled as she moved her hands up and wrapped them around his neck "Where is JJ anyway?" she asked

Jak laughed "He's already up at the palace, Sig got that damn dog for him and he couldn't wait, so Samos took him up"

Keira tip toed and brushed her lips to his "So we have some time before the girls get here" she purred

Jak grinned and ran his hand along her bottom cupping it he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her into their bedroom.

The next morning Jak paced up and down the room he'd been allocated in the temple to get changed, Daxter, Torn and Sig watched him "Calm down buddy, you've been waiting for this your whole life" Daxter said

Jak nodded "I know I just can't wait, we should have just come here as soon as we got to Spargus and done it then"

"Yeah, I'm sure Samos would have loved that" Torn chuckled

And as if his name being said was the magic word he walked in the room with JJ "Daddy!" He yelled running up to him

Jak lifted him "Hi son, where have you been?" he asked

"We went to show Mama my new suit, have you seen Mama, she looks pretty daddy?" he asked

Jak nodded "The prettiest girl in the world I bet" Jak grinned, he looked at Samos "Is she okay?" he asked

Samos smiled a knowing look on his face "absolutely fine, she's ready are you?" he asked

Jak put JJ down and took his hand "Never been more ready for anything in my entire life" Jak said confidently

"Good because she's waiting" he smiled as he left the room.

Jak stood at the altar waiting, he hated waited, he looked down at JJ smiling "You okay son?" he asked

JJ nodded "Yup, I can't wait for you to see Mama" he grinned

Jak laughed and looked up as the music started and Ashelin rushed in and sat next to Torn, winking at Jak and taking Torns hand, he looked towards the huge doors and saw Tess step in to the stream of sunlight that flowed into the temple, her blond her shone as she floated down the aisle, her pale green dress flowing down to the floor as she bounced towards Jak, JJ and Daxter, when she eventually arrived she whispered to Jak "Try not to dribble" she giggled going and standing opposite them.

Jak looked towards the door once more and gasped as Keira stepped into the light Samos by her side, her ivory dress hugging her figure in all the right places, Jak thought she must be an angel, his mouth hung open and JJ looked up at him and laughed "Told you daddy, pretty huh?" he giggled

Jak smiled and looked down at his son "The most beautiful girl in the world he said" looking back up and straight into Keira's eyes.

When Keira arrived at Jak she bent down to hug her father before turning to JJ and hugging him, she whispered something to him and he went and sat with Samos, she stood back up and smiled as she took Jak's hand "Your beautiful baby" Jak breathed

"Easy tiger, we have to get through this bit first" Keira giggled as they turned to face Seem.

"I have a surprise for you" Jak whispered into Keira's ear later that day, the sun was just setting and they'd changed into some more comfortable clothes, Keira wore a grey strapless dress, tucked in just under the breasts and flowing out to just above the knee, tiny crystals lined the top of the dress causing it to sparkle in the fading sun, Jak had changed into a pair of while pants and grey shirt. Keira looked around and saw JJ happily been fussed over by Ashelin and Tess "Don't worry, Tess said she'll keep an eye on him" Jak said as he led her out the palace and to the fort garage.

Keira looked around the garage at the cars and smiled "Your gonna let me take one of your cars apart?" she asked

Jak shook his head and wrapped a sheet around her "No but I'm going to show you something incredible, cover yourself up I don't want you getting covered in sand and crap"

Keira nodded and wrapped the blanket tightly around herself as Jak helped her into the hopper "you're gonna love this, hold on tight" he smiled jumping in next to her.

Ten minutes later they arrived at the temple, Jak rushed to help Keira out the car and took the blanket off her, she looked around confused "Why have you brought me here again?" she asked

Jak smiled and took a step towards her taking her hands "I wanted to show you the sun set from the temple roof, it's really beautiful, not as beautiful as my wife, but we can't have everything" he smiled

Keira smiled "I think we can" she purred before kissing him and then looking up "How do we get up there?" she asked

"Thats something else I wanted to show you" he grinned and took a step back, closing his eyes and waiting while he turned a bright blueish white and he glowed, Keira gasped as wings sprouted out his back and he began flapping them rising slightly before dropping himself back to the ground, he opened his eyes as he felt her stroke one of his wings "This is one of my light abilities...I'm Light by the way, Jak wanted to introduce us" he smiled

Keira smiled "You beautiful" she said "Nice to meet you" she frowned and took a step back "Did you hear the conversation I had with Dark?" she asked, Light nodded "Well the same applies to you" she smiled

Again Light nodded "I wouldn't dream of trying to take your love from Jak, I've never seen him so passionate about anything" he smiled taking a step forward and grabbing her waist "Now hold tight, Jak wants me to get you up to the roof"

Keira held tight as Light began flapping his wings again rising higher and higher until they came to the roof and he landed gently, Keira let go of him and smiled "Thank you, can I have my husband back now?"

Light smiled and nodded taking a step back and closing his eyes until Jak had returned to his normal self, Keira ran to him and kissed him "You really are the most amazing man" she breathed before kissing him again

Jak smiled and took her hand leading her over to the edge of the roof, he sat down and pulled Keira down into his arms "I love you so much Keira, the last three years have been hell for me" he said looking into her eyes

"And me, not in the same way, but I was in my own type of hell" Keira said stroking his face...I love you too and now we can finally start living the life we've always dreamed of" she smiled before kissing him.

Jak nodded and just held her as they watched the sunset.

The sun was gone and Jak felt Keira shiver "You cold baby?" Jak asked

Keira nodded "A little, maybe we should get back, JJ will be wondering where we are" She said getting up

Jak nodded and got up also "This has been the best day of my life"

"Well how about I make it better and tell you what my surprise is?" she grinned as he wrapped his arms around her

Jak looked at her and raised an eyebrow "What?" he asked "You've already given me so much, what else could you possibly give me?"

"I thought Light may have told you, I thought he would be able to sense it" she smiled, Jak looked at her confused "Jak, you're going to be a daddy, again"

Jak's eyes widened "You mean your..." he looked down at her belly

Keira nodded "Pregnant, yes...I took a test last week, and I went to the doctor for confirmation, and my father confirmed it, didn't Light sense it?" she smiled

Jak grinned "He says he wanted it to be a surprise, he didn't want to interfere with this moment" he quickly grabbed her and lifted her spinning her around "Oh my god this is amazing, I am officially the luckiest man in the world" he yelled before kissing her passionately

Keira laughed and cried all at the same time "This is what I pictured you doing when I told you about being pregnant the first time, but I never got the chance"

Jak sniffed "Baby, I woulda done if you had, I've never been so happy in all my life" he said as he let a tear roll down his cheek

Keira wiped it way "I love you Jak, we love you, always loved you, always" she smiled

"And forever, until the end of time" Jak whispered pressing his forehead to hers before kissing her softly, wrapping his arms around her, letting himself change into Light and flying her all the way back to Spargus, where they would live happily married with their two children.

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