Olivia felt her heart flutter as she saw Chloe Putting on makeup in the bathroom. It has been a month since Chloe returned from the hospital she rarely has nightmares anymore and Olivia felt herself being able to finally enjoy that her daughter had come back to her after so long.

Chloe had problems dealing with the fact that she couldn't go undercover again, but after much needed pleading from Olivia she understood that Olivia wouldn't be able to go through that emotionally.

Dickie and Chloe were closer than ever. Chloe was never allowed to go on dates before and tomorrow would finally be there first alone date together. Olivia would normally not care if they went out alone but she was beyond worried. She could see in Chloe's eyes that she was scared too.

"Mom?" Chloe said walking into her mothers room wearing a black peplum dress with white polka dots all over and her hair down with dark eyeshadow that perfectly highlighted her natural hazel eyes.

"Yes." Olivia said not turning from the mirror as she brushed her hair.

"Do you have some black heels I can use?" Olivia turned and nearly dropped her hair brush. Chloe had gained some weight so she didn't look like only skin and bones and she now had an amazing figure. Her hips were nicely highlighted by the skin tight dress that also highlighted the fact that sports helped her legs look muscular.

"I don't think you should wear that." Olivia said with concern finally hitting her all at once.

"Why mom? I'm sixteen!" She said like any normal teenager would. Olivia could see how happy her daughter truly was about going on a date and she didn't want to worry her about her past so she blew the bad thoughts away.

"Never mind darling they are in my closet!" Just as Chloe went in the closet the doorbell rang. Before Olivia could even think Chloe burst out of the closet.

"I got it!" Olivia smiled at her daughters enthusiasm and followed behind her to the door. When Chloe opened the door Dickie stood smiling at her in a black tux with a white shirt under. His face showed the same excitement as Chloe's. Dickie was taken aback at how beautiful Chloe was. Not that she wasn't pretty before, but he never got to see her dress up and he loved it.

"You are gorgeous!" He said with a smile. Chloe blushed and hit his arm.

"You don't look to bad yourself!" Dickie laughed and guided Chloe out. Just as Olivia was about to shut the door Chloe ran and gave her a hug.

"Love you mom!" Olivia couldn't help but tear up. She held her daughter tight hoping that she would be able to do it once again.

"I love you too sweetie!" Chloe ran down the stairs and turned around once more to wave then leaving for good.

Olivia held her breath until she shut the door and sighed hoping to herself that everything would turn out alright.


At eleven Olivia felt her heart pounding she remembered telling Chloe to be home right at eleven and if she would be late she needed to call. Olivia couldn't help but worry. Even though Chloe had been doing great she was scared that if someone from her past saw her they would kill her.

Olivia closed her eyes and remembered all the good times they have had the past month. She rememebred that the other day Chloe came to the precinct right when case had hit home for Olivia. The case involved a boy who was in foster care that was murdered by his foster father. The boy was only sixteen and she had to talk to the boys mother.

"If I didn't give him up he would be alive!" Ms. Amos said as she sat beside Olivia's desk. The comment made Olivia think about Chloe and what she would feel like if she lost her.

"Ms. Amos I also gave up my daughter and I can know how you feel it is you fault but it isn't" Ms. Amos looked at her with a pain filled face.

"Never let her go again!" Olivia only nodded as she left Olivia alone in silence the rest of the day left Olivia thinking about Chloe and what could have been if Chloe had really died. She shook the thoughts out of her head seeing that she would soon be able to go home and hug her daughter.

Olivia tried to hold herself together but finally had to go into one of the interrogation rooms to break down. When Olivia exited the room she was surprised to see Chloe sitting in her chair.

"Mom.." Chloe paused seeing Olivia's red puffy eyes knowing she had been crying.

"Whats wrong?" Olivia walked over to Chloe and pulled her close not being able to control her tears she let out a sob and held onto Chloe tightly.

"Don't leave me sweetie!" She said and the statement brought tears to Chloe's eyes

"I won't ever leave you mommy!" Chloe said holding her tightly.

Olivia was pulled out of her thoughts by Chloe walking through the door.

"Sorry mom I lost track of time!" Chloe said seeing it was already eleven thirty. olivia smiled with her eyes filling with tears but she held them back not wanting her daughter to know she worried.

"It is alright did you have fun?" Chloe smiled.

"Yeah I am glad I can actually go out with Dickie for once!" She said with a smile which slowly faded seeing her mother's pain filled face.

"Mom? Whats wrong?" Olivia put on a fake smile.

"Nothing sweetie just thinking!" Olivia said lying not wanting her daughter to know how she still worried about her safety.

"Mom. You can tell me." Chloe said putting her coat and purse down before sitting by Olivia on the couch.

"I just was scarred that someone would take you..." She said as tears fell Chloe let out a gasp and held onto her mother's hand.

"Mom I didn't know you worried that much. We would have been fine just watching a movie here! " Olivia nodded and couldn't resist to pull Chloe close glad to have her baby home safe and sound.